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Good luck tomorrow, Planet!!!!!  fingersx.gif  fingersx.gif fingersx.gif fingersx.gif 


I don't have any tests at home and I have the blood test scheduled for Sunday, so part of me just wants to wait.  Another part of me really wants to buy a couple of FRERs and start testing tomorrow.  I've been counting the days -- tomorrow, I'm 12 DPO and 13 days post-HCG shot, so it should be clear of my system.  I'll see if I can resist until Sunday though.  Not sure that I will make it, although DP is encouraging me to wait.  om.gif



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Oh, I had a meeting today with a photographer who is doing a project on derby girls at home and wanted a queer couple.  She asked if I want kids, and I completely welled up with tears and had to leave the room.  Yep, thanks progesterone! bag.gif


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we're out for this month- S tested negative and came on her period yesterday.

Can't say it was a big shock.


She was pretty sad for a few hours and went through that whole 'what are we doing wrong???!!??' thing and 'why isn't this working!!!??!!?'   irked.gif

Then had a nice glass of red wine with dinner and things started looking up again.


Aaaaaanyway, we're going out for sushi tonight- fingers crossed for everyone still TWWing!  thumb.gif


Could you move us to Waiting to O please?




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Hey everyone, I don't have time for a lot of personals right now, but I just dropped in to say that I am "GO" for the IUI on Friday afternoon! I have two good follies, on at 16 and the other at 14, and my estradial doubled between Monday and today. I'm supposed to take the trigger shot tomorrow morning and go in for the IUI on Friday at 1! Yay!

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Damn, Anna, I'm sorry this time didn't work out. Enjoy that sushi and wine (mmm... jealous)!!!!!


Yay, RS11 - fingers crossed for a great IUI, and for some sticky beans!!! goodvibes.gif

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invitn: Did you hear from your KD? I hope so!

lisedea: I hope your tests went well today....let us know when you can. hug2.gif

planet: Good luck tomorrow!!


dandy: I feel like you are pregnant. I would wait to test if I was you. It's worth it smile.gif

Anna: Big hugs...I'm sorry this time didn't work out. Enjoy your sushi and fingers crossed for next time. As you know, it's not uncommon for it to take longer than twice so you two have lots of time....I know that doesn't help but it's true.

rs: Great news! I hope the IUI goes well!

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Thanks, Carmen!  I hope so.  I just got back from the drug store where I had to pick up some other things, and - guess what - I didn't purchase any tests.... holding steady. biggrinbounce.gif

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desert!!!! that video is f*cking awesome!  you two are such an inspiration...for so many reasons.  thanks for sharing it and giving all of us here on QC a peek at that special moment.  btw...i think i finally found the perfect thing for your LO :) 


cananny -- woohooo!  hooray for perfect timing!  i really hope this is your month, and that there's a BFP waiting for you in two weeks.


anna -- blah to AF, but at least your DP gets to have some wine and sushi in before having to succumb to the dearth of deliciousness (which will hopefully start in February and continue until sometime around Halloween).  


invitn -- aaah the busy donor dilemma....it's nerve-wracking, isn't it? when DP and i first started trying last year, our only donor was so busy (and absent-minded) that he wouldn't respond to our texts or emails until a few hours before coming over....and then he was usually 2-5 hours late.  at first we were both a wreck and freaked out about it, but eventually we just realized there was nothing we could to do to change him, so we got a more zen attitude (and a second, completely unflaky donor) i hope your guy gets his behind in gear and sends you those test results asap.  and i'm so happy to hear about *your* most recent test results. it sounds like we are a bit alike, as i have a tendency to start seeing everything as black and hopeless when i have minor setbacks. but DP keeps reminding me of how far we've come in the last two years after all the setbacks and obstacles we've dealt with. so, yeah, like i keep telling myself: just keep breathing....it will happen for you. 


outdoorsy -- this lovely little place is pretty addictive, eh?    you're around dpo 12 now, no?  are you really waiting to test until tuesday?  any new symptoms?  fingers crossed for a BFP whenever you do decide to poas!


planet -- wow, those sound like some promising signs.   i remember omom (who's now in her third trimester!) saying that she had a very hopeful, positive feeling about her insemination the month she got pregnant.  you're going to post a picture of that postive pee-stick tomorrow, right? 


dandy -- what willpower!  i second what carmen says.  let us know when you know something.  and fingers crossed super tight for you!


rs --  what excellent news!  good luck with the IUI on Friday.  with two follies of that size you could possibly end up ovulating both of them. could there be twins in your future?


