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100/month Challenge - January

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For anyone not quite ambitious enough to join 2012 in 2012, I'm going to be issuing 100 a month challenges. You can join these at any time and take a few months off when needed. 


So - can you get rid of 100 things this month?

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DONE!  did it right after Christmas... do I get a cookie?

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I'm in!  Thanks for the motivation.

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1 leg warmer to a friend who took the first one for a pattern . . .  over a year ago, maybe 2. 


99 to go. 


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I'm sorry but your avatar and the one leg warmer had me laughing.  It just seemed so dry and comical.  Ha... ok back to work I go. 

Originally Posted by Ellien C View Post

1 leg warmer to a friend who took the first one for a pattern . . .  over a year ago, maybe 2. 


99 to go. 



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Cleaned out my purse. - will round of to 9 items.


 90 to go.


Box of stuff forr pickup on jan 5

Old tree star

3purses dd brought home

3 small toys

usb hub

popsickle holders


80 to go


dh shirt

Belts 5

Ties - 17


hangers 2


55 to go


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2 old sticker books from the top of my dresser - trashed. If you've seen my dresser, you'd know this is like spitting into the ocean, but you have to start somewhere.


53 to go. 

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I'm in!  I almost made it to 2011 items in 2011, but 100/month sounds much more doable to me this year!   I'm going to subtract stuff that comes in, though, which I think I can do if it's month-by month.  I'm feeling grateful that I didn't start subtracting until after Christmas!  I shudder to contemplate it, honestly!!!  


Today I've decluttered a broken toy I was planning to fix.  


But we added a few more Christmas gifts:


- a ginormous plastic dollhouse

- a baby toy

- an ornament


So I'm currently at -2 for the month.  Time to get to work!!! 



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I should do this. We're having a baby and moving this year. There is so much to clean up. 


I cleaned off my desk this past Sunday. 

12  A pile of Thank You notes I carefully wrote after my 40th birthday party and never mailed (I'm 41 now)

1   The Morgue (A collection of of images cut from magazines to use a visual references from when I was a graphic design student 13 years ago. Hello Google Images.)

1   A huge pile of paper

10  a bunch of pens, markers, and mechanical pencils that didn't work.

5   Several goopy paint brushes.


While this didn't result in a net loss of items I organized all the various cords needed for devices that charge/sync with my computer. I also shelved a bunch of books that migrated to my desk during National Novel Writing Month. 


I'm not good about counting as I go. The above numbers are estimates. 29 items. 71 to go for January. 



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I had an ambitious day of decluttering!  


- broken appliance cord

- Taco Bell sticker book DD has insisted on saving for months but finally let go

- 20 random toys

- lullaby CD I never opened -- regifted

- 14 of my old clothing items -- including a spiked dog collar from one of my more-embarrassing college-era phases.  Sheepish.gif


That brings my total for January to 35 items.  Only 65 to go! 

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5 more shirts and the box is packed and ready to go 


1 weird stuffed animal dd finally agreed to get rid of

1 giant bolster pillow that has since been replaced.... But maybe I should keep that one formy bed? 

Really weird furry vest from DH

old receipt for shorts pitched.



43 to go.

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8 items to resale shop


35 to go. 


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Small stacke of papers for box that had been in family room for months. Notes painstakingly transferrred to iPad. Calling it 5.


30 to go. 


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Clearing out Christmas over here...

3 hideous plastic bows

1 candy cane "reindeer" ornament of approximately the same vintage as yours truly

3 ancient  soaps molded in Christmas shapes (at least, I think that's what they were...)

8 ornament boxes -- consolidated ornaments


Getting rid of lots of ornaments and other geegaws, too, but I haven't counted those yet. Our holiday decorations get a little sparser every year.  This makes me very happy, esp. when I remember what a pain it is to get the boxes up and down from the basement or attic.  


50 items to go! 

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2 hand knitted diaper covers returned to a friend. 

1 round table gone

tablecloth to go with it. 


26 to go. 

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oooh, joining!! its late and i have a sleeping babe in arms, but tomorrow!

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I will join this one as well since I failed miserably at 2011 in 2011 but I do hope that I can get 2012 in 2012 which is why I will start with 100/month .  I like the idea of subtracting what comes in so that I really am getting more stuff out of the house than in.  I am going to start with the kids closets this afternoon! And I already did 27 itemsw over the weekend :)


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Okay, Mom and Dad came over today and helped clean out my garage.  



- 2 giant bags full of trash

- broken sled

- broken telescope that we trash-picked in the first place rolleyes.gif

- 2 big chunks of wood

- box full of lawn chemicals leftover from DH's less-environmentally-conscious days (i.e., before I came along and vetoed petrochemicals on the grass & garden)-- about 7 items treehugger.gif



Also, found a nice collapsible cooler DH and I had bought as a gift for my parents and forgot about.  So that went home with them, too.  


So, 14 items out.


BUT, subtracting our trip to the thrift store on Saturday...

- stainless steel thermos

- 2 new shirts for DH

- baby hat

- 3 pairs of pants and a coat (for me ...I needed a smaller size joy.gif )


and closeouts at the supermarket (bad bad bad...)

- 9 new kitchen storage containers


So, my total for this post is -2.  Gah.  52 to go.



ETA -- Hey, wait, it was only 6 containers!  So I'm really at 1, not -2, and have 49 to go. Phew.  I'd hate for today to be a total waste.  duh.gif



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I got rid of some books to charity and a few things to a friend, bringing my total to 43 (but that DEFINITELY  doesn't take into account what comes in........)

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Joining here - joined the 2012 in 2012 but that is overwhelming for me so far. Especially since my total is only 9 items for January. Will be back to post after I have gotten rid of something!

Good luck to all.

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