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Baby Teddy is here

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He actually arrived a month early, on 11/26, a medically necessary induction. I kind of stopped participating in the DDC here midway thru the pregnancy, I just couldn't deal with it emotionally any more as every week seemed to bring us some new piece of bad news regarding the pregnancy and the baby - I didn't want to bring everyone down, but I couldn't pretend things were fine, either.

Our baby has kidney failure. We've just returned home from 3 weeks in the NICU at the University hospital 2 hours away from home and the rest of the family (husband, older kids). We'll go back in a few weeks for another 3-4 week stay as he starts dialysis, and he'll undergo a kidney transplant as soon as he's big enough (22 lbs). The statistics on kidney transplants are pretty good; dialysis on newborns, not so much... but we're just not thinking about that.

We're happy to be home, enjoying the time we have together.
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Welcome baby Teddy! 


I hope his transplant goes well. I'll be thinking of you and your family hug2.gif

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I've been wondering how you were since you stopped posting here and I got your email about closing your store early. (I've ordered stuff from  you, but it's been a few years. ;-)


I'm glad to hear he arrived safely and pray he will continue to do well until he can have a transplant. Thanks for the update.

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Thank you for sharing....I will be praying for Teddy every night.

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