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Out of place!

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So bear with me while I whine a bit...


I went over to babycenter and joined a sept ddc there while I wait for the ddc here to open.


I feel out of place there...but the funny thing is, I often feel out of place here too. I am a crunchy AP homebirthing mama but I feel like in some areas I am more or less realistic versus the idealism I see here sometimes...so that's why I feel out of place. Does that make sense? It's like there is no real place for moms in the middle...kwim?

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There's a thread somewhere on MDC called the Soggy Mainstream Mamas or something like that... I'll try to find the link for you. Point being is that there are a lot of people like you on here. The idealism of the boards increases and decreases over the years, and that comes with board politics and such - but there are a lot of people who have expressed very similar sentiments as you. I'd say welcome here no matter what - you don't have to take ALL of the idealism literally. I think very few people are purists in every aspects of their lives. You can take what you want and leave what you want - generally people here tend to be perfectly nice to you and understand that everyone is at a different stage of their journey, and more or less want to help others and offer their knowledge and experiences when asked. And if some people are ruder than others, meh. That's just the way people are, don't take it personally. They might be having a bad day or something. smile.gif
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Hi RoseisRose,

Just wanted to say I"ll be your friend!  I am due September 4 or 5th and also waiting for the Sept ddc to start  this is my 4th babe and my others are older girls, 7, 11 and 13...


I think you belong here but I know what you mean about feeling out of place...I feel a little like that in the bajingo juice  thread because I wasn't really trying to concieve for a long time...kind of concieved on a whim actuallywhistling.gif


so how about we start chatting right here right now while we wait for the sept ddc to start?! 


How are you feeling?  I found out on 10dpo with a frer pee test and have  done a few since, all of them a little darker...my boobs are getting big heavy and veiny...my hubs says the titty fairy came to townorngtongue.gif...I dont have the yucky nausia yet, and i feel pretty energetic so far...trying to organize and get the house and food in order before I go down with the MS!!


I also have had a weird metallic taste in my mouth off and on...  I am feeling a bit of grief about the idea of not sleeping again after babe comes...none of the others were sleepers...all slept in my bed and were nurse-aholics, so I am wondering if i might try something different this time...like a crib??  Actually I am willing to bet that my girls would fight over bringing the baby to bed with THEM!!


how about you?

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I'll join in! I kept looking for the September club! Due September 7th; no symptoms as of yet. This will be my 6th pregnancy, but I am still very excited! Look forward others who may trickle in. Also looking forward to the official "club" to open!

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Hi! I'm theoretically due September 2 or 3!

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Hi! I'm due roughly between the 7th and the 9th! This will be our 3rd. Feeling fine still, but I know that will change soon. I'm trying to enjoy this little gap before the first trimester "fun" starts!


I too also feel out of place sometimes...we are certainly more crunchy than anyone we know in real life, but not nearly half as crunchy as many here. On the bright side it means I'm very open to learning new things! 

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I'm feeling the same way, too mainstream for here but way too crunchy for anyplace else.  I'm due around Sept 10, just found out a couple of days ago.  I used to lurk here when my daughter (12) was little.  When I found out this time I decided to join. 

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