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What did you eat today?

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I'm really curious to see what everyone is eating and how it's affecting how they feel. I totally don't mean for this to be a diet/food log type of thing, or a place to monitor weight,  just friendly sharing.





Grilled cheese with tomato and arugala, small salad (out)


Second lunch/first dinner:

quinoa and veggies (Trader Joe's) and leftover pork burger patties


About to eat:

Plain Wendy's spicy chicken patty

Baked potato with harvarti slice


snacks/MS cures:

ginger chews, preggie drops, green apple, a saltine



I waited too long after brunch to eat and I felt crappy even after I ate the quinoa and pork. I feel like if I wait too long to eat, I get sick, and then the whole day I am not feeling well. Bleh.


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whole grain cereal



tuna melt made with greek yogurt and mustard (genesis bread) with spinach and onion


steamed veggies and brown rice


Beverages: water and orange juice in an icy mug


Feel sick mostly all day, but eating frequently does help some.

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I've been eating terribly, because I only eat what I know I can keep down. Today I've had:




Mahi mahi

A few green beans

A baked potato with cheese


That's it!

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Scrambled eggs and whole wheat pancakes Clementines - a lot mochachinno - 2 Pb&j A huge bowl of pho, sans meat hot chocolate I've felt really good today, but I also finally worked out. I had a ton of energy afterword.
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coffee with Tbln of coconut oil and some coconut creamer

Green smoothie- mixed greens, banana and clementines

Amy's Vegan meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas/carrots

Motherhood tea with soaked goji berries

Kosher Hot dog, corn and tater tots

Cup of Panda Puff Cereal with almond milk

1 cup of ice cream

Water through out day.


I felt pretty poorly most the day, but I think that was lack of sleep from night before. It was not a good day and I'm actually shocked that I ate as much as I did.

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Banana at 2am

Bowl of (gross!) Chinese Corn Puff Cereal with Skim Milk (in bed) at 7am 

Banana and Peanut Butter on Whole Wheat Pita w/ huge glass of iced OJ at 9am

Turkish variety platter with Bread (hummus, carrot salad, cucumber, and potato salad), and two slices of Turkish Pizza with  a can of Sprite at 12noon 

Sprite to get me through 'til after work at 4pm (gotta think of a better snack here! I just get so busy!)

3 slices of cheddar cheese at 5pm 

Shrimp, Broccoli, Bok Choy and Mushrooms, and Tofu/Green Beans (all delicious!) and a piece of (gross!) Chinese cake at 6:30pm

Bowl of Rice Krispies and Skim Milk (in bed) at 9pm


Gotta get the Sprite out of the diet and add more protein. :)  But the peanut butter/banana sandwich trick is saving my mornings! Just figured that out this week.

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Yesterday my food was like a pregnancy cliche:

Eggs and toast

Ben and Jerry's for mid-morning snack (small bowl, fwiw)

1/3 jar of pickles

2 servings salt and vinegar potato chips

3 chicken wings

decaf latte

green smoothie (kale, oj, milk, and 1 cup frozen fruit)

sliced yellow peppers


I felt so gross before I managed to workout, so I'm going to try to avoid doing that again.  Today I started with eggs and sprouted grain toast and a decaf latte.  Now I am mowing down a spicy tuna melt and a side salad.  Hopefully I can try to eat a little more consistently healthy.  My husband is really pushing the importance of fish, so I have to unlearn my sudden hatred of salmon. 

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I am just now starting to feel a bit queasy and am not too happy about it!  

So far today I've had:

2 spoonfuls of almond butter upon waking

water w/ probiotic

ginger ale

egg & cheese biscuit


oat cakes with hummus

leftover roasted sweet potatoes w/ spicy aioli from last night

a carrot

a small hamburger patty and a bit of tomato soup


dang I really need to eat some greens!!!!  Too bad anything green is making my stomach turn right now.  Usually I can eat a big green stir fry for breakfast.

