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  • banana
  • small bowl of bran cereal and milk
  • big grilled veggie sandwich and swiss (hummus, mustard, mushrooms, eggplant, squash) with lots of guac with some kettle chips
  • apple
  • another small bowl of high fiber cereal and milk
  • another bowl of cereal and milk
  • raw pad thai (raw cabbage, raw carrots, peanut butter, lime juice, vinegar, raw jalapenos, hot sauce)
  •  fresh cantaloupe slices
  • watermelon 
  • greek yogurt 
  • boiled egg  


Lately I have been feeling like eating everything all day long and in mass quantities, literally pretty much everything sounds good and a lot of it.  This week I had chickfila and also had 2 orders of fries and ate fritos and bean dip.  But I have also been eating a lot of salads, wraps, nuts, veggies, yogurt, fish, fresh fruit too.  

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my meal intakes are all over the place right now.. some days I literally eat the entire day-- other days I am not so hungry.. and some days I eat healthy but I am finding I am suddenly really craving pastries, white bread, pancakes, sugar sugar and bread bread bread.. this morning I ate my weight in these waffles 2whistle.gif


Yesterday I had:


  • protein shake and coffee
  • oatmeal with whole milk yogurt and maple syrup
  • potato/veggie pancakes (fried)
  • a ton of fresh apricots and nuts
  • a ton of jam (I was making it so I kept tasting it, ended up with a horrible headache)
  • post workout protein bar (homemade, after swimming laps)
  • double cheeseburger and a strawberry frappe (like a milkshake but with milk/ice/sugar and no ice cream)
  • 2 frozen bananas



today so far

  • a bunch of waffles and waffle dough
  • 2 lattes (I didnt sleep much and have to chase DS1 around all day today without passing out)
  • a cup of nonfat cottage cheese with some strawberries


lunch and dinner will hopefully be something sort of high protein/low fat/high veggie/ since I think I hit a butter/sugar wall this morning with the waffles and creamy coffee drinks..

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Today I am focusing on protein after a big carb day yesterday

  • small bowl of granola, banana, eggs with milk and cheese and spices
  • nut butter and raisins, greek yogurt
  • sandwich with huge slices of red leaf lettuce as the bread, cheese, thin bit of smoked turkey, onion, tons of tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, mustard
  • peach, banana, dried plum, greek yogurt
  • grilled chicken, grilled onion and peppers, salsa, streamed pinto beans with cheese rolled up in corn tortillas
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