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It's possible that I couldn't wait and ordered a 3 pack of bags using Amazon Prime...blush.gif

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It's possible that I couldn't wait and ordered a 3 pack of bags using Amazon Prime...blush.gif



Ahahahahahahhaha!!! This would so be me if I was in the US with about a million candy types.

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It's finally warm enough to take a nice walk today and I'll be stopping at the drug store to stock up on the Cadbury Mini Eggs!! nom nom nom....  :)

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Looks like everyone has really been enjoying Easter candy.  I bet today would be the day to stock up if you need more.  


  • Banana
  • Bowl of whole wheat noodles, thick artichoke/mushroom/wine (not much) tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese and a bit of shredded chicken from the grill, with a lot of yellow onion and baby spinach thrown in.   It was suppose to be for dinner but this morning I decided it would work for breakfast as well.
  • Whole wheat wrap with red leaf lettuce, tomato, onion, tons of avocado, mustard, munster, and shredded chicken from the grill

Snacks for later to hold me over until dinner

  • Apple dipped in peanut butter and raisins
  • Sliced strawberries and mango
  • Handful of nuts
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Ive been bad about keeping track, just so busy.




bowl of oatmeal with a banana

greek yogurt and granola with banana

granola bar

big salad with chicken and a big piece of pizza

bubble tea !!!

crackers and a bunch of water (it was all I had with me as a snack)


havent had dinner yet.. innocent.gif


I find I have to eat all day small meals or I just feel sick.. if I eat too much at once I just overeat and get bad reflux.

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Small glass of juice for prenatals

Half a serving of organic mac and cheese with tons of greek yogurt - instead of the milk and butter

Boiled egg

Apple nut butter and raisins

Tonight is a salad with fresh greens, homemade pico del gallo, avocado chunks, cheese, carrots, lime slices, black beans, and salsa and crumbled tortilla chips on top

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bran flakes with milk and mixed berries

hard boiled egg

a few walnuts

6" turkey subway sandwich on whole wheat with veggies


white rice

cooked beets

yellow lentils

rice cake with peanut butter

snack size milky way



and lots of water!


Yummy and nutritious day for me :)

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Make that 2 snack sized milky ways....posting about the first one made me go get up and get another Sheepish.gif

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Im finding eating much of anything in large portions really hard. I had a 2 week period (in the US) where I was eating all day and night but the last few days I eat really small amounts often (like every hour or so) and find I can't eat much more then say a piece of pizza or a bowl of fruit then Im stuffed and have to wait a bit then eat again..

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So far

  • 2 Bananas
  • Tiny glass of cranberry juice for prentals
  • A few sweet potato chips
  • Small whole wheat grilled cheese with 1/4 slice pepperjack, 1/4 slice moz, 1/4 slice gouda
  • Small mug of organic tomato soup
  • Plain medium size salad with red leaf, egg, celery, tomato, carrots, and a tiny bit of dressing with whole wheat crackers crumbled on top
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ihappened: I'm having the same experience.  I have to divide my meals into half or thirds, eat one part, wait an hour, eat the next, etc.  It's frustrating because I have a hard time noticing that I'm full right away, and I'm used to eating a larger amount at once, so I'll keep eating and then realize too late that I went too far!  My husband has gotten really good at noticing when I start to slow down and he just takes my plate away.

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yeah Ive had the overeating problem a few times, or sometimes I do it on purpose when I know I wont be able to eat again for 4-5 hours.. either way its not fun and very uncomfortable..

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I'm also feeling full after eating about half of my meal lately. I'll be "starving" and then all of a sudden - I can't eat another bite or I'll throw up. I don't remember this happening so early when I was pregnant with my son!

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Breakfast: egg and cheese on bagel with a latte (early morning coffee shop work session)

Lunch: half slice lasagna, half plate of salad and green beans, two cookies (small/medium sized)

Dinner: Beef barley soup (lots of carrots, onions, and tomatoes included.... homemade by DH) and cheddar cheese (I forgot to add a Reese's PB cup after my workout)

Snack: Grapes


Speaking of overeating, etc., I have had the weirdest experience twice now where I'll eat a little before bed and when I lay down I want to puke and I get so much digestive upset that I end up having to go #2 immediately.  I have no idea what's causing it, because it's all been related to healthy foods.  Last night was a prime example, caused by a small cup of beef barley soup before bed (I had it today with no problems).  Part of it must be heartburn, so I now have a rule that I can't eat less than 2.5 hours before bed and I'm trying to go for short walks with the dogs after evening meals to get stuff moving.  Ugh.  Otherwise though, things are pretty good.  I've been trying to eat more milk and have eggs at least once a day.  Veggies and fruit to be added whenever possible.

