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After reading about Cecilia's Mom baked potato and seeing a loaded baked potato at the last place we went out to eat ( where I ordered wild caught salmon and fruit even though I really just wanted chips and salsa and fries with plain mustard) I had to have one too.  I used a bit of olive, pepper, celtic sea salt and roasted then topped with a bit of cheddar cheese, green onion, fresh chopped tomato, greek yogurt, more pepper, and a bit of fried onion.  So delicious, skin and all.  I have made them for 2 days now.  DH likes to put a lot of butter on his and top with lots more fried onion.  


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I've been making my twice baked potatoes a couple of times a week, making enough of them to last a couple of days. So yeah, I have one nearly every day... blush.gif

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Ya, that potato sounds good!!


Since I still can't stand my green veggies during this pregnancy, I've been incorporating them into my daily smoothies (making a blenderful, worth 2 smoothie servings for the day).  Then at least I know that I'm hitting some of my fruits/veggies/dairy quota in a few gulps.


I keep the following ingredients on hand, for the base of the smoothie:

  • Chia Seeds soaked in coconut milk (makes them swell up and are easier to digest; not so seedy)
  • Steamed Kale / Steamed Spinach (I'm hypothyroid, so steaming cruciferous veggies makes them less goitrous, and they blend up better)
  • Probiotic Yogurt
  • Coconut Milk, to get to the right consistency


Then I add any combination of the following:

  • Bananas
  • Frozen Berries / Frozen Mango
  • Chopped Apple
  • Chopped Cucumber


.... done!

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Originally Posted by NewMumJoy View Post

Ya, that potato sounds good!!

If it's smothered in chilly, I'm in!
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Im starting to think we really need to invest in a freezer and a blender..



We only have one of those dorm size fridges in our apartment (thank you Europe) and no freezer, so the only way I get frozen food is during the winter when I can store it in the snow :) Although staying in this faculty apartment with a freezer is making me realize I eat a lot more ice cream and pizza when I do have a freezer.. so maybe then again, not the best idea eyesroll.gif



yesterday I ate pretty well -- i think.


I have a bowl of oats/flax and banana in organic milk for bfast

snack was a PJ sandwich and 2 oranges

lunch with a huge salad with lots of nuts and fruit

snack was an apple and some popcorn

dinner was 2 homemade bean burritos with avocado, salsa and lettuce

dessert with a small cup of ice cream and tea and a orange again


I feel like I should be getting more protein? and perhaps Im not getting enough fruits/veggies.. its really hard for me to gauge



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ithappened, that looks like a great day!  Much healthier than what I've been eating.  I do think you're right about protein though.  You're getting a decent amount for a normal person, but probably not for twins.  I think the fruits/veggies look great.  I've been making lots of spinach smoothies and I just picked up some kale today.  Salads just don't sound appetizing, so I end two meals with a big smoothie (4 or more cups of spinach).  I've also been adding broccoli to eggs, which helps.  Speaking of which, can you eat more eggs?  Throwing in a hardboiled egg or two as a snack and making some for breakfast?  They're super healthy and one of the best sources of protein as far as bioavailability goes (my husband just mentioned that eggs have the ratio of amino acids that most closely approximates the needs of the human body... who knew?).


I've been sneaking in sweet treats a lot lately, but since my weight gain is pretty minimal I'm not stressing about it. I wish I were eating more veggies though.  My body is craving refined carbs, and I would really like to reprogram it for the second tri.  I'm all about the kefir for protein and calcium.

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That's interesting about eggs, LilyTiger; along with potatoes, I crave eggs a lot while pregnant.

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Free range eggs, if possible!!  Healthier eggs come from happier chickens!  ;-)

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for some reason eggs aren't tasting that good to me in the second tri, in the first trimester I could not get enough of them but now I am .. I dont know.. unless they are mixed into my pad thai, I just dont like them :)


I did go ahead and order some protein powder from that iherb place and once that arrives I will probably start having protein shakes as my afternoon snack.. hoping it comes soon but I think from the US it will be a while..


today.. lets see..


breakfast was cheerios  and a slice of cheese with some tea

lunch was some blueberry yogurt + flaxseed mixed in and a bean burrito (homemade/leftovers)

snack was orange and some chocolate

dinner was scalloped potatoes with lots of cheese (which i totally blame you guys for planting in my head! yummy.gif )

dessert was more oranges


for some reason with this pregnancy I am not craving much sweets- with DS it was ALL I wanted.. sugar sugar and more so I wonder what that means with this pregnancy.. wondering if 1 or more is a girl.. hmmm.....

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Avocado and spinach whole wheat wrap (plus cheese, jalapeno mustard, and onion) banana, fresh payapa, strawberries, and a few baked organic tator tots dipped in plain mustard.  Pistachios.  Yogurt.  I want to make a salad with tuna or veggie stir fry with tofu for dinner.  

