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RS: try not "to be where you aren't." Prolactin levels can elevate just in the moment. If you're stressed for instance which is why they'll have you come back for a second draw, you can elevate your level. Until you get that second draw, really no conclusions can be made. Secondly, it's natural to slightly elevate from the last draw and it's not necessarily a big deal. Hang in there and do your best to wait for the second draw. Best of luck.

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Happy 2012!! It feels like its going to be a really good year!
invitn- Thanks for the shiny new thread! Here's to some thread keepers luck for you!
Cananny- I love what you did with the letter to the universe. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking. I know it may seem silly to some but I am sure that our mind is the most powerful tool that we have and sometimes you just gotta lay it out there and let the universe know exactly what you are expecting to happen. I hope you are feeling better today and not getting upset with yourself for feeling sad. You have every right to feel all the things you are feeling.
Planet- I totally understand your curiosity about timing. It seems like I have read/heard conflicting things about the best time to inseminate. I am currently reading Stephanie Brill's book and it seems like it may be giving me more questions than answers regarding timing. It says that it is best to always do 2 insemination's per cycle, even if that means missing cycles due to lack of funds and that the first insemination should happen when you have a faint positive on an OPK and the next should be within 18 hours from the first. While others say that insemination should take place later. Good luck!


Alphahen- Congratulations on the great Beta numbers!


I find the conversation about KDs so interesting. I bet it would be such a neat thing to see your LOs similarities with them. Also, I agree with Anna that its also pretty cool to find similarities between your kids and the non-biological mom/parent.



Afu- We have been talking about switching sperm banks from OHSU to NWCyrobank. Has anyone used them or know anyone who has? One of the things that has been really important to me is getting a WTBK donor, which I thought was what all of the donors are from OHSU. Then, last night I was reading through different things on their website and found that the contract that donors sign says that they will consider contacting the child if/when a 21 year old child who was conceived using their sperm contacts OHSU. This really doesn't seem to me like they are actually willing to be known, especially since OHSU makes people sign this contract in order to become a donor. So if anyone has any suggestions or comments about a different sperm bank, not necessarily NWCyrobank, I would love to hear them.



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kgul -I'm not too worried about it, because they were down from the last draw and were actually within normal levels this time.


wishin -welcome!


invitinconception -Thanks for the thread! Would you please move me to 'Waiting to O?' Thanks!

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This is my first time seeing your updated sig. I'm so, so sorry to hear the news -- I knew it wasn't looking good, but I didn't know the result until now. There really are no adequate words, but I hope you are doing OK emotionally. You still have a strong record of frequent BFPs/fertilization, which is not something all of us can say. What are you doing this cycle?

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Since I am only waiting to o, I indulged yesterday in making myself crazy by Googling the name of my sperm bank (NECC) with various other search terms, and I of course found some very unflattering things posted (anonymously) on the donor sibling registry site. Wonderful. But the bank is one of the places our midwife suggests, and some other clinics do too, so I'm trying to chill.

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Krista, it's nice to see you are sticking around smile.gif Big hugs to you for having the courage. Do you and your DP have any plans on how to move forward?



Afm: 7dpo....knowing I'm not going to test until 14dpo is a killer and it is making the 2ww go sooooooooooo slow! I'm completely neutral on guessing if I'm pregnant or not. I really can't tell when taking the progesterone because it seems to affect everything. Acupuncture was heavenly yesterday as usual....I always fall into such a deep, deep sleep...which is so nice when I feel so sleep deprived most of the time!

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Re kids looking like their donors:  Friends our had a baby girl last year, and this kid looks like an exact cross between both of her moms!  They did a ID release donor, so they have no idea what he looks like, but she looks exactly like her gestational mom with a mix of her NGP thrown in.  Craziness.  I don't think you could tell which one she's genetically related to anymore.  Awesome thing too is that NGP is the SAHM, so maybe it's intense nurture?  


DW is half Chinese, and I'm about as white as they come (my ancestors are from the British Isles, so I'm lily white with dark hair and eyes, DW is also pretty pale with identical coloured eyes and hair, we are often mistaken for sisters, which is *wieeerrrdd*).  Both of our moms have blue eyes and both of our dads have brown eyes, so we each carry a recessive blue eyed gene.  KD has blue eyes and brown hair, so we expect our kids to look VERY similar (they will be genetic half siblings) and very much like each of us plus KD.  It should be fun when people ask "so whose the 'real' mom?".  We have fun playing the "what will they look like" game.  KD is also very tall and lanky, and my family carries a tall gene, DW not so much.  He also has a giant head, which should be fun.  ;)  He's also SUPER SUPER SUPER gay.  I love it.  Our kids will have boring parents and an incredibly fun "Aunty Donor".  ;)