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Breakfast: egg & cheese sandwich on english muffin, OJ

AM Snack: whole wheat wrap with herb & garlic cheese & spinach, cut into "wheels" and a string cheese, clementine

Lunch: egg salad sandwich, pickles, Doritos, clementine


My m/s seems to be passing, and today I've been starving!

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Today the only thing I wanted was a Subway sandwich (I forced myself to eat some yogurt, too). Oh man, these cravings are so weird!

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I really like subway. I've eaten several veggies subs in the past 8 weeks. I do get them with cheese though, so I can get some protein.

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I've actually been craving tuna subs from Subway, but I wasn't sure if the listeria problem could be passed to the tuna (after they cut a sub or something).  So far, I've been making my own.  Somehow though, it never tastes as good as when someone else makes it.  eyesroll.gif

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Bowl of cereal with milk. (8am)

Three gluten free toasts with cream cheese and two hard boiled eggs. (Half at 10, half at 12:30)

Almonds (3)

Whole foods shrimp (4)

Sweet tea (4:30)

Mashed potatoes and broccoli with cheddar cheese (6)

Gluten free breaded chicken tender (6pm)

And a yet to be decided evening snack...or two


The only time I felt bad was starting at 2:30 when I missed the two hour mark.  I was at the park with my boys and stuck in a conversation.  Luckily I had a bad of almonds in my car to tide me over until I got the sushi. 


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Whole grain wheat cereal + icy mug OJ

homemade black bean and veggie quesadillas + a few dabs of greek yogurt

apple, yogurt, and a few walnuts

leftover black bean and veggie quesadillas + a dab of greek yogurt

some whole wheat mac n cheese but instead of butter/milk mixed with only greek yogurt for extra protein and creaminess 


All I really want all day long are fried things and chips.  

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Sol y Paz, come cook for me!  I love quesadillas.  That's actually a really good idea.  I love beans, cheese, veggies, and salsa, so if we just get some tortillas....


AFM, today I had two slices toast and two eggs, a pomegranate, an orange, and some salt and vinegar potato chips.  We're hopefully going out to dinner tonight where I'm going to get some catfish.  Deelish!   I did a five mile walk with my mom today, so I'm treating it as a kind of cheat day.  I should have eaten more earlier, but I took a nap and then went on that walk.  Need to squeeze in some more veggies.  Thankfully, I've started craving them again. 

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Well so far a Berry smoothly, cheesy bacon soup, and 2 fruit leathers. I'm hungry now but nothing looks good...
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Hmm...not very much. Cereal for breakfast, a couple of bites of leftover ham from Christmas and a cheese breadstick for lunch. Eating is tough...

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I got a veggie subway sub today since Aimee mentioned subway. I seem very susceptible to the foods mentioned on any of the threads. lol.gif

Now I'm thinking veggie quesadilla!


I've had a green smoothie

cup of Panda puff cereal

handful of seeds and dried fruit

Homemade dried fruit (apple and mango)

steak, salad, potato,

a lot more sugar than I should have in various forms of candy. (Sheepish.gif)


I've actually felt pretty good today.  I really don't think it correlates to what and when I'm eating though. I've really tried to be mindful of that, to see if I can help myself feel better, but turns out if I feel crappy, I feel crappy. And often eating makes me feel a lot worse, no matter what it is.

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A slice of cheese and chicken pizza for breakfast

French toast for lunch

Gummy bears and a chocolate breakfast drink for snack

Barely any of my ham steak and mashed potatoes with saurkraut


I can't seem to eat a lot of food at once.  I just feel really uncomfortable and full afterwards.  I was sitting in a German restaurant up in the mountains after attempting to eat my kassler with my pants unbuttoned eyesroll.gif

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Yesterday I kind of ate like crap and paid for it.

I ended the evening eating a bean burrito and chips and a bunch of yummy homemade salsa my friends made, but I was kind of in agony and sooo bloated when I got home. Bad idea.


Today I 'vehad an English muffin with Peanut Butter and Co's honey peanut butter.

Have you guys had their peanut butters? All natural and soooo yummy, I was into the Dark Chocolate Dreams pre-pregnancy but for some reason chocolate doesn't appeal lately.



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