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for brunch, i had an egg white frittata (w/ tomatoes, spinach & parmesan cheese) and part of my partner's tiramisu waffle (which he couldn't finish because it had "too much marscapone" as if that is even possible!)

for dinner i had japanese fried rice (frozen meal from trader joe's, w/ carrots, edamame & seaweed - it's really good!) 

for a snack later, my options include cut veggies, greek frozen yogurt (strawberry shortcake), and ice cream ("chocolate therapy"). i'll probably have veggies & then ice cream. 

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My new thing is making mini egg & quinoa frittatas (12 in a muffin tin) so that I have a quick high protein (and portable) snack on hand.... I'm on my 2nd batch this week already!  Here's the recipe in case you want to try - it's super easy (esp. since I make the quinoa in advance to have on hand):


Mix together the base:

4 Eggs Beaten

1/4 C Cream or Milk

2 C Cooked Quinoa

Handful of Grated Parm Cheese

Minced Garlic, Chopped Onion

Salt & Pepper


Add ins:  Chopped Meats, Peppers, Spinach, Shredded Cheese.... Anything goes!!


(Yesterday I made them with ham and cheddar; today I made a batch with bacon and feta... I used about 1 C of shredded cheese, saving some extra for the top)


Cook in greased muffin pan at 350, for 15 minutes. 


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I so needed this quinoa/egg recipe!  This sounds fabulous.  Keep the high protein recipes coming :)  I just thought of making these a little sweeter- like raisins, dates berries??? YUM!

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Ohhhhh, good idea!  I think my next batch will be on the sweeter side - with cinnamon, raisins, apples and cheddar!

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is anyone finding that some days you can eat nonstop all day and other days you just dont want to look at food? its so odd.. Monday I couldnt stop eating and today I just wanted a salad and some soup..

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Today I discovered the cookies at Subway.  3 for $1.50.  So delicious.  I may never be the same.

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Speaking of cookies I am not a huge cookie person but ate half of this cookie last week. It was pretty good.



Today was a banana, leftovers from veggie fajita type Mexican meal wrapped in whole wheat tortilla with spinach and homemade salsa, a few no salt tortilla chips, whole grain cereal with crushed walnuts added, little cutie oranges, apple, homemade popcorn with parm cheese/spices, veggies and grilled chicken. 


Ithappened, noticed that pattern in eating habits here too. 

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today is one of those 'cannot eat enough' all day sort of days.. and all I want is chocolate and more chocolate and cakes.. mmmm cakes..



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I started today with organic eggs and whole grain toast.  Followed it up by a latte and then half a bag of peanut M&M's.  It seems like I have no energy unless I'm coasting on a sugar high.  :(



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Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post

I started today with organic eggs and whole grain toast.  Followed it up by a latte and then half a bag of peanut M&M's.  It seems like I have no energy unless I'm coasting on a sugar high.  :(



Mmmmm this all sounds sooo good today! :)  I am suffering through my organic miso ramen instant-lunch right now at my desk.   REALLY need to go grocery shopping!

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It seems like I have no energy unless I'm coasting on a sugar high.  :(

Me too. Yesterday I think my entire diet consist of coffee, gummi bears and chocolate.. today was not much better- I was starving all day..


I think I had 2 bowls of cereal at breakfast and coffee, then toast

a huge chicken burger with fries at lunch and more chocolate..

snack was a bunch of fruit with yogurt and lots of honey, plus tons of chocolate

dinner was a big salad with lots of cheese then some eggs with cheese then a bunch of pancakes and more yogurt/berries..



I feel like Im eating way to much carbs and sugar but its all I want right now and then I wonder why I gained so much all of a sudden.. ugh.

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Even though I am diabetic and have to be careful with my carb and sugar intake, during pregnancy I eat a lot more of both than I do otherwise, and it honestly doesn't make my blood sugar go wacky. So maybe some of us really need more of both while pregnant!

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Lately, I've been eating this Tillamook ice cream a lot (well, daily.)  It is soooo good I don't regret not getting one with peanut butter. 


Maybe I should but I refuse to feel bad about eating ice cream.

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I find I really crave meat but I dont want to prepare it.. I want it cooked for me eyesroll.gif so i end up just not eating it very often lately.. the smell of it raw makes me gag but the cooked stuff..? oh yes.

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The smell of cooking meat made me so nauseous when I was pregnant with Cecilia, but apparently Baby Brother doesn't care....

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Every day this week DH has volunteered to pick up groceries on his way home from work and I've purposely refrained from adding sweets to the list...... but then by 9pm I'm climbing the walls for chocolate or ice cream.  Today, he's finally picking up ice cream for me on his way home - dulche de leche!  I cannot wait, this will be a good night!!  I fantasize about anything w/chocolate sauce on it, as well.......

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I picked up three pints of Abbotts chocolate almond frozen custard on the way home from work yesterday (buy 2 get 1 free!).  Yay! 



eggs and toast

latte and half bag of peanut M&Ms

tuna melt with side salad

five mini Reese's PB cups

Turkey melt with bacon and fries

(Maybe a little cup of frozen yogurt after dinner if I have room)


DH is going to put me on Ensure or something because he's concerned I'm not gaining enough weight.  He says I've slimmed out in the arms and upper body and he's worried it shows I'm eating up fat stores.  I'm not sure that's a bad thing, but he's the registered dietician.  I'll chat with my doc about weight gain next week.

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Chocolate almond frozen custard sounds delicious!


I slept a lot of today (after working last night) but I've been doing pretty well eating.  MIL made a big pot of chili, so I've been eating the leftovers of that.  We did taco night tonight, with lots of fresh vegies, and I've been snacking on dried fruits and nuts.  The Cadbury mini-eggs are calling me (and the mint chocolate chip ice cream, of course) but I'm managing to resist so far.  I'm really concerned about my weight, so I'm trying very hard to be good.


Coffee is my cryptonite right now.  I missed having it during the first tri, so now I'm drinking way too much of it.  I have three cups yesterday.

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Cadbury Mini Eggs are like my kryptonite! I buy so many bags this time of year because I won't get them again until the next spring!

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Me too!  I already ate one of my three bags.  Now I'm trying to hold out until all the Easter stuff goes on sale this weekend before I really stock up.

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