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RS11: I think that the moment that you find the right donor is one of the greatest moments of this whole journey. It's like the stars align exactly where they are supposed to - and feels like it's meant to be. I am happy that you and DW have had one of those moments. Here's to happy healthy Oooooing and insemmmming in the near future biggrinbounce.gif



Amt: I'm glad to here that your DW is feeling better. Good luck finding your donor. It is a process but such an important part of the process. winky.gif


Dandylez: good luck with inseming this weekendthumb.gif


<I'm loving the emoticons tonight- everyone gets one....yeah>


Hopeful: DW and I used nwcyrobank for 3 cycles this year. Super cheap and good customer service. We loved our donor too, he was really into playing the harmonica which DW and I thought was so cute. Too bad his swimmers and my eggs didn't find a love connection. shrug.gif Anyway I love that you guys are gearing up so deliberately for your first month, using this site for support. That is awesome. I didn't find this site for over a year after first ttc. I really wish guys beginner's luck next month.orngbiggrin.gif


Anna:  Hope the 2ww ride is smooth sailing. I'm sending good vibes your waygoodvibes.gif


Tiney:  AF and BFN on the same day?! That royally sucks. You deserve to pamper yourself for a few days at least. hug2.gif


AFM: I don't know what happened but today I feel so much better than yday. Ear ache gone. Perhaps it was Airbourne I took last night. That stuff works wonders. I'm really looking for to the weekend to rest though. So I have a question for everyone about temps: this is the first cycle ever in which my temps didn't rise after I got a positive LH surge. Could this possibly mean I didn't O?  This hasn't happened while charting before. I plan to talk about it at my next appt with RE which happens to be next week. Not a huge issue in the moment bc didn't insem this month but still..it kinda freaks me out but I know that it happens and there are options if that becomes a regular concern.



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Hmmm I can't seem to quote any posts tonight...annoying.


Welcome back, dandy!


Good luck with the next 2 insems, Anna! I hope last month was all the practice you'll need!


invitn: A temp rise is usually the best indicator (if you aren't doing monitoring with u/s) that you did indeed O. Did it not rise at all or just slowly?



Afm: 8dpo today...I've guessed (correctly) I was pregnant in the past by this day. Other than a bunch of dull achy cramping (I had the same last month too) and a very strange sharp pain around what felt like my cervix (very low) that took my breath away for about 1 minute today I don't feel pregnant at all. My nipples are usually SUPER sensitive and sore when I get a bfp - DD nursing is my symptom tester! They aren't sore at all this time. Could be too early, of course. I've been having fleeting thoughts of giving up if this try doesn't work. I hope they go away.

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Hey guys!  I am still hanging around, reading and following along and mostly just not posting out of sheer laziness.  

Dandy!  It's lovely to see you back!  Thanks for the congrats.  :)  


I know there has been somewhat of a discussion about timing and I thought I'd poke my nose into that one.  The most dreaded part of every cycle for us has been trying to figure out what the hell we are doing as far as timing the inseminations right.  I know that isn't likely to boost confidences, but it's the truth.  The literature and the professional advice and the amateur advice and EVERYTHING you hear about timing always seems to contradict.  It's truly awful.  I think the most important part is figuring out *your* body's rhythms and patterns and doing your best to go with that.  I spent so much time researching and reading about ovulation and probabilities and likelihoods and majorities and whatever, that I wasn't listening much to my wife when she was trying to tell me what her body was telling her.  We inseminated at home, not on any meds, for five cycles.  Each cycle was different, each decision on insemination timing was different, each cycle was frustrating and infuriating. Each cycle I thought FOR SURE my wife was pregnant and each cycle I thought FOR SURE it couldn't possibly have worked.  Even the cycle that we got a BFP.  So really, who the hell knows.  The one different thing about our successful cycle was that we were finally brave and patient enough to actually inseminate when DW thought was the best for her body - which wasn't until at least 48 hours after a positive smiley OPK.  The "odds" of that cycle being successful are definitely against us, and yet... it worked.  I hope everyone can take from our story the courage to try something that maybe breaks a "rule" or two, something you haven't been brave enough or patient enough to do.  I feel that I should mention, we're both 25 and I've seen some statistics to suggest that younger women ovulate further away from a positive OPK, while older women tend to ovulate closer to positive OPK.  That's getting into guesstimates and odds again, though.  Ugh.  I don't look forward to playing this game again.  


TineyDreams, sorry about your BFN and immediate AF.  That really sucks a lot.  Hugs.  

