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Moms of more than one-- When did you go into labor?

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Anecdotal evidence, I know, but everyone keeps telling me that I will probably go early with this baby because I did with Cecilia (she was born at exactly 38 weeks). So, I thought I'd informally poll and ask you guys about it. With each of your subsequent kids, how close to the first one's gestational age did you go into labor?

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#1 Induced at 42 weeks


#2 Induced 10 past due date


#3 Induced at 41 weeks


#4 Induced at 42 weeks (my count, 44 weeks by conventional LMP calculations)


#5 Spontaneous labor at exactly 40 weeks 6 days, delivered at exactly 41 weeks. :)



I think the way due dates are figured, at least for me, is wrong... and I hate being on a time line, lol. I went unassisted with my last pregnancy and I think there's a reason she's the only one I went into labor with on my own. :)

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My first was born the day after her due date. Although if you consider she was conceived 9 time zones earlier than where she was born she was really only a few hours "late". My second came on her due date.

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Baby #1: nearly 3 weeks early, born 32 hours later.


Baby #2: 1 day past due date, born 3 hours later.


Baby #3: First contraction at 12:02 am the morning after my due date, born about 32 hours later.

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My very very first birth 20 years ago, was about 2 weeks after doctors due date.


My last 3 births, calculated by conception date, 2 on due date.  One induced. And he was very early.


I expect to have this one on the due date.


And I just have long labors.  They havent gotten shorter.  My shortest was my induced birth and it was still 12 hours.

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#1 - Went into labor at 37 weeks 4 days - delivered 2 days later at 37 weeks 6 days


#2 - Went into labor at 37 weeks 5 days - delivered a couple hours after midnight, so officially born 37 weeks 6 days


They were born pretty much exactly on the same day - so I'm really wondering what's going to happen with this little one!



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My first was delivered 2weeks late by induction. It was about 16 hour labor.

My second was born spontaneously 10 days late after a 6 hour labor.

The third was born spontaneously 9 days late after a 2.5 hr labor.

I think I just hold babies longer than average. I hate being on a timeline too.
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#1- born on due date, labor 3 hours long


#1-born 6 days post dd, labor 7.5 hours


There's no telling with this one.

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40w4d with both according to my calculations.  The first labor was like 24 hours from first contractions (when they were still 15 minutes apart) until birth.  The second was about 6 hours from first twinges to birth.  In both cases I was checked within a day or two of spontaneous labor and the midwives said that I was absolutely not dilated or softened or lowered or anything.


My neighbor was like me...24 hours for first, 6 hours for second and then 2 hours of labor for the last. 


I'm thinking there is some chance I'll need a c-section this time due to the dermoid cyst I have (they could remove it at the same time), so perhaps I won't need to worry about rushing straight to the hospital at my first contraction ;).

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My first was 9 days "late"

Second was 14 days early

Third was on her due date


I have NO idea what to expect with this one.


All I can guess is that it will be on a weekend like the last three, and it could be between the 15th-17th like the last three.


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Baby #1 - Exactly 1 week early. 34.5 hrs of labor in hospital.

Baby #2 - Exactly 1 week late. 29 minutes (yes, minutes) of labor (including delivery) at home.

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Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post

Baby #1 - Exactly 1 week early. 34.5 hrs of labor in hospital.

Baby #2 - Exactly 1 week late. 29 minutes (yes, minutes) of labor (including delivery) at home.

Mamafran! I'm so excited to see you here! I very much enjoyed your writing in...agh..I can't remember the exact thread over in the fertility heading..seems I can't remember much these days! Anyways, glad your here..good luck to you!
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DD1  2 days past due date based on LMP, 9 days before due date based on first ultrasound.  36 hours of labor in hospital.

DD2  10 days past due date based on ovulation.  3 hours of labor at home.

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DD1: 36 weeks 6 days.

DD2: 38 weeks exactly.


DD1, labor would have been very quick as my water broke at home and I could barely deal with the contractions, but she was breech so she was a fast C-section within an hour of arriving at the hospital.

DD2, she was born less than three hours from my arrival at the hospital. 

Who knows this time???


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#1 water broke naturally, c-section for breech at 37 weeks

#2 was happy were he was and stayed untikl 42w+5days for my VBAC

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DD1 pre labor ROM induction 38w

DS1 took vit C to prevent ROM born on due date (based on ovulation) after a membrane sweep a few days before.


To be honest I think it's hard to see a pattern if there is one until you have abuot 3 or 4.

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First, I was induced at 39w5d because of gestational diabetes. Ended in a c-section.


Second, spontaneous labor and VBAC at 39 weeks.


Third, we'll see!

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#1 41.5 weeks, spontaneous labor


#2 40 +1, went into labor a couple days after a membrane sweep

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#s 1&2 - 35 weeks 3 days (water broke, born 2 days later)

#3 - 38 weeks

#4 40 weeks + 2 days


So all mine have gotten later.

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#1 - doesn't count, was induced


#2 - 42 wks


P.S. I loved at the end, when everywhere you go, everyone asks "when are you due?" and I got to say "oh, about 2 wks ago" and then watch their faces, lol.

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