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Using an SNS in Public?

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All our background info is in another thread, but, wanted to specifically ask this question.


Looks like we have been reccomended to use the SNS every daytime feeding - most likely for another month or maybe a little longer and I have 2 other kids and will have no choice but to be out and about (we are commited to preschool and soccer, and probably will enroll in swim lessons) along with any grocery shopping or whatever else needs done.


So right now I can barely latch DD WITHOUT the SNS and not super flash the world (and I'm not one that needs a blanket over baby's head, but, I'm not comfortable with flashing the world either lol) so does anyone have tips how I might nurse DD (currently 3 weeks - needing LOTS of assistance with latching on and breast compressions and switching sides several times each feeding AND using the SNS - which we are just figuring out)??? I'm feeling totally overwhelmed by having to do this - but, I don't want to skip the SNS and have her not gain weight. Any suggestions on discretly nursing with it would be greatly appreciated!

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I nursed DS1 in public with a supplementer but only when he was a few months old (when latching was easier) and using a Lact-Aid, which I found much more discreet. The LA is soft bag that you can easily hide under your clothes. Several friends said it was great I didn't need to supplement anymore - while I was using the LA!
For your situation, I wonder if one of those boned nursing covers would help. I've seen mothers using them and I'd think that the boning would allow you to look down and see what you're doing while you're fiddling with the SNS.
I just wanted to reassure you, though, that using a supplemental nursing system will get to be second nature in no time.
Hang in there!
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