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HELP New Job wanting Hep shot

Poll Results: Should he be vaxed for hep if he works the plumbing profession?

This is a multiple choice poll
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  • 33% (3)
  • 44% (4)
    what are his risks if he decides to not vax for hep?
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    Or should he only worry about hep if he shows symptoms then get the shot or treatment?
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He has a exemption card so that should not even be a problem, but I am more worried for his safety. My son who is 19 whom mostly is non vaxed as I learned over the years about vax. Anyways he is now working a new plumbing job and they came to him and told him they needed him to get his hep shot.  Can anyone give me info or opinions as to if this is really a good idea?  From what I read as long as he doesn't get poked with a dirty needle or get crap on him which I am sure sometimes can be hard to not do so I don't really know how to advise him.  Thanks in advance.

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Is it Hep B or Hep A?  If it's Hep B, I would just because as a plumber you might be exposed to bodily fluids.  Seriously gross!  Last time the plumber was at our house he opened the pipe outside trying to relieve pressure from something that was stuck in a pipe and that Shyte flew into his face... and it wasn't just water!  That could make anyone sick but the Hep B shot is on my list of shots I agree with.  

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He would be much more likely to be infected with Hep A as a plumber than Hep B. Exposure to crap (which is most likely what he would be exposed to as a plumber) is a concern for Hep A, not Hep B.


I wouldn't get it (either one) if I was a plumber but thats just me...Ive had the Hep B shot before I knew anything about vaccines. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, this vaccine has negatively affected my health in a myriad of ways I wont get into here.

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 I would decline. I was more at risk working in a hospital and nursing home. I agreed to the vaccine and it resulted in injury. I was no longer able to work as a result of the vaccine injury. Will his workplace compensate him if he is injured? They will probably have him sign a waiver that THEY are not responsible for any vax related injury.


There is always a risk.He will have to weigh in on what is best for him.If he does get the vaccine be sure he gets the lot number.If there are any health related issues that crop up he will need it.I  did not have any problem till the second shot,and then I declined the third.

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Thank all of you for your needed advice. I am so sorry the shot resulted in an injury for some if you. :0(
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OMG I just read my post and this phone is so smart that instead of shot it put what they really are! Lol I looked to see how to edit my post above I can't figure it out ;0( hope I don't get in trouble with the forum admins on here.
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Figured it out thank goodness! Too funny!!!!
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