lise -- how did it go and how are you feeling?  *more hugs and quick-healing vibes*


afm ...  so you've heard of sleepwalking, sleeptalking and even sleepdriving, right?  well, last night i got to experience DP sleeptemping.  at around 2:30am as i was lying there lost in my insomniac thoughts, DP suddenly reached up, grabbed her thermometer and took her temperature. the beeping finally woke her up enough for her to realize that it wasn't quite time yet.  i had a good, but quiet laugh over it.  aah, the fun of TTC.  


i was thinking maybe we should restart the Question of the Day (QOTD) thing that we have done in the past.  last year i remember LibraryLady (waving to the redheaded bookworm and her redheaded DD) talking about a dream she had where she was peeing in cups and stacking them in a pyramid (or some such thing).   so the question is.. what is the funniest/weirdest/most baffling dream or experience you've had related to TTC?

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QOTD-Great question! I have a few but won't share all. One I delivered twins in the handicap stall at Wal-Mart. And another I finally got my BFP and when I told DW she looked at me and asked if it was hers. These are 2 of the more funny ones. I have had some pretty scary ones too. But lucky for me those only happen when DW is home to snuggle me after.

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Planet, Outdoorsy, and Cananny -Good luck!


Anna -I'm sorry it didn't take this month.


Nosreves -Yay for the Belgians! I'm so glad you get to go ahead with the IUI! 


AFM: I am cautiously allowing myself to get excited about Friday. Hopefully, nothing else will go wrong. Nosreves: I will almost certainly end up ovulating on both follies, because I'm taking the trigger shot. We'll see what happens.


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Nosreves~ Waving back!!!   I can't wait to read about everyone's dreams...

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I am freaking out!  I am freaking OUT! 


The whole reason I bought the expensive Clearblue digital test so that the result would be really, really CLEAR!  But it's not!  It's a line if it's negative and a plus if it's positive, and I have one dark line and one very faint line.  The test pamphlet says that even if one line is faint, it's a positive result, as long as the lines are of the same thickness.  Which they are.  So I think it's a positive!  But I am not sure!  The one line is just so faint! I now am getting ready to go out for a trek through the icy slush to the drug store to try another brand.  I'll keep y'all posted!


Holy moly!!!


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Wow, planet!! Buy a pink lined test instead of blue lined, they are more accurate. Also, consider getting First Response Early Result test. And remember, ANY line in the correct timeframe is a positive!!!
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Planet, I bet this is it for you!!!! My fingers and toes are x'd for a clearer BFP, but that result you got sounds great!!!! biggrinbounce.gif  Keep us posted!!


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Plant- FX this is your BFP!!!!!fingersx.gif

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Woo-hoo planet!!!! Looking good, looking really good! I hope this is your BFP! fingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.gif



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Anna--So sorry about the BFN! greensad.gif

Finally back on the island...thought I was going to be stuck off for another night with all the snow we have been having! I am super sore because they had to take out more than they thought...apparently I had a few polyps (although we only saw one on the ultrasounds two weeks ago) and endometriosis! I never knew or suspected that I had that! DP does and shows the signs of it...but I never thought I did! So, I guess I am now waiting for AF so I can insem this next cycle since I am "all cleaned out" smile.gif We'll see...

Good luck. all!
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Planet -Good luck! I hope this is it!


Lise -I'm glad it went so well. I hope next month will be it!


AFM: I took the trigger shot this morning. The IUI will be 30 hours post trigger; studies suggest it should be between 24 and 36 hours, so hopefully we'll hit the sweet spot! I have been *very* nauseous all day. It's been coming in waves; one moment I'll be fine, and the next I'll want to curl up in a ball in bed. It's a good thing I decided to work from home today!

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Anna, I just realized I never said anything about your BFN. I am so sorry to hear about it. I am glad you were able to reach a positive and hopeful point of view pretty quickly afterward. Hooray for wine and sushi and a few days of normalcy until S starts opk'ing again.


Hugs to you!hug2.gif

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lisedea- glad you're back and safe on your island.  wow, that sounds like quite the procedure you've gone through!

rest well and heal fast!  It sounds like it was a worthwhile thing to do!  


And thanks for all the well wishes!

I think this month was pretty easy for us as we didn't really get our hopes up so much, so we'd kind of half moved on before getting the BFN.  And Vancouver has so much delicious and incredibly cheap sushi that we're able to 'console' ourselves with that  yummy.gif


yeah, BFN's suck, but whatchagonadooo? 

Have a glass of wine and look at the calendar for the next insems, right?



Now, come ON, planet!!

You set off on your trek through the icy slush to the drug store 4 HOURS ago!  Haven't you got those pregnancy tests yet?

How far away IS this place??!!


I can't get anything done this afternoon with my fingers crossed like this the whole time.  It's very awkward.

Even tpying is such a pain...

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