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I'm cursing whoever mentioned the damn dorito taco... it's ALL I can think about.

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Originally Posted by ~Demeter~ View Post

I'm cursing whoever mentioned the damn dorito taco... it's ALL I can think about.

Dammit now I'm thinking about it too. Its the CURSE OF THE TACO! Lol!!!!!



I've eaten... omg i've been horrible today. I ate a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast because my husband who was supposed to take it to work didn't. So finders keepers losers weepers. And um, a chai tea. That's it. Whoops. Think I skipped lunch? LOL 

lucky kid eats WAY better than me, he's had, organic yogurt with blackberries, 3-4 packets of freeze dried fruit, 4 things of "square cheese", um... bunch of other stuff.... he's unstoppable. 

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Banana, small apple, dried fruit, thin half of a whole foods wheat bagel with cream cheese and jelly, greek yogurt, boiled egg, cutie oranges, sandwich with carved turkey and a half a slice of swiss filled with mostly veggies like thick tomato slices, onion, spinach, lots of slices of avocado, some spicy mustard.  As the bread for the sandwich at DH's suggestion we made plain french toast with Ezekiel bread and then put the bread in the fridge for the next day to make sandwiches, it was surprisingly really tasty as a sandwich bread.  Served with fresh and very ripe honeydew and it was so good! Almost helped lift my intense fresh summer watermelon craving, but not quite.  I see lots more honeydew in my future.  

LizBiz, what is bubble tea?  

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Im not very hungry but Ive been gaining weight like a mofo these days.. so weird. I think I gained 5lbs this week alone... why hello massive growth spurt I was warned about. Just not sure if its my stomach or butt that is growing :)


Ive been eating really well for the most part- I usually have some sort of dessert thing everyday but try to not eat too late at night or I get reflux..


anyone have any fav. recipes lately?

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I'd like to start posting here!  I'm reading through this and it's making me soooooo hungry, which is funny because I'm actually eating right now!  


breakfast: 8 grain bagel & cream cheese

snack: banana

lunch: greek salad w/ chicken

snack: apple w/ cheese


no idea what i'll do for dinner (we badly need to go grocery shopping, but i won't get home until 8 tonight, which is my bedtime :) but I'm sure it will have something to do with the Orange Chocolate Chip cookie dough I have in my fridge...



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breakfast: coffee and granola with yogurt

snack: banana with almond butter and dried figs

lunch: apple, banana and some ice cream (I was out with DS at the park)

snack banana with almond butter and an apple

dinner: summer rolls (these are like spring rolls but not fried) with tofu and some peanut sauce

dessert: a ton of ice cream


I found Im eating mostly fruit lately, I think its the change of weather- I start craving fruits and salads when the snow melts and gets warm.

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breakfast: bagel w/ cream cheese (again...)

snack: banana and protein drink

lunch: black bean soup

snack: yogurt w/ chia seeds


I am really craving carbs today!  If I were at home I would totally be making pancakes or waffles right now.

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Ithappened, LOL a "ton" of ice cream.  

LakeRuby, breakfast for dinner tonight for you perhaps?   

I went through a couple days of being so hungry, now today nothing sounds good.  And I am really not hungry for anything except one thing which is about an hour away round trip.  

Breakfast - thin half a whole wheat bagel toasted with Neufchatel cream cheese

Snack - banana, boiled egg

Snack - two small graham cracker squares topped with peanut butter and raisins, small glass of milk

Lunch - don't really want lunch but I guess a sandwich will do.   Maybe will eat a pear.  I also have some ripe blackberries but for some reason I don't want them either.  

For dinner the only thing that has sounded good all day is a Mexican place with super spicy salsa with chunks of avocado in it.  

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I had a Dorito taco the other day and it tasted pretty much like a regular crunchy taco at Taco Bell does. And then I was in pain for several hours that afternoon/evening. So take my advice and skip the run for the border!


I am baking potatoes right now to make twice baked potatoes (making them for the first time thanks to all the chatter on this board about them -- I've always been too lazy to try it but they were one of my favorite dishes my mom would make growing up!) and I think at least one of them is not going to make it to the second stage of baking. They smell soooo good.

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Originally Posted by lakeruby View Post

no idea what I'll do for dinner (we badly need to go grocery shopping, but i won't get home until 8 tonight, which is my bedtime :) but I'm sure it will have something to do with the Orange Chocolate Chip cookie dough I have in my fridge...



I've never heard of orange chocolate chip cookie dough, but I want some.


