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I think its so creepy and invasive the way marketing is- showing things in your favorite color?!

Target is my ad. Could be bc I mentioned Target in a recent post, or bc I looked up a shelf I am looking for after being on craigslist, wanted to see the new price.

I am going to pay more attention, I usually ignore the ads altogether.
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I see an ad for a $10,000 loan..."for moms only".


Earlier, it was an ad for a Citibank credit card. Apparently, I need money.

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1/1 smile.gif $0 

1/2 smile.gif $24.92 clothes


Went to the thrift store to drop a box of donations off, and ran in to check it out because my husband has been encouraging me to. Wound up with 3 jeans, 2 sweat pants, 1 nightgown and skates for my daughter; flannel shirt for my son. Nothing unnecessary, and within budget but I'm kind of disappointed because I didn't want to spend anything so soon!



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Kids go back to school tomorrow and they wanted to go out for pizza.  So we went. 


FIDO.  Forgetting about it and Driving On.  Tomorrow will be stellar.


Jan 1 .. thumb.gif

Jan 2 .. irked.gif  $14 Pizza Hut



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How do you update with this new format?  Do you quote your old post?

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Hi!!  I'd like to join- I've never done one of these before but we definitely need it!

a. I'm Petey, WOHM to a 3 yo DD. 

b. I'm preparing for some big changes later in the year- I'll be quitting when the school year ends (teacher) and spending the rest of the year taking classes in a different field.  I'll have to work some while I'm taking classes, but a big part of the next few months will be about fine-tuning our budget so I know exactly how much I'll need to make during that time.  My goal is to work as little as possible then- I'd like DD to go down to only a few mornings of preschool, and stay with me the rest of the time.  So, big goal is getting that budget fine-tuned.  Lesser goals are to save for buying a house, and to continue paying down debt (car loans, student loans...oh, and to get portions of both my student loan and DH's forgiven!)

c. I'm going to keep track of ALL spending, exactly!!  Review monthly and revise budget as necessary.  I don't want to spend any money unnecessarily, and the money that I do spend, I want to spend thoughtfully.  A large task will be keeping on DH about the unnecessary spending (we tend to have different definitions of the word "necessary").  Also, I know I tend to spend money unnecessarily when I'm feeling stressed and tired from hating my job, which feels like my life, so I need to keep my goals in mind and stick to the plan.  I'm hoping this thread will help hold me accountable.



irked.gif unnecessary spending

eyesroll.gif necessary spending

thumb.gif no spending


1/1: irked.gif I sent DH to the store to pick up a pepper I needed for a recipe...I had bought it within the grocery budget the day before, but then DH used it without asking while fixing himself a snack...and then while he was at the store he picked up something else he wanted to make (completely disregarding the houseful of food we have, sigh).  Only about $3-4, but still...

1/2: irked.gif We didn't plan properly for our trip to the nature center, and DD was HUNGRY.  Again, only spent $1, but see how's it's already adding up?

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Oddly enough, for the first time, it's just a white rectangle.  Maybe there's some malfunction (or maybe they realized how cruel it was to wave consumer products in the faces of a bunch of moms who are trying not to spend?).  Probably the former. 


As far as how to update, people have been doing it different ways -- I usually edit my post until I get 10 days or so, then repost it using a quote and start editing that one for the next several days.


Do any of you all have any New Years resolutions?  DH and I decided to do a 'word of the year' instead, and so far we like how it's going.  DH chose simplicity, I chose wonder.  It's actually a lot more fun than a resolution... but maybe we're just being wusses?


1/1: No spend

1/2: No spend.  Working OT tonight.

1/3: irked.gif Shoot!  Forgot to return my library book yesterday, and now have a fine.  Worse yet, it's an interlibrary loan book... $2/day.

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Oh boy it's time for me to come back to this thread!  Oh how have I managed to spend the $$ once again after being rather disciplined in spending 

a. Who you are: I'm Kate, WOHM of 2 boys and DH who is a lovely SAHD love.gif

b. Where you are going (your financial goals) - Replenish our emergency & savings accounts which have been hammered this past year for various reasons oh which I don't think were either emergencies or really urgent.  Getting back on track with no spending and more savings!

c. How you plan to get there - being accountable here to get my mindset back in responsible spending & savings!  

Jan 1 - orngbiggrin.gif 
Jan 2 - Groceries/household goodies (326/500) thumb.gif
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thumb.gif No Spend/ Budgeted spending

irked.gif Unplanned/ unbudgeted spending

om.gif 30min spent decluttering


1.  thumb.gif We're at my ILs until tomorrow, DH and I ran to Target for MIL for popcorn, I picked up stockings and eye makeup for DH's formal office party on Saturday, all of it was put on a GC I got for Christmas, so no $$ out of pocket.  I REEEALLY wanted to buy some other stuff that we REEEEALLY didn't need, but I resistedjoy.gif

2.  thumb.gif Trip home today.  We budgeted a set amount for this trip to the ILs, and for one of the first times, we actually stayed completely in budget!!joy.gif  I'm hoping that this will set the precedent for the rest of the year, that we can set a budget and stay within it.  No extra spending, no impulse shopping, complete CONTROL!!  Tomorrow I begin decluttering for the 2012 in 2012 Decluttering Challenge.

