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Weaning options

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Hi Dr. Sears

I have an 11 month old breastfed daughter who is allergic to wheat. I delayed introducing solids until 9 months while doing an elimination  diet to find out what was causing her hives and eczema. I believe the eczema is also triggered by dairy. I have lost 20lbs since I had her and I am uncomfortable with my current weight-94lbs- way too thin. I would like to supplement or wean my daughter. She is slow to take to solids. So I am wondering what the best approach is. Should I supplement with something like hemp milk, goats milk, almond milk, coconut milk or formula. Or should I just keep encouraging solids and wean her that way. Emotionally I don't feel I need to completely wean her but I would like to reduce the demands breastfeeding has placed on my body. As a side note I have never pumped or given her a bottle. Also you are probably wondering why I am losing so much th weight. It is a combination of stress and not putting my nutritional needs first in our family.

Also I don't feel entirely comfortable with the ingredients in the hypoallergenic formulas- corn syrup solids isn't something I want to feed my baby. Your advice is much appreciated. 

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I would say try hemp milk and goat milk - see how she does.  i don't think you need to do actual formula at this age

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