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is WIC full of crap?

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My toddler just went back to WIC for a re cert thing, and they said he's not gaining enough weight.  Their solution was more cow milk.  I give him cheese and greek yogurt (the high fat kind) on a daily basis.  He also gets avocados and lots of grains fruits and veggies and beans.  Occasional meat, but not much.  I  feed him CONSTANTLY, and he's breastfeeding.  They said last time they saw him at 6 months, he was 90 something % for height and weight, and now he's 90 something for height, but 30something for weight.  My SIL suggested if he just went through a growth spurt that could be why.  I don't know, what do all of you think?  Should I take WIC's advice with a grain of salt, or is his weight really something I should be worried about?  And More cow milk?

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First of all, you have to assume their measurements were accurate, and they aren't always.  I took my DD in last week and her weight was off by 5 lbs!  Because she's 4 and cannot sit or stand, I have to hold her and they weigh us both, then just me, then subtract.  We got all messed up because I forgot I had my purse on my shoulder for the first weighing. LOL  But scales can be off by several pounds in either direction even without flubs like that.  Also, there's different charts.  The WHO charts are more breastfeeding friendly.  I don't know if WIC uses those or not.  And one thing I've noticed is that doctors and nurses (not just WIC ones) seem to want kids to STAY in the same percentiles.  And you know what, that just isn't going to happen for everybody.  My DD was HUGE when she was born.  She's tubefed and they had me feeding her TWICE what she needed so she'd "stay on her curve".  Well guess what, that made her fat in an unhealthy way.  Because she was trying to even out to what she's genetically predisposed to be (I'm 5' 1 1/2" and a size 4...she's NOT going to be a big person, plus she has CP and CP kids tend to be small).  So yeah she "fell" down the charts once we got her feeds sorted out, but she's perfectly healthy size-wise, just small.  My son did the same thing...HUGE baby, perfectly average size 7 year old...he started dropping down the chart at age 2.


So I would check with the doc.  What do their charts say?  Do they have a measurement from around the same time period?  Did YOU keep tabs on his growth?  What does it say when you plug it into the WHO charts?  Is he otherwise healthy, eating well, meeting milestone, good color, plenty of energy? If he's not LOSING weight, a 90% height, 30% weight kid would be skinny, but not unhealthy necessarily.

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Agree with bandgeek!  Check with your doc.


I should start investigating WIC for our foster kids, but haven't yet, so I don't know, but is there anything that will happen, besides giving you grief and making you worry, if WIC says somethings wrong (like, something with your WIC eligibility/benefits)?   


Our son (now 3.5) has always been very low on the weight (at his highest he was 25%) and fluctuates on the height (has been up to 40%, but not consistently), but I have never given that a moments notice.  His diminutive size makes him cuter wink1.gif.  He drinks a little nonfat milk since he stopped breastfeeding at 18 months (because I hate buying different milks and having one go bad), and I supplement with healthy high fat foods like cheeses, nuts & avocados.   As long as your little one is healthy and happy and progressing normally with age-appropriate behavior, it seems to me that he is more than fine. 


It is too bad that they left you to worry like that!

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I'd take it with a grain of salt. Sounds like he is happy, healthy and growing well so their advice is just that - advice. They have to find something at fault to keep him on WIC, so I'd just ignore it. 

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I wonder if they're using outdated growth charts? I'd try plotting him on the WHO charts. There's links at kellymom.com.
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frugalmomma is right, right?  They have to find a nutritional reason to keep your little one qualified  for WIC benefits; perhaps this is as good as any, so long as you know he is healthy and happy, eh?

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They don't have to have a nutritional reason to keep him on WIC its all income based.


I remember our ped saying something like as long as there is growth either height or weight or both, not to worry.


Listen to their advice, nod and smile, and continue taking good care of your child.

I wouldn't worry.

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I wonder if states can make their own eligibility guidelines, then.  This is Nevada WIC's requirements: (I didn't bother copying the income table)




Who is Eligible

To be eligible to participate in the WIC Program, one must:
  • Reside in Nevada
  • Be a pregnant or recently pregnant woman, infant or child up to age 5
  • Have a moderately low income (see income guidelines below)
  • Be determined to have a nutritional risk (see definition below)

What is a Nutritional Risk?

A nutritional risk is evaluated at the clinic and includes any problem, medical or dietary, which is caused by or is associated with what you eat. Some examples are poor growth in a child, poor eating habits, and tooth decay.

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Jodie, it IS income based, but they also need a nutritional risk factor.


OP, I'd just smile and keep doing what you're doing :) If you're feeling a little worried, do some looking around online and chat with his doc if you have one. Likely he's just getting taller--more toddler/less baby. I find mine all have done that--been chunky monkey 99% percentile until their toddler years then more middle of the road for weight.

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yes.  wic is full of crap.

my kids have been 90-95% height and 20-30% weight their whole lives(they are 5 and 3).  its called genes and not eating crap

i wish i had those genes.....

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OP, how old is your little one and are you breasfeeding? Breastfeeding babies take a natural dip down on the standard WIC weight curve. My guy went from 50th percentile for weight down to the 10th - but was eating great and looked fine. He breasfed till he was 2yrs 1 month and nows he's 3 and back up on the original weight curve.  We had WIC too, and they gave me good recommendations but my son was eating all the same things as your child and didn't gain the weight they wanted. The growth curve shows the range of kids - there's no wrong spot to be on it unless your child's actual WEIGHT is going down. Dont stress the curve.

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Don't sweat it right now.  It sounds like you are feeding him enough fats and dairy to satisfy his needs.  And since he is still breastfeeding he is getting anything else his diet is lacking from you!  If you are still concerned, try offering goat's milk... it is closer to mother's milk than cow's milk, so it is easier for humans to process (we get more out of it).

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