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yeah Im on the ice cream boat too- Ive had it now 3 days in a row-- and LOTS.


And unless pickles on my grilled cheese or sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) counts as veggies-- Im getting zero in.

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Originally Posted by ithappened View Post

yeah Im on the ice cream boat too- Ive had it now 3 days in a row-- and LOTS.


And unless pickles on my grilled cheese or sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) counts as veggies-- Im getting zero in.

Sauerkraut is full of good probiotics!  And ice cream is supposed to help with reflux.  So you can really just think about your diet right now as healthy self-medicating!!!  At least, that's what I'm going with.

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  • two eggs, whole wheat toast
  • OJ and prenatals
  • tiny bowl of bran cereal
  • banana + dried plum
  • 2 small graham cracker squares smeared with peanut butter and topped with raisins
  • noodle dish (whole wheat shell noodles, red sauce, spinach, mushroom, onion, green beans, sweet corn, broccoli, a bit of cheese and a bit of grilled chicken)
  • watermelon
  • boiled egg (fresh local eggs, can't get over how bright the yolk is and how yummy they taste, probably could have eaten all 12 today)
  • salad (red leaf, spinach, onion, bell pepper, celery, olive, lots of tomato, and homemade dressing - spices, balsamic, parm, citrus juice, a bit of olive oil)
  • 1/2 naan bread http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/products/143 pizza (red sauce, tomato, oyster and crimini mushroom, garlic, onion, bell pepper, spinach, olive, jalapeno, a few chunks of chicken, cheese)
  • small apple
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mmm watermelon sounds so good right now Sol :)


I have to limit myself to one melon a week or its all I literally eat the entire week :)

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Grits with butter, salt, and pepper

Iced tea


Frittata with garlic, zucchini, chard, cheese, and deli ham

Spinach/tomato/ricotta strata



I'm up all night tonight, so will also be having:

Another slice of frittata

A little more cheese

Almond butter

Sugar snap peas (raw)

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I'm glad I'm not alone in the devouring fruit department, I ate a quarter of a big watermelon by myself the other day.  I go nuts in the produce aisle...I think it is half our grocery bill.  That and apple cinnamon Greek yogurt....yum!  B just made his Parmesan cauliflower last night and that is all I wanted to eat...I think I'm going to have him make it again....and eat all of it myself. I have also been eating, but am trying to avoid ice cream. 


I started using the website BabyFit by SparkPeople to track my food, since I have to track it for the Bradley classes anyway.  It is neat because it lets you create food groupings for things you eat a lot so it is easier to add to your log.  My most used groupings are salad, latte, berries with cottage cheese, and an egg, cheese and tomato sammy on an English muffin.

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I have finally managed to make myself cut down on my ice cream intake.  For a while there I was having mint chocolate chip dinner nearly every night.  Now it's maybe twice a week, tops.  I've definitely picked up on fruit since then.  I guess I need to get the sugar somehow.

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I didn't know that SparkPeople had a section to log for pregnancy.  I had tried to change my settings awhile back and couldn't figure it out.  Thanks for the recommendation.


My favorite ice cream is Trader Joe's Lemon and Triple Gingersnap.  It satisfies my cravings for lemon and ice cream at the same time. 


I'm devouring fruit too...it's one of the benefits of being pregnant during the summer.  I've already had cantaloupe, watermelon, and a peach today.  I'll make a fruit salad shortly. I'm also glad that the tomatoes and cucumbers are beginning to come the garden because I like to munch on those too.

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VV - that site looks great!  I've created and account and will give it a try.  It'll be interesting to see how far off I am from reaching my daily target nutrient intake, LOL....

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yes! so true! Major upside of summer pregnancies is fruit fruit and more fruit. DS1 was born during the winter and I'm pretty such my 'last days' of his pregnancy were eating cheese :)

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ithappened, I hear you on the watermelon.  I can easily go through a whole big watermelon in a few days by myself, but I try to pace myself.  Which is helped when I have ripe peaches and fresh blueberries on hand.  Oh and plums, cherries, sweet corn on the cob, okra, tomatoes, and other produce that is in season now.  Summer is just the best.  I also make water with fresh fruit in it and add some citrus and mint, it is pretty refreshing.  

