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Suses Kindercoat while pregnant

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I'm currently 16weeks pregnant and am in need of a winter coat. I've been contemplating getting a kindercoat that will last me through next winter with babywearing too.


I'm curious if anyone's used it JUST for pregnancy (i.e. I don't have a babe that I'm wearing at the moment too...I see it can be used whilst pregnant AND babywearing) and if so how they found it. There doesn't seem to be a special maternity pannel, just the babywearing one, which I'm thinking will just make it BIG vs. form-fitting or belly-accomodating.


If you've used it just while pregnant, did you like it?


On a side note, if you've used one before, is the delux with the hip carry option worth the extra $$? I do love my ring sling, but have other front and back carriers.

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I have the deluxe version it has two panels in front you can add or subtract as needed plenty big for a nice size belly bump. JMO they run a bit big and are worth the expense because of the versatility.

I think that there are a few here on sale. 




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I ended up ordering one...without DH's blessing, but his response was "you don't need a coat"....in -15 degree winter weather  when I bus/walk to work...so moon.gif. lol


I think it will be invaluable to a) have a coat through the winter months while having a growing belly and b) being able to use the lining through the spring/fall months and c) be able to get out easily with babe next winter and in wet weather with the outter shell.


So now I wait for it to come from Quebec. I'm usually a large, but ordered a medium after reading that it's sized a size bigger than the average women's coat.



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