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Hi everyone! I'd like to join as well. I have about 20 lbs to lose..really weight kept on since 2008 after my sons birth. Ive been doing pretty good about diet lately following a primal diet (w/dairy). I think my thyoid is a bit out of whack after 2 pregnancies and grad school so I am combatting low energy...I also get migraines.hence my attempt at a simple clean diet. And I'm so inconsistent about exercise! Hoping to do something with regularity.

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Hi again!

Great to see so many posts!

I finally managed to weigh myself - 205lb yikes2.gif.

So far eating wise I wasn't great - lots of guests and cake everywhere so I did have a couple of pieces. I also managed to clock up 6 miles walking over Mon and Tue so pretty much on target there. I will weigh myself every Monday.


love to all 


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Hi again!!  Sounds like everyone is doing well and making progress.  Great job everyone!


I see I'm not the only one that doesn't know how much they weigh.  I don't even want to know!  LOL.  I need to get a new scale.  My old scale died. 


I am not doing well.  Today I hope to do better now that the holidays are over and my husband is back to work.  I dug out my weight watchers stuff so I am tracking today.  So even if it is a bad day, at least I will be accountable for it.  I am happy to get started.  :)



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Back in to let you know that I went swimming with kids today and managed to do my exercise bit! - no luxury of clocking the lengths for hours so I went for "all out the shark is after me" sprints 4 lengths with 1 min recovery in-between (ok it was more like a jellyfish speed) - got me exhausted in about 5min and spent rest of the time catching my breath in the kiddies pool :)




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Reluctantly joining this thread. I've got comfortable and weigh about 30 lbs more than I should. The oldest is graduating high school in June and I'd really like to have a little weight off for all the family pictures. I've tried hard not to be vain or weight phobic while raising a daughter but I'm wanting to reach my fifties with a little less on my frame.

I started the new year with a four mile hike. I did active house cleaning yesterday.. the kind that makes all your muscles ache. Today, I've started with a great smoothie and I'll do some basic step on the Wii.

I wish everyone luck!
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Okay, did my 35 minutes of basic step and arm movements on the wii. I had two scrambled eggs for lunch. With any luck, the protein will keep me from snacking till dinner.
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Joining up too. 


I have let my weight get a little out of hand.  I'd like to lose about 40lbs (I had to google that, because we talk in kilos here!  It sounds a lot more in pounds! redface.gif)


I plan on eating well, snacking less, and exercising consistently, even though I loathe most exercise!


My main problem at the moment is that we have so much junk/snack food/etc left over from the holidays.  I keep snacking.  It's in the house, but I can never bring myself to chuck out perfectly good food.  I can't even palm it off on the neighbours or anything!

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Has anyone used an online food tracking site?  I just joined 'my fitness pal' today - it looks pretty good.  Has a ton of foods already in their system, so you don't have to manually add calories, etc.  I haven't explored the site at all yet, I only put in my food for the day.  Just thought I'd share...

thumb.gif we can do this!

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I messed up today and had 3 sodas,,, I was cleaning house for a lady and she kept offering them to me. I only meant to have one.

Alas... Oh and I weight 158. I used to weigh 108 before this recent- last 6 months weight gain.  I would like to weigh in between 125 and 130. That is my goal.

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  • I'll jump in, too! I am searching for the motivation to lose weight. The past 2 years have been HELL for me. I was down the 160 the day I birthed my ds2, which was 16 pounds less than pre-pg weight. I now weigh 196, and I'm still nursing. I don't eat all day, and I do eat healthy, most of the time ;) I just don't have a steady exercise regimen yet. I want to get down to around 120, which is where I am supposed to be for my body frame. I'm tired of being a fatty!
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welcome to everyone that have jumped in since I last posted. I'm down to 204 today! That's five pounds in just a couple days. I actually feel smaller so it must have been bloat. I saw a show about a girl who drank 30 to 50 cokes a day! She was pre diabetic at age 20. Made me feel pretty good about ditching the cokes. I knew they had addictive qualities. 


I only have a mini kitchen as I am living full time in my RV to save for a home purchase. It is challenging to not turn to convenience foods. I have been drinking tea instead of snacking in the evening. I replaced cows milk with almond milk.

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Originally Posted by dantesmama View Post

Is anyone planning on losing weight and getting healthier in the new year? I know it's a popular resolution, and I was hoping to perhaps find some support here. I have about 50 lbs to lose and I need accountability.

I am here because I was just thinking that I wanted to start an accountability thread but you beat me to it!


