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Midwife in Chattanooga, TN - VBAC

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I gave birth to my son over ten years ago via emergency c-section.  I am now pregnant with my second child and would like to try a vbac.  My doctor was such an advocate for a vbac at first, but now, after 32 weeks of pregnancy, he seems to have completely changed. He has been saying things to me that are extremely upsetting.  I find it hard to trust him now.  I know that having the support of a midwife will increase my chances of a successful vbac.  Please contact me with any recommendations.  Thanks!!!

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I have a friend who lives there who decided to birth at The Farm with the midwives (Ina May Gaskin lives there but she didn't attend my friend's birth or do any of her prenatal stuff). It is a bit of a drive but it was worth it, since she wanted a VBac as well and her OB wasn't supportive of it (and I think that the local hospital didn't allow them). That was in 2003.

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