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Must admit I havent seen those vibram five fingers down here in New Zealand, do you buy them retail up in the US, or are they available only online? I do like the different textures that I walk on in barefeet, but I suppose for exercise/running etc they would be good, although barefoot running has become very popular down here (so has barefoot walking). They do look a bit odd, I must admit, and Im sure you'd have to get exactly the right size, otherwise they would be really uncomfortable.

The five fingers shoes are at some stores, it's best to try on a pair and get the right size then order the style you want online. You feel the different textures through the rubber sole but the sharp ones don't hurt as much. Like I walk on gravel barefoot and it is okay but with these on I can run on gravel. I love them so much I am pondering getting another pair soon. I just wish there was a waterproof one for wearing in the rain, or maybe toe-boots, lol:)

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Not that much a barefoot person, though I live at the beach.  I just feel much better with arch support and some padding.  But I do agree that flip-flops are not the best choice for feet.  The lifting and also squeezing you do with your toes to keep them on can distort the toe position as much as pointy toe shoes!  I like slide style shoes or open style sneakers.  Comfort is number one!

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Might want to check out our new Barefooters group forum. Let the barefooting begin!   :thumb

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When I was little (8-10) we lived in New Zealand and it was pretty common to be barefoot all the time, especially the kids. Now I live in Michigan and shoes are pretty necessary in the winter!

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I am in the UK and my entire family are barefoot around the house and garden.  I will also go out barefoot but in the area I live it's not acceptable to go shopping or to restaurants without shoes.  I tend to wear light shoes, that I can kick off under the table!  In the summer I will walk the kids to school barefoot too...  I just hate the feeling of shoes on my feet, and I almost never wear socks.  


I'd love a pair of those Vibram Five Finger shoes, but Hubby is baulking at the price at the moment and telling me to go without seeing as I walk everywhere barefoot unless I'm forced to wear shoes by society or bad weather!

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