Cananny, awesome about your new place!  It sounds perfect.  I hope it's exactly the right place for a baby to call home.  :)  Also, hooray that AF finally showed up!


Amt, oh my gosh!  Your poor wife.  It sounds like you guys have really had a rough go of it.  I'm so sorry.  I hope she's able to stay healthy for a long time.  February sounds like a great month to make a baby.  Good luck!


Hopeful, I'm glad you're feeling positive about the decision to wait one more cycle.  If there's anything I've learned, it's to try and feel positive and confident about whatever decisions need to be made in this process.  Yes, we've been using Northwest Cryo this whole time.  In the interest of truth, it should be said that we never changed donors through the five months we tried, even though it's kind of recommended to swap if one isn't working.  We bought twelve vials to start, hoping to only use half for my wife and then planning to save the other half for my pregnancy (in a few years).  Yeah... we ended up using ten vials to get my wife pregnant, and now we have two left in storage and if this pregnancy sticks around we want to buy a bunch more vials so we can use this same donor for another baby.  So nowhere in our plan was there room for swapping donors, we kind of just hoped he'd work.  Eventually, he did work out.  Something I've found about NW Cryo that I like is that they have a forum that's associated with the bank, and I did a forum search for our donor number and found a couple people who'd gotten pregnant their first try with him.  Of course, that was thrilling and we'd hoped for it to happen to us but oh well!  There are a lot of positive experiences over on that forum, as far as successful pregnancies.  There's a fair bit of drama, which is why I primarily am here and occasionally lurk there.  You can find their forum under the "Community" tab.  Oh, also, NW Cryo has a sibling registry specifically for the NW donors, that just went live after a website restructure.  We're so far the only ones who've got a pregnancy registered for our donor, though I know there are more.  I've always found their customer service helpful, I called probably a million times to ask about vial supply on specific donors and ask questions and they were always helpful.  The only thing that might be weird for you is that they have men answering the phones.  I was prepared for that, so it was totally cool by me.  They are also doing a lot of work right now to get baby photos on as many donors as possible, which I appreciate.  Okay, whoa, more than enough about the bank!  Feel free to ask if you've got more questions.  


rs11 - congrats on the selection of your donor!  Not an easy choice, by any means.  


placenta.gif - Hooray for insems and second tries!  Good luck on your TWW, I'll be crossing my digits for you guys.  And likely, watching creepily from a distance.  thumb.gif


Carmen!  Thinking good, healthy, sticky thoughts towards your uterus.  goodvibes.gif


As for us, we're just kind of hanging around and lurking here, there, and everywhere.  Thinking about you guys!  

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Good to see familiar names and new folks too!!


Carmen, I know the feeling of wanting to give up, but I hope you can hang in there a bit longer.  And fingers crossed that your body is just giving you different signs from last time, and that there's good news this month!! goodvibes.gifSending you positive baby vibes!


Desert, glad you're still hanging around!! Keep us posted so that we can be inspired by the positive outcomes!! bow2.gif


Invitn, I hope you're feeling better. I don't temp so I can't help you with your question on that.  Are you doing OPKs too?


Cananny, the new place sounds perfect!!!!! Happy new home! homebirth.jpg (this was the closest I could find to a pic of a new home.  New home = birth, maybe??!!)  redface.gif


AFM, I had my trigger shot this morning. The follicle is at 2.1, so here we go with the insems tomorrow and Sunday!


On a side note, when DP and I got our tree this year we also picked up a fertility decoration -- a super cheesy pair of acorns that sort of look like testicles! We've been calling them our 'fertility balls.'  Even though the tree is dry and ready to go, we're holding off until after the insems to take it down, and even then we'll probably keep those balls hanging somewhere inconspicuously in the house.  We have lots of female fertility symbols around too, so we thought it couldn't hurt to hang some balls! We'll see if they help! ROTFLMAO.gif


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dandylez- your 'fertility balls' made me chuckle over my morning coffee

Hee hee!

Love it!


I'm crossing my fingers for your insems today and tomorrow! 

