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Losing weight in 2012

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Is anyone planning on losing weight and getting healthier in the new year? I know it's a popular resolution, and I was hoping to perhaps find some support here. I have about 50 lbs to lose and I need accountability.

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yes, please!  I was just asking around amongst acquaintances re: an accountability group...  I find it really helps to have someone to cheer you on, to ask after you when you haven't posted in a while, and to give you a kick in the pants when you need it. 


I have about 50+ lbs to lose as well.  I started a month ago on a MRS system, and have lost about 9 lbs so far...I'm thinking most of it is water weight, but, hey, I'll take it. 


I really need to get on the exercise bandwagon - and be consistent!!  :)


Do you have a specific plan in mind for eating and/or exercise?


Thanks, Alexandra!  Looking forward!!



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Hi, Marybeth! Thanks for joining in! Yes, accountability is so important - otherwise it's too easy to give yourself excuses. Congrats on the 9 lb loss! What is a MRS system?


I'm not following any specific diet plan; I'm just planning on cutting back on portion sizes and making healthier choices. I have a major sweet tooth and I tend to snack mindlessly. I don't really have a fitness plan in mind, either. I'll probably try to squeeze in a walk or a workout when I can, but for now I just really need to focus on getting my eating in check. What do you do as far as exercise?


I'm 5'8" and I weighed in today at 194 lbs. My ultimate goal is 145 lbs. My first "mini-goal" is to shed 10 lbs by January 23. I plan on giving myself some sort of small reward for attaining that goal on time - I haven't decided what though.



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I'll join! I have been posting in the postpartum weightloss thread but DD is turning 1 on January 23rd and I am still 25 lbs heavier than I was when I got pregnant.


I need to be more focused and accountable. Wish I had an exercise buddy IRL. I think I too need to get my eating under control.


I don't have a full kitchen so we eat a lot of takeout and ready made things. I can do really well in watching what I eat until about 2pm and then it's out the window! I am just constantly snacking all afternoon/ evening.


I think maybe I should make food boring. That has worked for me in the past. Eating the same thing everyday for a while.


I think my first mini goal will be getting under 200lbs. I think I am about 5lbs away from that. I will have to weigh myself in the morning to make sure.

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I'd like to join!

I'd like to lose about 60lb. I tried to do it on my own and after the initial success I,d slide off the wagon and back to my starting weight greensad.gif. I NEED the accountability!!!

I am going to walk 15 miles a week, swim once a week and lift weights once a week to start. I will also cut out all the sugar in the first month and after that I think I will lean towards lower carbs in general (it worked for me before...)

That is my plan at the moment.


Thank you for starting the thread joy.gif

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I'd love to join in! I just weighed myself this morning, and managed to put on 5 pounds over the past few months. I'm 5'4" and weigh 169. My ultimate goal would be 135.


I'm insulin resistant, so I'm thinking of doing a low-carb type of thing. Nothing really drastic, just avoiding breads/sugars/etc. and upping my protein.


As for exercise, I'm not sure. I always start out doing so well and then peter out really quickly, despite having success. I think I try to do too much and it's too much to keep up with. So my plan is to focus on my eating and something low key for exercise. Walking or my elliptical machine that is collecting dust in the basement.

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I need to lose at least 30lbs.... I gained 40 due to being on an antidepressant weight gainer- changed my whole body.

I am joining a gym and going to try to be more conscience of what  eat.

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So this is day two of quitting diet coke! I didn't realize how addicted I had become to it! I am doing ok with it. I was feeling the need so I stopped at the store and got a vitamin water. 


I stepped on the scale yesterday it was 209 and today it said 207 so I am about 8 pounds away from my first goal of being under 200 pounds! 


As for exercise, I have a really hard time do to an ongoing back issue. I am going to try to walk, see how it goes.

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ROCK ON TREKKINGIRL!!!!  I have not weighed yet... I usually gain 2 lbs a week- hoping to maintain this week. ROCK ON!

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Emelie that was your 1000th post!


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I almost followed it with a post to say that lol!  I used to be just Emilie so I actually have like 10,000 posts lol... oldie but ... lol. He he he

glad to post my 1000 to you and your weight loss!!!!

