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What are you reading with your 5yr old?

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Hi there,


I am looking for some good books to read with my ds. I am contemplating starting an age-appropriate novel to read to him but not sure where to begin. We read A LOT but lately he is simply not into it. I am desperate to find something to pull him back in. What do your 5yr olds love to read right now?

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My DS just turned 6.  Novels I think are most likely to interest a wide range of 5 year olds would include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pippi Longstocking, and Ramona the Pest.


How does your DS feel about scary stuff?  My kids really get pulled in by books with some suspense and danger.  If yours isn't too easily frightened, you could try Ronia the Robber's Daughter, The Silver Crown, or Coraline.



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We just started reading novels. we've read Charlotte's Web and Little House in the Big Woods.  I want to read James and the Giant Peach next.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Ds isn't into anything too dark or scary.....i tend to nudge him in the other direction. So do you think if he's not into stories anymore that novels should be my next step? When did your ds start on novels? And does he still enjoy regular story books?

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I started reading chapter books to DS when he was 3.  He's 6 now and still likes picture books, and so does his almost-9-year-old sister.  I don't know if moving to novels would help with a kid who isn't interested in shorter stories.  I suppose it depends on why he's not interested.  If he thinks the stories are too boring and babyish, he might love a novel.  If he can't stand to sit still long enough to hear a story book, he might hate a novel.  What kinds of books have you been trying lately that he's not interested in?  Does he like funny books?  A silly, funny book my DS loves is The Runaway Dinner by Allan Ahlberg.  Does he like the idea of exciting outdoor adventures?  Maybe he'd like Firestorm, about a rafting trip that turns dangerous because of a forest fire, or Swift, about a boy, his dog, and a grizzly bear attack in the wilderness.  Or how about some books on mysterious creatures that may or may not exist?  My DS is really interested in things like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.  Or what about dinosaurs?  My DS went through his dinosaur phase when his big sister did, so now he feels like he's grown out of them, but 5 year olds are often really into dinosaurs.  My DS really likes poems, too, especially Shel Silverstein.

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We started chapter books with my DD when she was a 3+.  She loves all books... picture, short story, poetry, novels, etc...  But I started reading novels to her out of my interest and also to create a more focused bed time routine.  It's been a great success.  She doesn't like anything scary or suspenseful so maybe our list of successes might be useful to you if you decide to try a novel for your DS. 


Beverly Cleary's Henry Huggin books.  We read all of them and both really loved them.

The first _Mary Poppins_  by P.L. Travers but I found the later ones very annoying.

Mr. Poppins Penguins

The Wind in the Willows

Charlie in the Chocolate Factory (but she was scared by the Glass Elevator so we put it down)


I'm sure there are others... 


Our less successful attempts have been:
My Father's Dragon -- she was impatient to meet the dragon!

The Glass Elevator

The Return of Mary Poppins

and the Ralph Motorcycle books-- she was upset when the mouse got trapped.  I'm hoping she'll let me try again though as we had such success with the Henry Huggins books.



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I'm currently reading the Dr. Dolittle books as my daughter's afternoon read-aloud and she is captivated by the stories. She's also enjoy immensely books by Roald Dahl including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its sequel, all of the classic Winnie the Pooh stories, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and My Father's Dragon. Books featuring many legends and fables from various cultures and parts of the world have been enjoyed as well.


We began novels as afternoon read-alouds when she was around 3 and began with just a chapter at a time, working our way up to three to five chapters every day. 

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Such great suggestions already!  My son loved Beverly Cleary books too--so many neat 'boy' ones besides everyone's favorite Ramona. The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Ralph S. Mouse were favorites in addition to all the Henry Huggins ones'.  


I think we started reading together on longer books (chapter books and novels) around age 4 or so.  The Henry and Mudge series are also nice--short and sweet stories that make for  fun starter chapter books.


I hate to admit it, but the Captain Underpants books (full of potty humor--beware and read yourself first!) were really were motivating for him to learn to read on his own.  They are kind of naughty, sort of gross and really funny...in other words, appealing to school age boys!


Reading together is one of the BEST things about being a mom!

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My son really enjoyed Matilda, so we tried Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but he didn't care for that.  Now we are reading the Phantom Toolbooth and he loves it.

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A few more that popped into mind after my first response:


*Nate the Great

*The Borrowers

*Babe: The Gallant Pig

*The Mad Scientist's Club

*The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek

*The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet

*The Chocolate Touch 

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