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Happy New Year/Bonne Année, everyone!  


i'm sorry for the lack of personals....it's been a schitty day, and i need to vent/ask for advice.  i went in this morning for the HSG that the hospital in belgium wanted.  apparently, my left fallopian tube is blocked near the ovary.  the right one is completely open.  i also have "quelques brides cicatricielles de  l'isthme" (as far as we've been able to figure out, that means "some scar tissue on the uterine isthmus"...probably caused by the cone biopsy i had).   i was supposed to go teach two classes right after the hsg, but in addition to having terrible cramps, i was an emotional mess, so i came straight home, and DP took care of me.  we were both supposed to start IUIs next month in belgium if the hsgs came back normal.... now i have no idea what's going to happen.  i don't think i'm going to be able to have any other procedures or major tests related to fertility done here in france.  DP and i already have to go to all our hsgs, blood tests and u/s alone to hide the fact that we are gay.  


anyway, i don't know what this means for me....  i know the clinic in belgium isn't going to respond to my email for at least a week, so once again, things are up in the air.  i'm going to go for an u/s on tuesday to see what my ovaries look like, and if the dominant follie is big enough and on the right side, i'm going to trigger and do a home insem.   otherwise, i have a feeling i'm going to have to do IVF.  DP says not to worry and that we'll take out loans to pay for it, but i am worried...  we have to pay for everything out of pocket, and the meds are almost double what the IVF costs, and it's going to be hard for us to get them prescribed here.  


DP's hsg is on monday...i hope her results are better than mine...  


does anyone have any experience with one blocked tube?  


and in other, salt-in-wound news, i became an aunt again three days ago.  my brother and his gf had a little boy, and apparently, she's upset because she wanted a girl. neither of them are very happy about the whole thing....  DP said "it's like giving jam to pigs" ("c'est comme donner de la confiture aux cochons.")

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Nosreves: I just wanted to jump in and give you a virtual hug. I know how disappointing it is to get unexpected news. And I know it's very easy to take it all in and think it means nothing but bad for you. But actually, I'm glad you have some answers (believe me, having no answers is no good either!)


First off, there are plenty of women that get pregnant with one blocked tube or minus a tube. It just means the other side has to produce. But for you, you're going to need to find the underlying reason as to why that tube is blocked. You don't mention the possibility of endo which is a common cause of blocked tubes. In the U.S., at this point they would probably recommend a laproscopy to determine what's going on and if there is other issues such as endo (although if you had a conal biopsy I would assume they tested it for endo). Sometimes they can help to clear a blocked tube but sometimes they get in there and decide to remove it. That's the challenge with blocked tubes and something you will have to make consideration for. But your system make work differently without it. You don't need two tubes to get pregnant. You need good follies and eggs and that can be produced by the other tube. Do you have a history of your ultrasounds to determine what side your dominant follies are on? It would be interesting to know because most all of us switch sides over the course of year -- one month it's the left, one month it's the right. It's not exactly tit for tat but you will still have chances on the other side.


You also would be a candidate for Femara or Clomid and/or injectibles. If you're working with one tube, the best case scenario is to force as many follies as possible to show up per cycle. I can't remember if you've done any of that yet.


I pray that DP's HSG looks more clear. I know it's so discouraging so give yourself time to do a little grieving but then see how it might be possible to move forward and get further answers. And by the way, sometimes a second HSG will need to be performed to double confirm a block. Just because the dye didn't go through yesterday doesn't mean it wouldn't go through in the future. HSGs do not have anywhere near the rate of perfection in diagnosis that we would like to see.


AFM: thanks to all who inquired about me. I hope you'll understand that I'm really not in a space to talk about what happened or next steps but it just makes me feel better to be able to jump on here once in awhile and give encouragement to others.


Take good care,


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krista --  first of all hug2.gif.  i've been thinking about you and was very sad to see your status.  i never cease to be amazed and inspired by your fortitude, determination and generosity of spirit.  once again, thank you for responding with your words of wisdom and support.  


i haven't heard endo mentioned once in all the exams/procedures i've had, so i don't *think* it's an issue.  i've had u/s for 2 unmedicated and 3 medicated cycles, and it would appear that i alternate between the left and right ovaries each month.  my ovaries responded very well to clomid (i ovulate on my own anyway) but it destroyed my lining... the belgian doc. wants to put me on follistim for iui cycles, but she said they will cancel a cycle if there are 4 or more follies over 14mm, and even 3 follies might be too much.  i think they're worried about cervical incompetence in the case of multiples.   i know the Dr. mentioned laproscopy in the case of blocked tubes, but as i said before, i don't think we're going to have an easy time getting that procedure done in france.  