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I would like to join in.  I need to lose about 40 lbs.  I have been trying on and off since my son was born in 2010 and I have never stuck with anything longer than 2 months or so.  I had success with weight watchers before so I am thinking about going with that again.  I still have all my materials so I wouldn't HAVE to sign up again.  Although I may just for the support and accountability.  I meant to start today but I haven't done so well.  Aiming to start fresh tomorrow.  Weekdays are much easier for me to stick to my plan.  Hope we can support each other through this.  :)

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Congrats, trekkingirl! I typed out a long reply to each individual new poster last night but the internet ate it. So welcome, everyone! smile.gif
I've been doing pretty well. I'm down three pounds and I haven't had too many junk food cravings. I picked up a green tea supplement while grocery shopping yesterday and I was curious whether anyone here has tried those before. I know there was a Harvard study not long ago that showed weight loss benefits with green tea, but I can't drink the stuff.

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still no diet coke here! I like that this thread seems to be pretty active. Hope it keeps the momentum.

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Awesome on the diet coke. I was drinking 3 large soda fountain drinks over the summer- not diet and I know I put a lot of weight on then.  I don't have soda most days now- maybe one day a week. It was quite and acheivement for me. I was totally addicted.

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So today my DH is at work and my afternoon eating habit is on the top of my mind. Right about now I get starving and start snacking, and snacking till dinner. Then I might snack again a few hours after dinner which ends up being right before bed. I just caught my self eating the crust of my 4yo's peanut butter and jelly sandwich! I think I may call my friend and see if she wants to go for a walk.

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well I couldn't get a hold of my friend so I took the kids and walked to whole foods. When I got there I treated myself to a coconut water! I'm doing pretty good. I hope I have more weight loss to report tomorrow. Does anybody know if there is a cleanse that is approved to take while nursing?

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Wow! Look at this great group we're going to have! 


I'm so looking forward to all of your words of wisdom...


Alexandra, my MRS plan is a "meal replacement shake" plan - I won't mention the brand, since I'm not sure if that's frowned upon or not - but if someone's curious, you can pm me, of course.  I have two shakes (with added fruit or vegies and some sort of milk (almond, rice, coconut)) per day, replacing two meals.  I've been surprisingly satisfied with them...I get to choose what meal I want to have during the day.  Sooo, if I know I'm making something particularly yummy for the family that night, I'll have a shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and then eat a regular meal for dinner.  My favorite shake flavor so far is pina colada (frozen pineapple, coconut milk & shake powder), but strangely enough, I'm really enjoying my creation of dried plums (ok, ok, prunes!), almond butter & almond milk with the shake powder - it's a really delicate flavor, and soo yummy.


I'm recovering from houseguests two weekends in a row, so I feel like I need to get re-motivated, and really get on the exercise track.  I think I'm going to try to do the 1000 minute per month thing & see how I do.  Have any of you done that, too?


Anyway, I need to go be brain dead for a bit, now that all the guests are gone.  :)


Have a good night, all.



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can i join?


trekkingirl, eating my kids leftovers has been my downfall ..so bad!


i just started a no sugar, no grain diet..very low carb type thing.. trying to figure out what my food sensitivities are..i will do it for 2 weeks then reintroduce things slowly to see what i can handle. i think im very carb sensitive, and i know i have food allergies that make me crave sugar and carbs like crazy...so this will tell me to what extent. after that 4 weeks is up, i plan to just really modify..only eat grains like quinoa and millet and NO wheat, NO sugar (honey & maple syrup ok) and NO potatoes... i have done this in the past with success, but have never stuck to it very long. this time im very determined!


i ate really well today and went for a long walk in the winter sunshine. one step at a time!


oh and i would like to lose 50lbs..

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Hi eVeryone!

i'd like to join, too, if that's ok!

i would also like to lose 50 lbs (yikes!). I'll weigh myself in the AM to get my exact starting weight, but I think that it is around 205-210.

my husband travels a lot and I am a SAHM with a 3 yo, ( any 2 older school goers) so I am not going to put crazy pressure on myself to go to the gym or run everyday, as that is impossible when my DH is away (3/4 of the time he's away).  I have failed in the past this way before...

what I am going to do is focus on my intake!  I haven't done this in years!   I am going to try to do a 'no white' diet.  No refined sugar, white flour, grains or potatoes.  I will also aim to do some sort of exercise everyday, either walk, run, go to the gym, or yoga, even if it's 20 minutes of yoga after the kids go to bed.

it seems like a great group here - good luck to everyone!

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