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ah thanks!

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  • Banana
  • OJ with prenatals
  • Boiled egg
  • Chips/salsa, salad (very basic, no dressing), and fajitas (black beans, rice, cheese, guac, pico, lots of veggies, shrimp and corn tortillas)
  • 100% fruit leather 
  • Nuts and an apple
  • Small watered down plain iced tea
  • 2 dried plums
  • 2 muffins (Bobs Red Mill mix, tons of bananas, agave/honey, nutmeg, blueberries, walnuts, applesauce, and egg)
  • homemade bagel pizza (1 half a whole wheat bagel thin sliced side, lots of artichoke pasta sauce, mushrooms, onions, jalapenos, spinach, red pepper, cheese)

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arancini (fried balls of risotto)

grilled peach pizza! w/ arugula, thyme & mozzarella. this was so delicious and i wish i could have grilled peaches every day. 

an almond soft pretzel & a peach white tea honestea (to prevent a shopping meltdown) 


i haven't eaten dinner yet. despite the fact that it's nearly midnight. so i just poured a bowl of cereal. 

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Originally Posted by eleuthia View Post
grilled peach pizza! w/ arugula, thyme & mozzarella. this was so delicious and i wish i could have grilled peaches every day. 

a peach white tea honestea 


How delicious, that pizza sounds so great! I would love to have a slice or two with a side of fresh summer peaches + grilled peaches and peach tea to drink.  That sounds so good right now.  

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  • granola + milk
  • quesadillas (whole wheat tortilla, spicy pintos, jalapenos, onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, shredded chicken, cheese, guac, greek yogurt, salsa)
  • boiled egg
  • banana + a whole mango
  • 100% fruit leather 
  • raw veggies + greek yogurt with spices to make it like an onion dip
  • wasa cracker and swiss cheese
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omg grilled peach pizza..... WANT

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The day after the peachza, I had strawberry rhubarb cobbler French toast. With deep fried cobbler crumbles.
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Yesterday was a hilarious eating day.  Super healthy until the workout and then.....


Breakfast: kefir, one hb egg

Lunch: FAGE yogurt, carrots, strawberries

Snack: 2 hb eggs, carrots

Workout and then post-workout VitaCoco drink

Dinner: 6 chocolate chip pancakes with butter and maple syrup, bacon, and 1/2 an orange.  WTH?


The really ridiculous part is that I've been struggling with heartburn after some meals, but that one?  Totally fine.  No heartburn at all and no digestive issues in the slightest.  It was like my body just absorbed all the carbs without even bothering to use any stomach acid along the way.  Trying to be better today, but we had leftover pancakes!  blush.gif

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eleuthia OMG your meals sounds amazinnnnng!!!!!


I am alternating between not wanting to eat all day and then every few days I cannot stop eating ALL day. Literally its like there is a hole in my stomach and I just eat eat eat..


Today has been one of those not wanting to eat all day, days.. I think I have been so physically uncomfortable all day/night this week my lack of movement really changes my need to eat.


  • greek yogurt with a banana/oats/maple syrup and a coffee
  • whole wheat noodles with a tomato/tuna sauce (we need to go to the store)
  • a handful of pumpkin seeds
  • a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a few m+m's
  • greasey mango chicken with lots of rice and a salad (was super oil based meal from this chinese place)
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Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post

Dinner: 6 chocolate chip pancakes with butter and maple syrup, bacon, and 1/2 an orange.  WTH?


After reading this post there is no way this pregnant mama will be satisfied until I eat chocolate chip pancakes.......yum....belly.gif

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Um...I should not have read this thread. We're all out of pancake mix. :(


I've been making these really thick chunky smoothies w frozen strawberries, mango, banana, oatmeal, sun butter and almond milk topped with granola. Yum!


Now I have to go the store. banana.gif(there's no dancing pancake.)

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Ha, sorry everyone!  But I got the itch from whoever was posting about French toast last week, so I guess this whole thread is contagious.  But no one will regret the pancakes.  I promise.  lurk.gif

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I made so many pancakes the last week I think I hit a pancake wall.. and LeAnn you don't need mix if you have flour, baking powder, a dash of salt/sugar and milk.. eggs or egg sub... then walla! its really easy. You can google exact measurements but I usually wing it. I also like to add flax, nuts and fruit to mine



I'm on some MAJOR protein kick right now, its all I want (well besides ice cubes) .... last week was carbs this week is protein protein and more protein. I seem to be craving dairy based proteins and not so much meat based.. wonder what that is about?



  • cottage cheese with straberries and a coffee/milk for breakfast
  • greek yogurt with maple syrup as a mid morning snack
  • whole wheat noodles with tuna (leftovers)
  • half a protein bar before swimming laps
  • pumpkin seeds and granola after my laps
  • chicken/chickpea/cauliflower curry (homemade) with qunioa
  • greek yogurt with strawberries and maple syrup
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  • 1 small square graham cracker smothered in peanut butter
  • 1/2 grilled chicken, swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion, guac, mustard, whole wheat bun
  • small handful sweet potato fries
  • banana, strawberries, greek yogurt, granola
  • spinach whole wheat noodles, sauce, mushrooms
  • small glass juice for prenatals
  • raw veggies (broccoli, cukes, peppers, carrots) dipped in onion flavored greek yogurt
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I came here just to say I'm starving right now, and even more so now that I read about grilled peach pizza! YUM.

And pancakes!

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breakfast: Kefir, 1 egg, and carrots

lunch: tuna, carrots, and orange

snack: two eggs, leftover carrots (I've been eating a lot of these things)

postworkout: vita coco drink

dinner: 1/2 reuben sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy and a cup of ice cream


Overall, not terrible, but I need to diversify on my veggies.  I've been obsessed with carrots lately -- I think the crunching is stress relief.  But I need to get back to my spinach smoothies.  We haven't gone grocery shopping this week which is part of the problem.

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Ithappened, great idea! We buy g-free mix but I have flour, too. I'll have to look up a recipe. That would be so much cheaper! I like to add oats and bananas, sometimes peanut butter. Mmmm!
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I am still having trouble keeping down raw veggies, which are the only kind I really like. Can anyone suggest some cooked veggie ideas I might not have tried? I do like squash cooked, and asparagus but I didn't have a great time with asparagus recently, or broccoli.

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Still. Not. Eating. My. Veggies.


I've given up my daily spinach or kale "green" smoothies.... I just really prefer other combinations in my shakes nowadays.  If I'm LUCKY, I'll manage a tomato/cucumber/balsamic salad maybe 1-2 times a week.  Other than that, no dice....  Hoping my prenatals and extra vitamins are saving me/us!!

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What about beets? They're sweet and so tasty roasted. I just cut em in half or quarters, sprinkle w olive oil, s&p. They're great in salads. Or roasted cauliflower? You cut it in thin slices, drizzle w olive oil, s&p, sometimes I add parm, too. Yum! It's like popcorn. Mmm... Maybe you could try some different veggies. Like a crunchy salad w fennel and daikon? Or a stirfry w baby bokchoi? Just a few ideas.

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