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Wendy's, ice pops and cereal.  I am apparently the only one in this DDC who can only stomach carbs and chicken sandwiches.

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No, Honey, I'm living off of toast, milk and cereal.  SO wish I wasnt kidding.


I have toast for snacks, pb and j for lunch and sometimes dinner.  and cereal for bed time snack.  It's all I can eat right now.


I'm not having morning sickness, only food aversions. 


NOTHING sweet. Even some cereal is too sweet. 


I just want a pickle though.   a delicious salty, tart, crispy pickle.  Can't an American girl get a Vlassen in Singapore???  No one is going to send me a pickle. LOL. I've had Cheeze it's sent.  And Reese's cups. But no one is sending me pickles. LOL

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Wish I could send you a virtual pickle, intime!


Although I had pickles on a semi-empty stomach yesterday and yuck. Had to eat some pita right away.


Having such a hard time with anything sweet. Bananas, peanut butter, things I had planned to eat for breakfast. Also, I had DH make me some juice because we have a bunch of clementines that are too sweet for me to eat, and he made me 50/50 carrot orange and I had to have him add lots of lemon.


honey, during week 8 I ate a lot of carbs and chicken sandwiches. I'm feeling a bit better but you're not alone. I miss eating salads and stuff but they do not good things to my digestion.


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Peanut butter and fried egg sandwich on toast.  My mom started eating these when I was little because she needed extra protein and we all started eating them too, soooo tasty.  I like to add lemon pepper to my egg for a little lemony kick.  Intime, I feel you on some cereals being too sweet.  I have to eat around the raisins in my Raisin Bran.  Next time I'll just buy bran cereal.  Also, apples are hard to eat because they are so sweet. 

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Well.. I am never going to be bad and eat pizza and ice cream like I did yesterday.  I am in so much pain.


I ate a cucumber for breakfast and baked chicken with olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt and pepper on it for lunch.  Was pretty good.  I think I'll have some green beans soon.

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Whole grain cereal

small glass of juice to wash down prenatals

whole grain crackers with swiss cheese

fresh pineapple

some raw carrots

I recently got a decent blender!  I can't wait to start using it for green smoothies.

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Sol! HI! :) 

Did you get the Ninja?


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Yup!  It is sitting in the kitchen all ready to go.  My Dh is excited too and says he will even try kale again.  

Thanks for the recommendation! 

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2 pieces of toast with goat cheese for breakfast with yogurt

half a large pizza (light cheese)

for postworkout snack:  bunch of tangerines

salad, clear soup and a piece of toast with cheese

1 toast with goat cheese, more tangerines and 1 banana



yes- I pretty much am living off of carbs.. its bad but its the only thing I can stomach since getting pregnant. I try to force myself to eat some eggs or nuts every other day.

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Originally Posted by Sol_y_Paz View Post

Yup!  It is sitting in the kitchen all ready to go.  My Dh is excited too and says he will even try kale again.  

Thanks for the recommendation! 

I had to blend the kale for a long time. Also with any of them, if the consistency still isn't wonderful, try adding a couple of ice cubes. I'm using a lot of frozen fruit right now since things are out of season, that works too. When you first get started, it takes a bit to find the combos and consistency's you like. So keep trying. I find spinach to be delightful with just about anything! I don't like the consistency that apples add to any combo, for some reason. So I always have to add ice to apple ones and then I'm fine.

And remember, if it's too 'green' tasting, just add more fruit and build up your tolerance. But who knows, you may like it strong from the get go. Just a few tips to get you going. thumb.gif

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About to have the chicken Mediterranean thin crust pizza from Papa Murphy's. It has spinach on it! Love this stuff!

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I had lobster at a celebratory dinner for my husband.  It was amazing!  Also, sweet potato thingys and maryland crab soup.  It was delicious.  Earlier today I had a doctor's appointment and my weight came back right on target, so of course what do I do but go out and eat two bagels to celebrate.  Whoops.  But man, those bagels were good (one with jalapeno cream cheese!). 


I've been trying to eat more protein, so I've been eating lots of eggs, kefir, and milk.  The kefir has been super helpful because it's easy to eat and calms my stomach.  I need to hop back on the kale/spinach smoothie wagon though.  I was so good for a while!

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this thread is making me think its time to replace my blender. smoothies would be a really easy way for me to get more calories without having to actually eat them.


I am trying to eat much better now that my morning sickness is gone. The first 10 weeks I am embarrassed to admit I pretty much lived off of french fries, breads, rice and pizza.