DP and i went and looked up IVF info on the belgian hospital's website, and appparently, one round costs approx 3000-4000euros, and, much to my surprise, that includes medication. without the medication it's even less. it's a lot of money, but it's way more manageable than most places i've seen.  


thanks for the good wishes for DP and for taking the time to respond to my post.  i was a wreck earlier today, but after reading your post and lots of  info online, i'm feeling more optimistic about things.  


DP and i both are sending you our thanks and a lot of warmth.    


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Hey y'all!


Thank you, Hopeful, (and others!) who kindly chimed in in response to my timing questions.  The truth is that there are various perspectives on what timing is best for IUIs, and I am starting to believe that it takes a little practice and observing patterns over time to figure out what is best for each individual.


We just did try #2!  We got a positive OPK yesterday (day 14 of my cycle) at 5:30am (I know, I get up ridiculously early for work!) and decided to do the first IUI at 4:45pm the same day, and we just got home from doing the second IUI this morning at 9:00.  The timing yesterday seemed perfect - my cervix was wide open and there was lots & lots of fertile mucus!  The one this morning was just a little trickier - my cervix was still open and there was still fertile mucus, but my ND had to move my cervix around a bit to get it in there (which only took an extra minute or so).  She said the inner part of the os had started to close up a bit, and that we can learn from this that possibly the same day as positive OPK is better timing for me.


So, now begins our second TWW. . . my goal this time is to not obsess as much and try not to read too much into every little "symptom" I notice.  Perhaps it will be easier this time as I won't be on winter break (I'm a 7th grade teacher) with too much time on my hands!  In fact, we are going on a 3-day class trip next week; that will surely distract me. :)


I'm thinking of all of you as you ride the wave of TTC. . . wishing all of you so much luck and ease and gentleness with your process!





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Anna and Planet- Congrats on doing your insems! Best of luck for a relaxed TWW and BFPs at the end!


Desert - Amen to everything you said about the timing, the frustration of trying to play the odds, learning about your own cycles, etc. I also liked what you said about needing to break some "rules" sometimes to dowhat seems right for you. I've never heard before what you said about age affecting how much elapses between your positive opk and ovulation -- interesting.


nosreves - sorry to hear about your test results. Krista had lots of great comments on that, and I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.


Afm - Well, today was the day! After messing up my timing last month and not getting to insem, I finally got my smiley this morning and went for my insem (first time at a clinic instead of at home) in the afternoon. The widwife said I had great CM - unbeknownst to me, so that was nice. I didn't have any discomfort from the catheter. I had to go alone because my wife couldn't leave work on such short notice, but that was fine -- we're pretty practical about stuff like that. As long as I get pregnant, that's what matters. The midwife said she felt really positive about how it went. So I am once again in a TWW! I have to say, doing it at the clinic is SO much more relaxed than doing it at home (at least so far), because I'm trusting their advice on timing instead of doing the endless guesswork at home.


Good night and best to everyone -----grouphug.gif

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Please move me to Taking a Break. I will be scheduling a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy for sometime in the coming weeks because of an unusual 15mm mass in the middle of my uterus. It is either a polyp or the two sides of my uterus didn't grow together correctly and I have a 'wall' (for lack of a better word)...I guess that happens to some people...never knew.

Anyway, best of luck to all. I will be checking in now and then but, at this time, am feeling as though I am in a different place. Just not as excited and hopeful as each cycle comes around--like I used to be.

Thanks for all of your support throughout the past year! luxlove.gif
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Oh Lise, I'm sorry!  I understand you're bound to be feeling a million different things right now.  I do hope you'll keep us up to date, and I also hope you'll be back here with renewed faith before too long.  You and DP are in my thoughts.   candle.gif



Outdoorsy, congrats on your awesome experience with your MW!  Fingers crossed for a lucky cycle for you two.  


Planet, you too!  Congrats on your insem; I feel confident in agreeing that it'll be easier to not be so obsessive this time around - time off around the TWW is never helpful.  Keeping busy is key!  Good luck to you.  


Nosreves, my friend.  I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this questioning and doubt.  Big, big hugs to you.  I hope your DPs HSG comes back clear and that'll be one less thing to stress over.  I, too, have heard stories of people getting pregnant with just one tube and hopefully that uterine scarring doesn't cause you any trouble.  Much love is headed your way from my house.  Keep your chin to the sunshine.  

Dandy - happy insem day tomorrow and Sunday!!  The story about your fertility acorns really made me chuckle.  Love it.  


Seems like it's been a very polarized day around here, with happiness and success in inseminations and positivity, but also riddled with some less than ideal news.  Tomorrow is a new day.  