Yesterday, I couldn't keep most of this food down, threw up all morning and all night: 


first breakfast: 5 pepperoni slices and lemonade (this is NOT fun to throw up, what was I thinking for first breakfast?! That never stays down!)

second breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar, milk

snack: aloe juice

lunch: blackened mahi mahi with mango salsa and summer vegetables (YUM!) and garlic bread

snack: gummy bears (again with the horrible snacks at my desk!  I didn't even like it)

dinner: veggie hoagie with cream cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and sprouts 

late snack: uncrustable and ovaltine 




first breakfast: uncrustable and lemonade

second breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and a milk

lunch: rye toast and a rio grande skillet of which I ate only the poached eggs and jalapeno salsa, and a very little bit of the pork carnitas, it was a total waste of money.

snack: watermelon and a hot dog (we were at a work Beach Bash)

dinner will be: tofu pad thai (so excited!)


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ah twice baked potatoes sound AMAZING right now (and its 5am here)

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Ugh you guuuuuys. I was going to say that I hope CM did NOT have the Dorito taco, I keep seeing the sign and just that makes me feel ill! Crazy preggos!


I had some kind of weird salad with grilled chicken today and some pad thai with tofu and chicken. Now I'm drinking lemonade DH made with our friend's lemons and veeery little agave nectar, yum.


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Hahaha, no Doritos taco, just some nachos and chalupas. winky.gif

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Hey Sol y Paz - Bubble Tea is (usually) Milk Tea (Tea with Milk - can be green or black or herbal tea), sweetened, and then the 'bubble' part are these oversized balls of tapioca that sink to the bottom of the cup.  Then you drink it through an extra fat straw - either served warm or cold.  There are a million variations on bubble/milk tea.  And I'm in LOVE with it!


It's really common in Asia - arguably Taiwan has the best bubble tea!  There are a few bubble tea shops in the US - but mostly in places with lots of Asians!  


What I ate today, in a word: BREAD.  My husband made two kinds of focaccia bread AND homemade pita bread.  So, that's what I ate :).  And then I topped it off with a bowl of dumplings.  I did eat an orange, a banana, and a few carrot/cucumber sticks as well as a tomato to try to add some fresh food - but that was mostly just a passing nod to the idea that I'm supposed to be eating a balanced diet.  


I'm super overtired this weekend after a looooong busy 3 weeks of work - so I'm giving myself until Monday to sort of be a lazy lump, then I'll kick it back into healthy gear again. 

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Mmm, I love bubble tea and it is getting more and more popular in the US.

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the west coast used to be covered with bubble tea places.. I lived off those things in college.. in grad school I found them all over chinatown again in NYC.. yummmy Taro bubbletea..

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Glad it's more common in the US than I thought!  It gives me hope that I'll be able to keep up my bubble tea addiction once we come back!


Veritas Vitae - I about died over your breakfast of pepperoni and lemonade.  Yep - I think that was destined not to make it!  :)  I hope you're feeling better soon - boo for morning sickness. 



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Well, now I want a Doritos taco (actually.... a doritos taco with crispy potatoes instead of meat, and wrapped in a chalupa with a layer of nacho cheese in between, like a crunch wrap). I also want bubble tea, which isn't hard to find here in Philly. I also want a Jimmy John's sandwich, and I tried to see if I could order online for delivery, but... nope! 


I didn't have any of that. Instead I had: 

Breakfast: uhhhh, I slept in

Lunch: Morningstar riblets on a hoagie roll with PICKLES 

Dinner: Beer battered cheese bites

Dinner, part 2: A bowl of cereal (frosted mini wheats w/ fruit in the middle)

For dessert later, I have some Ben & Jerry's Greek frozen yogurt (raspberry w/ fudge chunks)  

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Bubble tea sounds very interesting!  I have got to try it sometime.  Apparently it is not to be missed, yummy.

Today I was out of the house a lot so brought a cooler and ate often

breakfast: bagel, cream cheese, banana

snack: larabar, 2 crackers

lunch: lots of spicy salsa with chips, grilled veggies, pinto beans, a bit of cheese on top

snack: cutie oranges, apple, cheese stick

dinner: whole wheat sandwich with tons of jalapenos, spicy mustard, onions, spinach, tomato, pickles, cheese, and chicken with some jalapeno kettle chips

Guess today I got in my cheese and chip groups. shy.gif

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I can't remember breakfast, lunch was some leftover chicken and rice pilaf/green beans mix. Dinner was corned beef, which I cooked in apple cider, veggies and crash hot potatoes. Yummy!

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