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Fortunately, I haven't experienced much heartburn, yet.....


Last week while we were traveling, my diet was completely off track - no healthy and evenly spaced-out snacks of fruit/cheese/smoothies/dairy/eggs like I usually had.  Since we were either in a car or at an airport most of the time, meals were very sporadic and consisted of mostly fast food or Subway if I was lucky (despite being told to avoid to deli meats!!)  The tap water was nowhere near drinkable wherever we stayed and I was never stocked up enough on the bottled stuff.  I did manage to eat almost an entire tray of homemade brownies that someone brought over (short of the 2 pieces that were taken by others) over the course of 2 days - eek!  By the time I came home, I swore I would not replenish my cabinets with any more junk food, I felt so horrible!


But, since I've been home this week - and surrounded by the usual healthy options of snacks and meals (and time), I don't think I've been eating nearly as much or as often as I was before.  I do think it's because I have less room for it, like some of you are saying....


Weighed in at doc's yesterday and am up 21 lbs..... I think that my weight is starting to level off now, as I gained my first 15 lbs VERY early.

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I sort of graze all day now


breakfast four small cookies, big cup of cottage cheese and an egg, 2 coffees

lunch 2 bowls of meat spaghetti sauce and salad

dinner cereal w/ yogurt, 1.5 bananas and a few handfuls of grapes and lots of chocolate squares


snanks during the day: strawberries, bran cereal, banana, nuts







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LilyTiger, cheddar sounds really good right now.  I have grazed all day on a variety of stuff, lots of fruit

  • Banana
  • Larabar (almonds, dates, banana)
  • 1/2 grilled pressed sandwich with lots of jalapenos, mustard, hummus, tons of avocado, and other random veggies with some chicken
  • 2 bites pesto tomato whole wheat pizza
  • 1 100% fruit leather (grape)
  • 5 sweet potato chips
  • Handful of Boulder jalapeno chips
  • 3 small pretzel sticks
  • 2 small cookies with a small mug of ice cold milk
  • 1 wasa cracker with moz cheese
  • Big slice of watermelon
  • Few chunks of fresh pineapple
  • Dried plum
  • Thin slice of a half of a whole wheat bagel with lots of neufchatel cream cheese and 100% grape jelly (no added sugar)
  • Boiled egg
  • Tiny glass of OJ and cranberry juice for prenatals
  • Apple

I really want portabella/artichoke/sun dried tomato pizza for dinner but it takes so long to make on a whim and it would be too much trouble to drive all that way to pick up since delivery isn't available in our area. Probably will end up making veggie and black bean quesadillas with corn tortillas and lots of guac of course. 

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- a bowl of quaker oat squares cereal (love this stuff - pretty high protein, too)

- chipotle roasted veggies pizza (w/ black beans!) 

- a glass of chocolate malt ovaltine 

- egg & potato burrito 

- a bowl of berries & mango 

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- Bowl of Quaker oatmeal squares cereal with milk

- 1 smoothie with soy milk, yogurt, bananas, blueberries, peaches + protein boost

- small date/walnut cookie treat

- 1 strawberry, 1 ginger candy, 1 girl scout cookie (freebies at an event)

- homemade burrito with pintos, black beans, yogurt, rice, tomatoes etc. inside

- carrots, celery, homemade hummus, orange slices

- bit of cheddar/broccoli/chicken bake


yummy day :)

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I have to share this because it was so tasty.  B's parents were in town this weekend and we tried a new BBQ place because MIL and FIL wanted some NC BBQ and the place we usually go doesn't have green beans (seriously?).  So we tried a place called Hillbilly's (they also didn't have green beans, apparently they don't do green beans with NC BBQ), but they did have a HIllbilly Baked Potato....it was a baked potato stuffed with pulled pork and some cheddar cheese.....I can't stop thinking about it, except really I just want the baked potato part again....I'll have to go to the store.


My average day now that I work at home is


bowl of cereal

greek yogurt with strawberries and granola

hummus with pita

a fruit of some sort

fruit roll-up blush.gif

either protein bar/fig newtons or goldfish crackers

some sort of italian food or asian food


I need to start making things at home, but I feel like we've just gotten the kitchen together and we still haven't found a good grocery store in our new town, so I've been uber-lazy.  However, I just found out yesterday there is a Harris Teeter down the street, so it looks like I can finally get some quality groceries.  We also have the juicer, so I have my apples, carrots, citrus and celery, but couldn't find good greens anywhere, so I will be juicing more soon.  (Before this it was the Super Wal-Mart or Sam's and I couldn't find kale anywhere). 

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