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Outdoorsy and Planet -Congrats on the insems! I hope this is the month for you!


Lise -I'm so sorry. I hope you get it worked out soon.


Nosrevs -What you are going through over there is so crazy. I'm sorry. You and your DW are both in my thoughts. Good luck next week!

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Nosreves: I'm sorry about the not-great news, but as Krista said, there's still lots of hope there! Good luck with your DPs HSG. I'm hoping for the best for both of you!  grouphug.gif


Lise: I'm so sorry to hear  that you need to take a break.  I know how disappointing and frustrating this kind of news is. Hang in there as you figure out how to move forward.  I'll be thinking of you.hug2.gif


Planet and Outdoorsy: Good luck with the TWW! Here's to some great insems and FX for good news.goodvibes.gif


AFM: The first insem went fine this morning... finally. The nurse couldn't get through my cervix, so after 3 tries, she sent me to fill my bladder, wait, and then she insemmed with the help of an ultrasound.  It was a bit crampy but fine.  Then DP and I went out for breakfast, which was yummy, even without drinking coffee. (God, I miss coffee!)  We have one more insem tomorrow and then on to the TWW. 


Thinking about all of you as we all continue on this journey. blowkiss.gif



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Lisedea: you sound like you have a high probability of having a septate uterus (I did although not as great as yours). Frankly, this could answer a lot of questions for you. Feel free to PM me at any time if you get to a point of feeling like talking about it. Until then, best of luck and lots of thoughts coming your way.



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dandy, love the idea of fertility balls. Can't hurt, right? lol


nosreves, wow, that's a lot to take in. I'm not very informed with much of it but I can share an anecdote....my cousin and his wife have a 10 month old baby boy that was conceived via IVF. They tried for years....many, many years, finally go pregnant and she lost one tube to an ectopic pregnancy and the other one was badly damaged. The doctor told them they'd have to come back for IVF again if they wanted a 2nd baby and that there was NO way she could get pregnant. Well, she's due with #2 in March...NO intervention required at all. I know that might be an extreme case but still a success story!

Welcome to the 2WW, planet :) Fingers crossed for you!


outdoorsy: Welcome to the 2WW for you too! You and planet are cycle buddies!

lisedea: Big hugs to you. I'm so sorry for the news you received but I do have to agree with Krista that it's actually great that you are armed with knowledge and can work towards a possible solution. Take it easy and keep us updated if you can.


Afm: 10DPO! I'm DYING to poas. Unfortunately I only have one digital in the house and I'm not willing to buy anymore so I'm saving it for Wednesday. I usually have a ton of internet cheapies laying around but I ran out a few months ago and haven't bothered ordering more. Plus, I don't want to ride the chemical pregnancy rollercoaster again. I still don't feel pregnant at all. In fact, I was telling DP this morning that even with the prog. suppositories I feel the most un-pregnant I've ever felt in my life. lol I still have some hope though.....

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Just a quick update...

The final insem went well this morning. I went in with a full bladder and so she had no problem getting through the cervix. The donor has a good output and motility so that's good thumb.gif. And I ovulated sometime in the last 24 hours so our timing is good too. I go in again in a week for a blood test to check progesterone levels, and then they will do a blood test for pregnancy on the following Sunday. 


I think that because of the trigger shot, I won't be testing at home, but will just wait the two weeks for the clinic's test.  I know that I could test until I get a neg, and then keep testing, but I think I'll go crazy unless I just forget about it until the blood test. om.gif


So... here goes the TWWT (that's two week wait of torture).  Invitn, could you move me to TWW ? Thanks so much! 2whistle.gif


(Carmen, I'll rub those fertility balls for you too! orngtongue.gif  I hope Wednesday brings your BFP!)


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Dandylez: by now you have probably insem'd for the second time. I hope it went as smooth as the one yday and I hope you get high progesterone levels when you test next week. And as a sidenote, I absolutely love the fertility balls story. HA-LARR-I-OUS and AWESOME!


Carmen: I can totally relate to struggle with waiting to poas. It's like time stands still the last few days before you test..it is agonizing. I'm also sorry that you haven't felt any of your typical symptoms indicating pregnancy. However,  our bodies can always throw us a curve ball..and not do what you expect it to do. I hope that "unpregnant" feelings are invalidated here in the next few days. 