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1/1 smile.gif No spend! Hike in woods, board games and hanging out at home. Happy New Year!

1/2  smile.gif No spend! Spent day enjoying the snowy mountains with DH and kids. Wonderful. Kids back to school tomorrow, and it will be my grocery/costco shopping day.


PS I have a Shutterfly ad now, but have gotten numerous (dangerous) backcountry.com ads in the past few days.

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Hey Mamas! It has been a long time since I have been over here. I think the last time I was really active on the thread was around 2008, although I am still seeing familiar names which is awesome! I am a SAHM to 2 little ones - 3 1/2 and 15 months and I am 18 weeks pregnant with our 3rd. The m/s is killing me AND our food budget because I truly cannot cook (puke every.single.time I open the fridge or oven) and have been turning to convenience foods. My goals for January are:


1.) Face up to December's budget. We didn't spend any crazy amount at Christmas, but we had a lot of other expenses (including DH's LAST tuition payment for grad school!! whoopee!)


2.) Make a list of items I want to buy & evaluate it honestly. I have a lot I feel like we need right now, pre-baby, just moved in to a new house, homeschooling supplies for ds... lots going on but I know if I make a list it will become obvious that some 'needs' are just wants and I am only going to allow myself to purchase those things Feb. 1 after careful thought. 


3.) Try to contain the food budget. I am not going to beat myself up here. Being sick and still being expected to feed and care for a family sucks but my goal is to spend at least 10% less than December, whatever that amount was, which I will figure out when I accomplish goal #1 :)


4.) Obviously, no spend on impulse buys, coffee out, non-essentials, etc. I will track these items here.


Jan 1: <free pass>yummy.gif

Jan 2: stillheart.gif

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Starting off on the right foot.  


We still have a decent amount of food in the fridge/freezer and about $40 in the food budget till Friday.  Should be able to make it fine.  Of course, if this over-due baby decides to finally arrive, things will get a little out of whack.  If he doesn't come tonight, I plan on doing a lot of cooking tomorrow to set us up for the week.  I have ingredients on hand for squash soup, chicken soup, sausage and noodle casserole, rice and beans and a garden full of good kale and chard.   Just need to do some food prep and we'll be eating like kings.    


Oh, and I was thrilled to get a $25 coupon for our favorite shoe store.  DS really needs new sneakers and his super wide feet make it almost impossible to find a good deal on shoes.  So, that is one thing I had planned on buying this month that will cost much less than I had thought.    


Looking for more ways to shave the budget.  We have been driving a lot less, so I think I can get away without spending any gas money this pay period.  That could add another $100 to the savings plan.  


I was trying to hang all the laundry, but my preggo belly is not helping with this. I think this is one place where I am just going to pay for the dryer and not sweat it.  


Focused on not spending, eating form home (including garden veggies before a killing frost comes), and using up everything that I have here.  


Jan 1 -- thumb.gif

Jan 2 -- thumb.gif

Jan 3 

Jan 4

Jan 5

Jan 6

Jan 7



January savings goal is at 24% 


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Testing out this quote feature...to see if I can update it.


I bought $200 worth of groceries (we're a big eating family) yesterday so I shouldn't have any reason to go to any stores for a week.  Just locked my purse in the filing cabinet.


Going to the gym today (I work part-time at a gym) and meeting friends for coffee so this should be a no-spend. 



Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom View Post

Jan 1 .. thumb.gif

Jan 2 .. irked.gif  $14 Pizza Hut

Jan 3.. 




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I recognize you too X!  Welcome back!!  I was thrilled to see Ruth starting the thread because I recognize her and Jenn as well.

Originally Posted by xekomaya View Post

Hey Mamas! It has been a long time since I have been over here. I think the last time I was really active on the thread was around 2008, although I am still seeing familiar names which is awesome!



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I wonder if you can ask MDC not to show you certain ads.  I know you can do that on facebook (they have a little question in the corner of the ad asking if you want to see ads from that company) because backcountry.com is now following me around on here, on my fitness pal, AND on facebook.


clearly that company decided this is the best way for them to advertise.


Outdoor gear is my WEAKNESS.  I can't be looking at it all day long flashing above every website I visit.


