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- photo frame to FIL (filled with a photo of the kids) 



- old wire whisk that finally went to meet its maker 


47 to go.

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Okay, was in search of something on my bookshelf and got rid of:

1 motel key card

3 broken rubber bands

1 bread twist tie

3 random receipts


that's 8 plus the 9 already when I joined so 17/100

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- puzzle DD got for Christmas that she already had

- gift box to MIL with birthday present in it



- yucky hand lotion with a smell I never liked -- I had to give myself permission to get rid of it, 'cause it was probably expensive, but ick, it was awful, and I suspect it was slightly rancid, too.  


44 to go. 

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Got rid of some VERY expired soy milk cartons


2 cartons, new total 19/100


In the pantry:

2 partial boxes of stale cereal

1 container of stale rice cakes


new total 22/100

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Totally joining this, I'm pregnant and even though we have kept the baby stuff accumulation to a minimum I still feel like we are drowning in stuff, it's a small house. I don't think we actually have enough stuff to qualify for the 2012 in 2012 anyway, since we have lived in this house for two years and before that moved around a ton.

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Still working on the pantry.

3 bags of cheerios

2 cans of expired fruit

1 box of dog biscuits the dog won't touch


new total 28/100

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DD (the hoarder) has gone through about 100 small McDonalds-type toys and agreed to get rid of 20 of them. It's a drop in the bucket, but0


20 to go. 


Another charity pick=up is coming on 25th.


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1 bag full of plastic bags to recycling

2 pr pjs outgrown by DS

1 shirt and 2 prs pants outgrown by DS - clothes dropped off to Goodwill.


New total 34/100


Oh, forgot : 2 toys regifted to my niece for her birthday today.



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I actually had 6 to go and I found a few more things to add to the small box going out, so technically January is complete. But I'll see what else we can send on its way out.

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Took 5 pairs of shoes to donation bin.



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Added 2 books, 1 ball, 1 bag and an envelope of nursery decor pictures that someone gave me for my daughter 8 years ago that I've never liked. 


That brings me to about 105 for January. I'm going to start February with a credit because I know I'll need it sometime! 

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Oh me! I'm in!! Will start tonight... Although I have a bag of donations by the door which I cleaned out a week ago.... I hope its not cheating if I count those too

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2 more books (I even sold one for $2.00!)


that brings me to 107 for January.

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i went through my girls clothes and my personal books and i have a huge bag of books and clothes to take to the thrift shop tomorrow. i didn't actually count it yet, but its around 60 things i would say. love getting things cleared out!

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I need to go count what I have gotten through but doing a major overhaul of my craft area, I have sooooo much crafting supplies and haven't done a thing with most of it cause I couldn't find any of it! need to finish organizing but have a tote full of stuff to get rid of and a big cardboard box of stuff that isn't worth keeping, go me :)

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I'm not going to make it but I do have three things to add. My elderly cat died the other day and my DH had the presense of mind to take her three little bottles of medicine to vet with him when he took her body. Those would have sat on the shelf for years making me sad.


I'm not going to count my kitty. 

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On the last day of January I took 1 pair of boots and 2 coats to donation. Final total for january was 44/100. Will there be a thread for February?


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