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When I was pregnant with DS 5 years ago we took a Hypnobabies class. The instructor was awful and although I practiced almost every day for probably 8 weeks I just didn't feel like I was getting it. When I went into labor I tried listening to the sessions but it didn't work at all. When I was pregnant with DD two years later I didn't bother.


Now I'm 13 weeks pregnant with baby #3. I'm thinking about dragging out the set. I know there are a ton of people out there that it works great for and I know that I bear responsibility for it not working last time. This time I'll only be able to "practice" at night while falling asleep (a byproduct of now having two little kids and a business to run). I'm hoping that is sufficient.


I'd like some feedback though because I think I've identified a few things that probably hampered me last time:

  • The quality of the class was so poor that I think I lost faith in the system early on and part of my brain never believed it would work.
  • I think I was ultimately worried that it wouldn't work and therefore I wouldn't be equipped to deal with labor. Since I have homebirths I think I was scared that I'd be left in horrible pain with no other options. Since this is my 3rd time (and my last labor was terrible) I'm hopeful I can let go of this fear. I know for a fact I can power through if necessary and maybe that will make me more open to trusting that this will work.
  • I wish I felt like I knew for sure what hypnosis actually feels like. I guess I just never really felt like the scripts did anything at all for me. Is it worth making a visit to a professional at some point, maybe someone who specializes in childbirth?
  • When I went into labor with DS, I didn't listen to the birth day CD. Not on purpose, more because I was afraid it wasn't really labor (looking back it was an easy labor in comparison to DD!). Maybe that derailed me?