Lise: I'm so sorry to hear about the mass in your uterus. I had to get two polyps removed last year via a hysteroscopy too. It wasn't that bad. It was actually better than the HSG for me bc I was given anesthesia. I hope that your procedure goes well and creates as little disruption as possible in your every day schedule. Plus I hope that the procedure makes it possible for nothing to be in your future baby's parking spot. As for the bigger picture, I respect your decision to want to step back and reflect on your journey and options. It sounds like you may have alot more information after the procedure. Plus, I remember being told that in the cycles following the hysteroscopy it can be more possible to get pregnant bc things have been cleared out through the procedure.


Hugs to you and Carmen and Nosreves for your pain and frustration with where you are right now in your ttc process. hug2.gif


Nosreves: So sorry to hear about the reported blockage. I second krista's thought that possibly your tube might not be blocked if you did another HSG to confirm. For what it is worth here is my experience: I had an HSG twice. The first time some idiot of a doctor oncall wasn't able to much dye to go in at all and he immediately told me that he thought I was probably completely blocked and should just go to the IVF route (as if that route is just so accessible). I ended up switching practices and getting another HSG done a month later or so- and I wasn't blocked at all but polyps were discovered in the uterus. If you in fact blocked the smart women on here (Desert, Krista etc..) seemed to know that it can be workable situation, with options. Plus I'm so surprised about what you said about IVF...I googled what that would be in US dollars..exactly 4467$ to 5120$. Wow that is great!


I hope your upcoming discussions with your doctors are fruitful and hang in there..all of us are rooting for you two across the pond.

p.s. I hope DP's HSG procedure tomorrow is more uneventful and you guys receive some positive news.



Outdoorsy and Planet: fingersx.gif for a wonderful union between sperm and egg and a successful implantation.


Desert: Things for your two cents on the timing issue. It is so interesting that you guys waiting so long to insem trusting that it how DW's body worked but at the same time you guys being so surprised with the BFP.


Krista: I just simply want to say Hugs to you. I'm glad you have been around lately and so appreciate everything that you contribute here.


AFM: So my ear ache never manifested into anything and I was able to have a semi-productive weekend...(which is fine with me). Today is day 25 and I have continued to get the same numbers I did at day 6 through 14. I didn't mention in my last post that around day 14 my BBT broke or atleast I think it broke. It wasn't beeping. ( I laid in bed for nearly 20 minutes without it going off) So for days 15, 16, 17 I didn't take make my temp until I went out and bought a new BBT thermo. So my friend mentioned possibly that those days I didn't chart I might have experience a dip and then a rise back up. Possibly. My numbers have never been so similar before and after O before. I'll discuss out it with my RE this week. I've been trying not to get ahead of myself and think negative- my wife is really great at helping me keep perspective.


In other news, I went with my friends to their church just to check it out today. It's an all inclusive type of church- I think the pastor's gay and by what I could tell lots of gays in the congregation, most of whom had children who were of a different ethnicity/race. My favorite part of the experience was listening to the pastor's sermon on creating change and hope in your life through willingness to see how your higher power has presence-impact in your life. Ok maybe the sermon was a little more religious than that, with bible references but since that is not my thing- this is what I took from his speech. I feel like ttc is so hard on every aspect of your life that it is so difficult to recognize the presence of the Devine in the moment. For me I think it happens in those brief moments of clarity and calm when a thought/or decision related to fertility just makes sense and I feel like DW and I are not only in agreement (which is not always the case) but also feeling very connected in our agreement. Yes I love those moments- they help give me faith that this process is managable.


Ok....sorry about that tangent..


I wish everyone a fantastic start to the second week in 2012 and of course dust.gif




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dandy: Hooray for the final insem! Good luck!!


invitn: Sounds like you got something important out of your visit to your friend's church :) Faith can be a powerful thing. My DP and I are Buddhist and I remember even when I lost faith in myself my DP never did and it helped me get through some tough times.


Afm: Well, after having NO symptoms at all for the past 11 days I suddenly felt as though AF was about to start any minute most of today (it didn't)! My LP has been 13 or 14 days pretty consistently but I do remember having cramps before AF last month too so I'm assuming it's the progesterone. I don't usually get cramps at all until after AF actually starts. Of course, it could also mean I'm pregnant ;) I *almost* bought a box of frer preg tests this afternoon so I could test tomorrow but I am happy to report that I resisted the urge. Wednesday morning is only 2ish days away, right?!

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Dandy, Planet, and Carmen -good luck! I hope you all get BFPs!


I am starting to get really nervous about Thursday. I know that everything will go fine and I'll be responding to the drugs, etc, but I'm still nervous.

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