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Do You Use a Stokke Chair for your DC?

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DD is 9 months, and I found a Stokke chair at the thrift (for $10!!).  It doesnt' have the safety harness or any other attachements, like the baby set.  So for now, DD can't sit in it.  Do I need to buy both the baby set and the harness?  Can I just buy one or the other?  If I can just get one, which one should I get?  Do you use one longer than the other?


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We bought webbing and plastic buckles (from REI) and built a safety harness for ours. My cousin (in Norway) used silks to make a belt.


We're finding that nicer than the built-in seat bar (we have the old style wood and leather one) in the other chair. But we've only started using the two chairs in the past couple of weeks.

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Hi!  I don't have a baby any longer but saw your post on the main page so thought I'd chime in...hope that's ok!  We had the stokke from the beginning and love it.  $10 is amazing!  We had the baby set up, the safety harness, and the cushions.  When our guy was little, I tended to just put him in the baby set without the harness.  As he got older, I only used the harness.  I think you could probably get away with just using the harness, but I did find it a little challenging to use and it just didn't stay up on DS's shoulders very well when he was smaller.  Eventually, I decided I was tired of cleaning the cushions, so we got rid of those and he now just sits there (since about 2.5) without anything. 


So I don't know if it helps, but I'd say that of all the additions, the baby set seemed like the thing that we needed the least.  The cushions are nice, but I'd also argue that they aren't needed and end up being pretty messy!

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Well mine are 7 and 5 so we we no longer obviously no harness or baby rail but we do still use the chairs on a daily basis. Sounds like you got a great bargin.


When they were younger we used the baby rail, it went across the front of the chair and had a strap that went between thier legs to stop them slipping under it. If we were sat at the table with them then that was all we used. I bought the cushions too but didn't use them as the chair was much easier to wipe clean without them on.


We also had a webbing harness like this one which could fasten into the chair. Our chair came with little rings which are fastened in with the back rest and the harness can fasten to those. To be honest I didn't use it very often. It tended to get covered in food and look gross. I also felt more comfortable being able to pluck the child out of the chair very quickly if I needed to. I was a little over paranoid about choking.


I think we used the babay rail till about 18 months or so when they wanted to start climbing up into the chair themselves and couldn;t manage with the rail in place.

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