I am sooo unhappy with the state of my body.  After I had dd2 (she will be 5 in May) I lost all of my baby weight from her AND her big sister within just a few weeks.  It felt spectacular to have my body back in pre-kids state (well, except for the stretch marks that will never go anywhere).  I wasn't terribly active, just nursing constantly, went to the gym once a week if I was lucky, and I waited tables a few nights a week.  But the weight crept back on when I became a SAHM a couple years ago, and I gained 40 freaking pounds.  40.  I went back to work at my restaurant this spring and even though I am truly busting my ass 5 nights a week apparently it isn't enough.  I am really upset, I can't fit into anything I own, and feel like a sack of mashed potatoes every time I get dressed.  I cannot keep buying more clothing, I've gone up 2 sizes and I just can't afford it.


I've gone through a lot of changes in my personal life in the last couple years, lots of uncertainty.  I went back to school this year and have done so well so far, and it made me feel like I can do anything.  I also kicked my caffeine addiction (oh. dear. god not drinking coffee was awful, I felt physically ill for weeks) so I feel even more empowered.  This is going to be the year I continue to make positive change in my life and be the change I want to see.  I am so over feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.


So I signed up with myfitnesspal.com so I can track what I'm eating and my exercise.  And I am so glad that this thread is here because I need people to keep tabs on me, and I can help be part of the cheering squad for everyone else that is on the same journey.

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Okay, I weighed in at 170 this morning. I'd like to lose 20 pounds by June if possible. I did my 30 minutes basic step this morning and lifted 5 pound arm weights for ten minutes. I had a smoothie for breakfast and I've got my chicken and pearl barley salad for lunch that should keep me full for the afternoon. I did okay with not snacking at the tv last night. And I added water after my workout today.

Now let's see if I can keep this going.
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Count me in! I started 2011 at 256 pounds. Lots 10 pounds during the earlier part of the year. Started October at 246 and a new goal to get thinner. During October, November and December I managed to get down to 225.2 pounds. So, 31 pounds lost last year. Woot Woot. 


1/1/2011:   256

10/1/2011: 246

1/1/2012:   225


Goal 1:  217 by 1/31/2012

Goal 2:  210 by 2/29/2012

Goal 3:  203 by 3/31/2012

Goal 4:  195 by 4/30/2012


I have announced that once I get below 200 pounds and stay there for a while, I get a reward. I have not settled on what the reward will be but I believe that I am going to treat myself to a nice selection of new summer clothing since my weight will be 50 pounds less than I was last summer and my clothes should not be fitting that well. 


I am trying to work our 4 times each week and I am eating a lower carb diet as well - a combo that seems to help me lose weight well. Also, I usually watch the Biggest Loser while I work out - really helps me stay focused on what I am trying to do! Thanks for a forum for support and accountability. 


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found a really great sparkpeople app for my android phone for free. It has a nice calorie and fitness tracker.

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Just checking in,


Did ok with food today but did not managed to do my walk, gym at my local sports centre's closed til 9th so will will do some basic weight exercises at home once kids are in bed. Walked 2 miles yesterday and planning to visit friends on foot tomorrow (kids will ride their bikes) - should be 5miles round trip.

I tracked my food on fitday.com before and did well with it I think I will do that again from next week - I feel my portions are too big, all the holiday food should be gone by next week as well yummy.gif

BTW it is soooooo difficult not to weigh myself every day!





Mon - 4 mile walk

Tue - 2 mile walk, quick swim

Wed - 2 mile walk

Thu - nothing yet...

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I weigh myself everyday because I have to see my hard work paying off. I'm down to 203! Almost to my first goal of under 200 lbs, yeah baby!

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Great progress Trekkingirl!!! I used to do that but then my weight would fluctuate and if I felt low and my weight happened to be high it would give me an excuse to binge, so once a week for me might work better - we'll see.

Instead of my gym I moved furniture in master bedroom and washed 8 huge timber frame sash windows, they are very old and require lots of pushing and pulling so I will count that as a strength workout, now off to walk to visit a friend of mine and after that I have 4 more windows to wash (sweating just thinking about it :)




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I weigh today- not weighed in two weeks I don't have a scale.

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I'll join too. I started last year at 220 and even after getting pregnant, got down to 190. I'm back at 190 and my baby is 6 weeks old! I'm struggling though with baked goods. Baking for the kids has become a new hobby and I eat way too much myself. I haven't started counting calories yet because I'm nursing, but I'm re-thinking that now and think I will. My plan is to count calories and limit intake. I don't plan to start any special diet. I just finished week 4 of Couch-to-5K and plan to continue with running throughout the year. If I can manage it, I'd like to run a half marathon in October. I'm planning my first 5K in March cold.gif I'd like to lose 5 pounds a month.
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