Finally I am craving more 'normal' food for me- fruits, veggies, lean proteins which is really sort of exciting. :) I am pretty much vegetarian but I do eat occasionally meat so I am considering starting to supplement with a protein smoothie (just need a blender and some recipes :)) )


Today I had:


dry oats with soy protein mixed into yogurt

post workout snack with a piece of sunflower bread with a banana

lunch with a small plate of pad thai, carrot and cucumber salad with a side of grilled tofu

afternoon snack was banana with nutella 

dinner was a chicken soup and salad

late night snack was granola with yogurt and a kiwi and a goat cheese sandwich





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I eat whatever keeps me from vomitting. It varies every day.Im just listening to my body. Ive never had M/S before (and this is my 6th bambino so Im not complaining) and Ive learned the key is eat whatever Im craving and eat every few hours. I dont lik eating so often, but I prefer it to being sick, so....

Today  had:

caramel cappacinno

a cinnamn donut

an apricot

3 potato skins w/cheese and sour cream

a handful of goldfish crackers

a bowl of alfalfa sprouts w/mozz. cheese cubes & olive oil and ACV

half a bowl of bean soup

string cheese

another apricot

a plate of mussels w/ red potaoes, lemon juice and butter

a handful of raw almonds


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I need to focus more on eating well.  I was really good for the first two or three weeks until the m/s kicked in, and then I just started eating whatever I could (which wasn't much).  I've been eating too much recently, and I know I'm eating too much high fat stuff too, but man it tastes good!


Today I had:

1/2 cup kefir at wake up

2 eggs and toast with butter and peach jam (not my usual sprouted grain stuff, but a farmer's loaf...) around 10 or so.  Half cup of blueberry juice with sparkling water that I sipped throughout the afternoon.

Chickpea soup my friend brought over and a brownie for late lunch.  A cup of milk.

Small cup of salt and vinegar potato chips for afternoon snack (I love them so much!!!!!!!!!)

Vegetable lasagna with extra cheese and tomato sauce for dinner with a bottle of kombucha.

I'll end the day with a small cup of tart cherry juice for the preggo insomnia.

(I also think I had a couple clementines in there somewhere, but I can't remember when... I've been eating three or four a day.)


I guess this doesn't look too bad in retrospect, but yesterday was off the wall.  I also need to eat more veggies.  I went through a salad phase last week where I literally couldn't get enough, but this week I've been blah on veggies.  I've been drinking more calories than I'm used to, with the blueberry juice to ward off UTIs and the cherry juice for the insomnia and the milk and kefir for calcium.  But, I guess I'll see what the scale says and go from there.


It's super helpful to see other people's food lists, because it gives me ideas for what to add in!  It also makes me hungry.  eat.gif

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I woke up early to the smell of waffles, dh made the best whole grain waffles this morning, they had cornmeal in them which really worked, lots of walnuts too.  I felt like I could eat 5 of them but I stopped myself at one with a boiled egg.  Had a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat for lunch with a few chips.  The tuna fish had egg, mustard, greek yogurt, pickle, greens, and some spices to spice it up.  Later a few pistachio nuts, cherries, yogurt, air popped pop corn (also spiced this up), and a slice of homemade pizza with tons of veg - heavy on the spinach.  

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I actually found the last 2 days my m/s is totally gone!!! :)


So as a result I have been eating all the time and almost everything. Its sort of crazy. I eat dinner and am full, then within about 30 mins I feel like I could eat another meal.



Yesterday we were driving in the car for 5 hours so my meals were rather random


breakfast was toast and granola

snack banana

lunch with a salad, piece of turkey breast and some spatzle (german noodles)

snack with m&ms and redvines (driving)

dinner was an orange, apple and some very heavy cheese lasagana

for a night snack I had another orange and some granola with milk.



does anyone know exactly how to figure out or a good online calculator to estimate a needed calorie intake with twins, etc?

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Food has been thin in the house so I definitely haven't been eating as often as I should. I did order a produce basket for Saturday (co-op) $100+ worth of fruits and veggies for $35.

My mom bought us one last week, I'm going to go pill the last pomegranate.
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Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post


Vegetable lasagna with extra cheese and tomato sauce for dinner with a bottle of kombucha.


I was actually just going to ask if anyone here was drinking kombucha! My acupuncturist strongly suggested that I start drinking it and I've been drinking it for about a week or so now.

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So far, a very dairy-heavy twice baked potato. I made them last night with butter, cream cheese, sour cream, and tons of Cheddar cheese. Soooooooooo very tasty! Cecilia enjoyed a good quarter of mine, too!

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