Good luck everyone with all the drugs!!  DW is on a progesterone supplement, but she seems calmer and less swing moody than before... meet....  :)

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Yay AF has finally graced me with her presence ....lol its a good one too ...
I'm squeduled for my follicle scan on Fri the 13th and if I'm.ready ill get trigger sot .then.my Dr comes in on sats to just do iui...thought that was really cool ....
So do I pick sperm up on Friday and just keep it....? Knowing banks r closed weekends ?
Do I need to rent the tank then? Weekends are not the time for sperm pick UPS !!!! Lol

We are moving....dp is sooo happy ..found the perfect and bay area priced duplex for rent one block from.us now ..I'm happy to keep my five min commute to work smile.gif
It's nice we have a room for potential baby ..either birth or adoption....and has a yard for the fur kids !!!! We move the 14th....good timing to get knocked up smile.gifsmile.gif

Hi to everyone ..fx carmen !!!!joy.gif
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Hi everyone,

I'm back after a somewhat brief absence. I've just looked back through the last couple of months, and wanted to say:


Krista: I'm so very sorry to read the recent news from you.  I hope you're doing okay through this latest sadness. Thinking about you.


Desert: I'm sorry I wasn't around to celebrate your BFP! That is so exciting, and I'm thrilled for you!! broc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif


To everyone else, especially the new people, welcome!


AFM, I've been absent as I've been going through fertility testing and treatment for a bacteria.  We started TTC in the Spring with home insemination and a known donor, but it didn't work and so we moved to a clinic with an anonymous donor, and finished the battery of tests (all clear!)  We are just now starting insems this cycle. I'm day 10 tomorrow, and the nurse thinks we'll insem either Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday.  I got a bit of help with Clomid for the first time, so I have two follicles right now.  Fingers crossed!


It's good to be back! I'm trying not to get too excited, and to stay calm about the whole thing. I'm looking forward to meeting the newest members, and to catching up with old pals.  Cheers!


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... sorry... out of practice...


INVITN: Could you move me to Waiting to O? Thanks! And thanks for being the threadkeeper!!  orngbiggrin.gif

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Carmen and Seraf: I love your perspectives on the fact your kids look like your KDs.joy.gif I love how it is just naturally part of the family narrative.


Wishin and Hopin: Hello I don't believe that we have met before. Good luck at your RE appt later in the month.


Alphahen: thumb.gif I'm so happy  for you guys and I understand the desire to be cautious so early in the process. Please keep us in the loop.Stick stick little bean(s), you don't know how much your mommies want to meet you.


RS11: I haven't heard of tamoxifen before. Is it similar to clomid?


Carmen: Good luck with getting through your 2ww with progesterone which can such a cruel trickster of a drug. I had more symptoms on progesterone than during any other time during this process. It's the closest I have gotten to feeling pregnant, which sucks. I hope your next week flies with fewer physical disturbances. I will be thinking really good thoughts for you.


Allison: just have to say that that I absolutely love the fact that you guys will have an " Aunty Donor. " I have so wanted one of my old best gay friends to be our KD and it didn't work out.


AFM: So it's gotten really cold quickly here in the midwest and to follow suit: I think I am coming down with an ear infection. It sucks and it's hard to get time off work to go to the doctor's. Right now a cotton ball in the ear and zinc has to suffice until tomorrow. KD news: he says that he is going to get tested tomorrow. yeah. He is so awesome. There is no way that DW and I could ever repay him for what is willing to do for our little family. I have never known such generosity. I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.


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Krista: I just want to let you know how sorry I am to hear about your loss. You have the support of everyone here and I wish you and DP all the amount of peace and comfort that the universe possesses. You two are in my thoughts. candle.gif

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Originally Posted by Cananny View Post

So do I pick sperm up on Friday and just keep it....? Knowing banks r closed weekends ?
Do I need to rent the tank then? Weekends are not the time for sperm pick UPS !!!! Lol

Are you using Pacific?  I don't know if they still do it, but if you're picking up on the day you trigger and know you won't need to keep it very long, what we used to do was take a cooler in and they would fill it with dry ice and our vials.  LOL, Just a little cooler, I used to take it on the bus with the little boy I nannied for.  They told me it could last 3 days on the dry ice but I put the whole cooler in the freezer just for extra insurance.  That's where Osh came from.

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Back from my early morning appointment.  Down to one follicle, unfortunately, but the other one is growing well and is at 1.8.  According to the nurse, Clomid doesn't always work well on the first cycle you use it?? I've never heard this before, and wondered if others have heard something similar?  Anyway, will likely get the trigger shot tomorrow morning and inseminate on Saturday and Sunday.



