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We have a heartbeat!

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Hey Ladies! Sorry I've been MIA the last week - I've been dealing with some terrible morning sickness and some anxiety. I had my first appointment with the CNM on Wednesday. I absolutely love her. The minute I told her about my past blighted ovum she said - "so you want an u/s to make sure everything is ok?" She read my mind. Unfortunately I couldn't get one until today. Fortunately the tech was AWESOME. She showed me EVERYTHING - even my fibroids and ovaries. She showed us the heartbeat - 176 BPM (but it was too early to hear it). I was SO relieved. She did tell me that my fibroid has grown some (from 6cm to 10cm in 4 months) and that the CNM will probably want to monitor it throughout my pregnancy as it will distort any hand measurements they try to do of my uterine growth. I was just so happy to finally see a growing baby with a heartbeat. When she first put the wand on my tummy - the baby moved - I could see little arms. As the tech kept moving it - baby turned his/her back to us. She didn't like the u/s one bit - so I may try to only have one more - we'll see. It just gave me the reassurance I needed. There is indeed a baby in there and growing the way it should. My due date is still August 7th. I'll try to be on more next week - I just feel sooooo terrible. And remember how I said I don't vomit. Well - I do now. Regularly! ROTFLMAO.gif



Happy New Year!!!




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How exciting! I'm happy for you :)

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Thank you Demeter - I was SOOOOO worried. I'm still cautiously optimistic - but at least I know that the baby has started off correctly. I've never made it this far before.

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Congrats! I'm really hoping that I can join you in the "heartbeat club" on Wednesday!

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Thanks Sallyrae!


Sending you good vibes for your u/s on Wednesday!

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Awesome Thebyr!  Isn't it super reassuring?  We got a 9-week ultrasound with our daughter after I had a rotten bout of food poisoning last time - and it gave me massive peace of mind.  Plus it's just AMAZING :). 


I hope your m/s calms down a bit :(.  It's no fun to throw up.  I've done it once so far this pregnancy, and it threw me for a loop.  It's really tiring to throw up.  Hang in there! 

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Congrats!  I would give anything for a heartbeat, but I have to wait until Doppler picks it up at 12-14 weeks.  I'm so happy for you!

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So excited for you about the heartbeat, Thebyr! That's great that everything is as it should be! I am counting the days until next Thursday, when we will also find out.


Sorry about the m/s. I am now also a sad member of the having vomited while pregnant after a lifelong phobia club. bawling.gif

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What a great update and picture, so glad you like you are medical team too.  So excited and happy for you!  Our babies heart beats were only 1 beat off during the ultrasounds.  Hope you get to feeling better soon.  Sorry you have been feeling so badly.  

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joy.gif Hooray! Great news! I've been wondering how you've been and I'm so happy to hear such great news from you. Wish you were feeling better too..but certainly that will come with time!

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Yes Lizbiz - seeing the heart flutter gave me so much peace of mind. I hope your m/s gets better too - you're right - NO FUN!


Thandiwe - Thanks - I hope you get to hear yours sooner than later!


Sol - vomiting is the worst especially when you haven't done it in years. IT CAME THROUGH MY NOSE!!! lol I was so distraught! Yeah @ our almost heartbeat twins. I hear that means it could be a girl.


Thanks for thinking of me IntuitiveJamie - I've just been so sickly. I just lay around the house and try to eat. Ugh. lol



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