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Tuna fish, boiled egg, spices, and tons of mustard with salt and vinegar chips to dip it in


Salad -cucumbers, green onion, red onion, red leaf, spinach, hard boiled egg, celery, maybe some other veggies I am forgetting)

with 4 small whole wheat crackers


Whole wheat veggie quesadilla with black beans, veggies, guac, greek yogurt, cheese, and homemade salsa


Fruit consumption for snacks today: 4 plums, dried plum, watermelon, banana, apple (with PB and raisins), peach

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  • cottage cheese/cereal/lots of walnut bread toasted w/butter


  • white beans
  • banana oat cocoa shake
  • protein bar (homemade)


  • DS ice cream cone
  • banana


  • carrots w/ peanut sauce
  • cabbage tofu noodle dish DH made

PM snacks

  • cereal w/ milk
  • banana
  • yogurt
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Ground beef and vegie stir-fry

Roasted potatoes (just three, a tiny portion)

BBQ ribs (only 2 small ones)

Chopped raw vegies - cucumber, summer squash, carrots, green beans, and a tomato


Colby cheese (about 3 oz)

Lots of water


I just can't eat much these days, I fill up too quickly.  After eating all those vegies I felt like I might send them back up if I tried to bend at the waist.

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I'm eating like a horse the last week or two..




3 pieces of toast with butter/jam + coffee

1 large goat cheese and spinach pizza + a coke (I dont know why but I needed a coke)

1/4 a watermelon and a few huge glasses of water

protein smoothie (random nuts, oats, fruit I had on hand and a bunch of yogurt)

3 bananas

hummus wrap with salad

1/2 chocolate bar


not sure what I will have for dinner :)

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My baby has been so low this entire time that I just don't seem to be getting to that "fill up quickly" stage I keep hearing about....but maybe it's still coming? I am 31 weeks tomorrow.


Today I've had:

2 pieces high protein toast w/ butter and brewer's yeast

scrambled eggs, 1 piece bacon, roasted potatoes w/ ketchup

egg and cheese biscuit

cup of tea w/ honey

not enough water!

veggie soup

pnut butter & jelly sandwich

yogurt w/ blueberries and chia seeds


and I'm thinking of having a small protein shake (mixing protein powder w/ milk here at my desk), and wondering what to make for dinner.

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I never did eat my banana or finish my tomato last night.  And I've slept a lot of the day, so today will be a short meal day.


Cookie (it was a small one, I'm trying to be good)


Green beans

Mashed potatoes

Popcorn (date night!)

Probably a few strawberries, since I'm processing a ton of them today for canning jam


I have another appointment on Thursday, and I'm so anxious to see how the baby is doing sizewise right now.

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  • healthy waffles
  • OJ with prenatal
  • naan bread veggie packed pizza with cheese and red sauce
  • ww sandwich packed with a slice of swiss cheese, hummus, baked turkey, guac with lots of lime juice, lettuce, thick sliced tomato, onion
  • chips in the sandwich 
  • Fruit for the day: blueberries, peaches, plum, dried plum, apple, 2 bananas
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I don't know if it's because I got sick on Tuesday from fish tacos, but all week food has been seeming pretty gross. All of it! Sigh.

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Boots, I'm feeling the same way.  If I have something quick in front of me (that's not a vegetable), I'll probably eat a little, but my appetite has been really low lately.  And I'm getting really full really quickly, so that's not helping either.



Whole milk latte and fresh fruit for breakfast

PB&J and kettle chips for lunch

Molasses cookies and strawberries for snack with sparkling lemonade (too much sugar... ugh... And I feel really full even though I didn't eat that much)

Veggie pizza for dinner I'll probably only have a little of this since I'm not even remotely hungry at 7:30 pm.  Blah.

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