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DH's food 'issues'

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My DH has some food sensitivities /allergies - he recently got an allergy test done (i don't know what it was called, blood test with a bunch of foods listed)  he had 'high' results for dairy, wheat, coffee and a couple other random things ..  the doctor said they would talk more about it next week but that they wouldn't recommend completely eliminating anything based on those results.. ?! just limiting them ?  he is having bloody stools/GI issues, reflux (which was bad enough to cause damage and required surgery a couple months ago), mouth sores, acne, eczema etc.


so my question - is there a chance that he can heal is gut by avoiding most obvious wheat, dairy and eliminating coffee (he cut out coffee 2 months ago) ? (assuming those are the main issues like the test implied)  one of the drs. said he shouldn't cut them out too fast or he could end up feeling worse - but  that dr. didn't know about the bleeding or really about any of his symptoms.. I was thinking he would have to be more strict about it for a while and really eliminate things he is sensitive to at least until he has healed.. i know he is having trouble with the idea of cutting out so many foods .. he says he doesn't want to be a 'freak' but i just want him to be healthy and feel better..   i'm having a hard time googling information for him on adults with these types of issues, everything i find is for parents of kids/babies with allergies - anyone have some resources for me? good websites etc .


Update: guess no one knows.  anyway.. we finally met with the doctor in person and they told him to cut all dairy and gluten (and almonds, blueberries, cranberries, sesame, and coffee)  for 3 months and then start testing things one at a time.. .. hopefully this works

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There is some evidence that removing MOST gluten will help some people. However, the suggestion from what I understand, is usually to remove all of the offending food and then to add it back slowly to see how much it takes to "fill your bucket".

With that said, I would probably avoid all gluten and only consider adding it back if/when I managed to regain other foods. I would also consider testing for Celiac disease (stool and/or genetic, would be my suggestions) although you have to be consuming gluten for it to be accurate so..

I'm glad you seem to be getting some answers for his health issues.

You might want to look on Kathy's Recipe Box for some recipes to help you get started. She has a recipe for bread that is the closest to "real" bread that I've seen since my son went GF 4 years ago.

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