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Avocado and spinach whole wheat wrap (plus cheese, jalapeno mustard, and onion) banana, fresh payapa, strawberries, and a few baked organic tator tots dipped in plain mustard.  Pistachios.  Yogurt.  I want to make a salad with tuna or veggie stir fry with tofu for dinner.  

I have been eating so many avocados this pregnancy! I just can't get enough! I think I'm making up for the lack of meat. 


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Ahhh!  I have been so bad recently.  I get tired and just take whatever is easiest.  Today was two eggs with white toast (ugh... my husband buys it and we're out of my whole grain stuff) and then clam chowder (canned... ugh) for lunch.  A granola bar pre-workout and an orange post-workout.  It's like my body just wants to run on refined flour and saturated fat.  Ugh again.  So, we went to dinner and I tried to make up for it with tomato spinach soup, a big Greek salad with avocado and a half slice of chocolate cake (everyone else was drinking beer, so I get cake, right?).  So all in all, the evening part wasn't bad, I was just terrible during the day.


New resolution: one veggie and one fruit with every single meal.  NO exceptions.  When I have my fresh kale around I'm really good at making smoothies (last week was a good smoothie week), so I just need to get in the habit of shopping more frequently so I don't run out of the healthy stuff.


I'm also going to start buying more avocados and hummus.  If I have hummus to dip into I'm more likely to eat sliced veggies.  The real problem for me is planning ahead though.  So I'll have to start doing more of that.

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Mmmmm hummus - now I want some!

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It's like my body just wants to run on refined flour and saturated fat.


This has been me as well the last 2-4 days.. All weekend I pretty much ate pasta, pizza or some sort of bread.. Ive just been feeling so sick and I havent been grocery shopping and end up eating a lot of crap.. it hasnt been a good week.

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Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post


I'm also going to start buying more avocados and hummus.  If I have hummus to dip into I'm more likely to eat sliced veggies.  The real problem for me is planning ahead though.  So I'll have to start doing more of that.


Yes!  Thanks for the reminder - I need good hummus (to go with veggies)!  I haven't really been making proper "meals" lately  - since my DH is away all week, I'm alone and just eating "something" every 2 hrs.... (eggs, smoothies, fruits, soups, muffins, dairy...)


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Today was much better, mostly due to this thread.  Thanks, guys! 


So far I've had:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, oat bran, and an orange

Snack: half slice of chocolate cake (leftover) - eaten post-workout to minimize sugar rush/damage.

Lunch: tuna salad with banana peppers and sweet potato fries.  Couple slices of red pepper.  I chopped the rest of the pepper up and put it in the fridge for dinner tonight.


My new plan is to spend a little time every morning chopping and preparing veggies for the meals for the day.  If I don't plan it, I just won't do it.  And since we have a limited number of cutting boards and so on, it makes sense to do it all at once. 

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This morning was pretty hectic and I ended up only eating half a banana and small bit of yogurt.  After the doctor's appointment I went to WF's where I ate a black bean burrito with salsa, berries, a fruit leather, an apple, and almonds and did a bit of shopping.  I have leftovers from the veggie tofu stir fry from last night which I will try to eat, has lots of yummy bok choy and other veggies.  But I really just want to eat organic mac and cheese and air popped popcorn and call it a day but I won't.  

LilyTiger, you are smart to prep ahead, makes life so much easier.   Hope it helps makes your day easier.  Yesterday's stir fry took over an hour and most of that was all prep.  In the past we both prepped right when we came home from the grocery store, we planned our meals and snacks out, and then took one day during the weekend to prep some more.  We need to get back into the habit again.  

SallyRae, hummus does sound yummy.  Hummus and avocado on a grilled sandwich sound pretty much perfect.  With spinach, cheese, and crisp red pepper.  

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Banana, pear, small glass OJ, green salad with lots of veggies and homemade dressing, crackers and cheese with tomato and spinach, apple and walnuts, some chips and spicy salsa, tiny bowl of kashi protein cereal, spinach veggie homemade pizza but only one slice since I had been grazing a lot after lunch today and was full.  

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Bowl of cereal this morning. Nothing since then, i've been so sick (and the husband AND the toddler) and my appetite is TRASHED. I don't WANT to eat. 


However there is a pot of home made "Jewish Penicillin" a'cookin' on the stove for consumption as soon as the matzah balls are done. :) 


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I have to share the recipe for this amazing warm quinoa salad I just ate. It was SO GOOD, and full of excellent prenatal nutrition. yummy.gif


1 cup quinoa

1 can black beans, rinsed and drained

1 can diced tomatoes, drained

2 cups frozen sweet corn, thawed

2 avocados, cubed

juice of 2 limes

4 to 5 oz. cotija cheese, crumbled

1/2 c. chopped fresh cilantro

2 T extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp sea salt

1/8 tsp black pepper


Basically you just cook the quinoa and then toss everything together while it's still warm.


You know what I hate? How squeezed my stomach is when I'm eating something really good, so I fill up waaaay too soon. Can't wait to eat leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

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