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Hi Everyone...haven't gotten a chance to read through all the pages, but will soon!


We tested today and we got a BFN... We are now back on CD 1 and waiting to Ovulate...

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Invitn-Thanks for the new thread! Hoping the threadkeepers luck hits you!


Krista- I am so so sorry about your lose. I had been wondering about you. You amaze me at how you keep your chin up. Thank you for the inspiration!


FX for everyone else!


AFU-Well DW is better again and finally back to work again. After she regained feeling she was back to work for only 2 wks before she fell ill with bronchitis landing us in the ER Christmas Eve. Now 2 wks later she is mostly better and last night was her first night back to work. Lets hope she stays well for a while now. As for the TTC process we are still looking for another donor and I am looking into a RE since I have new insurance that will cover test and meds. We are hoping to start TTC again in Feb which will be the one yr mark for us.


I hope 2012 brings everyone the best of luck! Baby dust to all!! dust.gif



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Tiney- I am sorry to hear about your BFN. A BFN and AF on the same day has to be hard so I hope you are feeling alright today.


Dandy- I'm not sure we've *met* but good luck with the insem this weekend.


Invitn- Sorry to hear you are coming down with an ear infection. That always sucks.


Cananny- Congratulations on your new place. Get ready to make that extra room all ready for your LO!


Planet- How is it looking for you? Are you getting close to O?


Krista- I am so truly sorry to hear the news about your loss. My thoughts are with you and your DP. hug2.gif

Desert- (If you are lurking around still) After my last post with questions about NW cryobank I saw that you had used them and had good things to say. Its reassuring that others have had good experiences and BFPs with them!


AFM- I'm feeling good about our decision to wait one more month. I feel like I have been charting more and learning a lot about my body and my cycle. We ordered speculums and it was kinda cool to be able see what my cervix look like and how it changes when ovulation is getting close. It was also really good because we were able to see some great EWCM last night (sorry about the overshare) which I was really concerned that I wasn't producing much of, so that made me feel more fertile orngbiggrin.gif I am pretty sure that I have/am ovulating today, which means we have approx. 28 days before we inseminate for the first time. I'm excited and feel really ready. Being pregnant is all I can think about already, so I hope it hurries up and just gets here but I have to remember to enjoy this time while we got it. This could be  will be the last month that DW and I will have together before we are expecting so it seems like a really good time to spend as much time together doing all the things that will be harder once we are pregnant/have a baby. jumpers.gif


goodvibes.gif to all!  (I just love all these smileys. They make me so happy!)

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Krista -I'm so sorry about your loss!


TD -I hope it works this month.


Invitin -Yes, it's similar to Clomid, but not quite as strong. I got hyperstimulated on Clomid and ended up with 8 follicles. We don't want to do that again, if we can help it!


The baby stories are always awesome. I'm glad to read about so many successes!


I'm on day 3 of the tamoxifen. I'm not having mood swings yet like I did on the Clomid, but my breasts really hurt and my stomach is even more sensitive than usual. We've made the final selection of our donor. Our first choice was sold out, but we're happy with our second. He was an adorable little boy and he matches all of our criteria. He's also had more than half a dozen pregnancies, so we know his swim team can dive as well as swim. twins.gif We order our "sample" next week!

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hi y'all.


Did our first insem for this month last night, which went well. Doing the same tonight and probably Friday as well. 

Invitn, could you move us to the TWW please?




Oh, and good news for any of you in Washington State?


Gregoire proposes legislation to legalize gay marriage:


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Originally Posted by rs11 View Post

Hey everyone! I went to see the RE today. I've got good news and bad news.


The Good News

They want me to start taking the tamoxifen tonight and come back in on the 12th so see if I'm responding.


The Bad News

My prolactin levels were high. They were actually normal, but on the high range. The nurse told me that it's actually lower now than it was during my last blood work a couple of months ago. She said it's probably nothing to worry about, but they want to repeat the blood work on the 12 to see what it is then. She said that if it keeps going up I would need to go for an MRI. Me being the hypochondriac that I am, I immediately start worrying about pituitary tumors and such. My DW told me to calm down and now worry; she pointed out that the level is lower now than it was previously and that is probably a good thing. Does anyone have any experience with this?


I haven't had a chance to catch up with everyone else; we just got back into town last night.

I have to same issue. I have a prolactin level slightly on high side but it have decreased a lot since I first found out, I had to MRI done and it was absolutely normal the only thing my doctor was worried about was that it sometimes (rarely) cause anovulatory cycles so she prescribed me bromocriptin to insure that I ovulate. There is really nothing to worry about unless you have more symptoms like headaches and blurred vision. 


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