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Today is the day I will be starint ght e shred. I could be doing it now but instead am pumping breastmilk, looking on the computer and eating mint milanos. hmm. I am still psyched to try the shred but I am nervous about waking up ds- I may wait till dh gets home to take ds out and then do it.

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wish I weighed 145. At least I'm no longer over 200lbs. I was 208lbs at the beginning of the year and I'm down to 192lbs! Still along way to go but I am making really good progress for such a short amount of time. I just wish people would notice. Everyone always comments on how great DH looks since he lost 75lbs a few years ago. Standing next to him, nobody really notices my loss.

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trekkingirl- what kind of workout do you do? have you tried the 30 day shred? I watched it the other day and can totally see how it would shred those pounds away.

I just have to start the momentum of doing it--! dh took ds out to breakfast and I am here alone-- being lazy-- planning on trying it during ds's nap today-! gotta start!

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The most I can really do is walking. I have degenerative disc desease and right now I have a bulging L4/L5. I have been on disability for months but my doctor finally wrote me back to work! I'm hoping being away from the kitchen will help.

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ok, so , not so much progress here ... still 160 lb and 73 kg

so didn't manage to get below 70 kg by the end of February


am getting back on track food choice wise (less pitfalls with social occasions in the next few weeks)

will resume vegetable soup only one day a week to help with my guts issue

have started a month long course of activated charcoal every evening to assist with same gut issues

trying to psyche myself up to get into the "spring cleaning" mode SO THAT I can actually practice portion sizes control a bit more actively and consistently


physiotherapy appointments are finished so I should have more time to incorporate swimming back into my schedule ...


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Lost 17 pounds so far. I'm just 8 pounds shy of my first goal weight for June 1st. I seem to have hit a plateau. My eating is in line and the daily workout seems to make me sweat well. I've ordered some dvd's from the library to work other muscle groups.... maybe that will help.

I like the mental image of "spring cleaning" mode. The house, the body and all the things in our lives that need to be "tidied up"
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have put back on about 3 lb

am looking forward to regular school schedule resuming & planning to go and swim twice this coming week

+ hoping to have a "quieter" life so that I don't compensate with food as i've been lately ....

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I've lost 22 pounds since Jan 3rd. I'm just three pounds away from my first goal of 150 pounds. I am proud of myself!joy.gif
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good job mama.....keep it up, you're almost there!

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great job!!clap.gif
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That's fantastic Philomom!!  Congratulations!


I'm back on track after the month of birthdays...and cake.  I've been losing and gaining the same 6 lbs for the past two months, and I'm all done with it.  Restarted with vigor on Monday and the scale was down 0.5 lbs this morning.  WooHoo!  Here's to saying goodbye to the other 5.5 plus the 40 or so on top of those!  I'm really glad that the days are getting longer, and hope that I'll be able to actually get some more dedicated exercise time in rather than just riding my bike to work and the sloooooow-paced walks with my three- and one-year old.

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Yay philomom!

I've also dropped 20 pounds since I hit my pre-pregnancy weight. 35 to go to my goal weight of 135! I'm running 4 days a week, doing Power 90 6 days a week, and tracking my calories. I take a day off or eat more if I start feeling crummy. I'm still nursing and she's still a little chunky monkey at 4 months old!
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