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Hello!  I'm new to this board.  Looking for all the support I can find to stick to our budget.


a. Who you are - My name is Sarah, and I'm a SAHM to two boys, nearly 4 and 9.  We are going on our 2nd year of homeschooling, with a Waldorf / Unschooling bent.  We live near Dallas, TX, my husband's home state.  I was raised in New Hampshire, and have lived all over New England.

b. Where you are going (your financial goals) - My short-term goal is to stay on budget, especially to plug those 'budget leaks' like overspending on groceries and homeschooling supplies.  We all need a few new clothes, and I want to try to carve that money out of our inflated grocery spending.  Long-term (well, 3-6 months) we want to put this house on the market and move back to New England.  My husband works from home, and so this is already feasible with his job.  But we need the money to get this house ready and to pay for the move itself.  Longer term, the goal is to further whittle expenses to get out of debt.  We have two rental properties in New England which can be quite expensive, and turning the one in MA in 2011 cost me *thousands*, all unforeseen.

c. How you plan to get there - I am not yet looking for work myself, though I a little freelance writing on the side.  The goal is to control spending so that my husband's income is maximized.  Hence, this board!


Nice to meet you all :)



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Hi there!  I'm glad to be joining this thread... hopefully it'll give me the kick I need to get control over our spending!


A.  I'm Kristina, mom to a just-turned 1 year old girl, and wife to dh.  I work out of the home as an elementary art teacher, because we can't afford for me to stay home :(  Right now my husband has approx. $15,000 in business/personal loans (on top of full-time job, he has a home business building drums - hopefully this year is our money-making year!), and I have about $2500 in CC debt that we racked up during my extended maternity leave.  I have a car that will be paid off in November (yay!), and we have a mortgage.  We've also got big expenses coming up: I need new tires, hubby's car is on it's last leg, I need to have my teeth worked on...


B. I want to have my credit card debt paid off by the end of 2012.  Not that big of a goal, I know, but I can't do much more than that (I anticipate, anyway) because I won't be getting teacher paychecks during the summer months because of when I came back to work, and NC is thinking of changing the pay schedule for us teachers as well, which might mean no paycheck in august either. :/


C. NO SPENDING!  Hard for us to do. Also grocery budget.  Right now we spend around $100/week.  I'd like to be lower than that.  I'm going to try a garden this year to help with food costs.  Plan to have a yard sale when the weather warms up this spring, so all the "decluttering" that I'm doing now, is just really going into the attic until then.  Then if it doesn't sell, we'll donate.


Jan. 1st - Groceries $93

Jan. 2nd - Junk food run (dh) $4.50

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a. Who you are

Mom to 2 toddlers (1 & 3), wife to a soldier in the army. We are a single income family.

b. Where you are going (your financial goals)

We want to pay off our van and save enough for a down payment on a house.

c. How you plan to get there

I have a vicious cycle I go through. The house gets crazy, I get overwhelmed, I escape the chaos instead of dealing with it, I go somewhere to "walk around", I buy things, I come home, there is still chaos and now I feel guilty for using gas and buying stuff.

I need to force myself to stay home, take care of our house and not nickel and dime us to death.


So I had already decided this month would be a "no spend" month. Our first paycheck all went to bills and rent. All we had left was money for gas. My husband (who has flat out refused to be part of financial planning, he says it's my job) paid a bill that I wasn't planning on paying until the 12th so now we don't even have gas money until then. So needless to say we are operating on necessity at this point. We also tend to spend a lot when we first get paid (we feel deprived I guess) so I have to keep us from doing that.

I'm aiming for 26 no-spend days this month, at least.


thumb.gif - No spend day

redface.gif - Budgeted spending (bills/gas)

irked.gif - Un-budgeted spending


Jan 1 - thumb.gif

Jan 2 - irked.gif Hubby bought food, then paid a bill that wasn't supposed to be paid yet. Is there a smiley for "I'm screwed"?

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Tomorrow I begin decluttering for the 2012 in 2012 Decluttering Challenge.

What is the 2012 Decluttering Challenge - I NEED to be in that.  Desperately need to declutter more than I already did all last year, but it always falls to the bottom of my list and only gets done a little here and there.  I need inspiration.


1.  I'm Antoinette, SAHM to 4 sweet littles, 8, 7, 5, 12m.  

2.  Financial Goals:

                             A. No unnecessary spending  

                             B. Pay off all debt: credit card, husbands truck, student loans

                             C. Establish Emergency fund and add to it regularly

                             D. Incorporate vacations/travel budget into our existing budget - we usually decide to do a vacation/trip and "just do it" without having planned ahead and budgeted for it.  We just figure it out as we go and it works out somehow, but I'd like to have the cash in hand before spending it

3.  How to get there - God help me!   Hardest part here is getting/keeping DH on board.  We need to learn how to really think/be frugal to save some extra $ because we spend so easily on unplanned things.  DH travels alot for work so when he's home, he wants to do "fun" things with the kids which always end up causing unplanned spending.  Guess I need to plan for such things and save elsewhere to cover it.  We have a budget which I really try to stick to and vow now to be better at sticking to the penny and add more detail to budget if/where necessary to make it easier to stick to.  Every extra bit of $ that comes in will immediately get stuck into savings and tax refund to pay off most debt and DH's bonus will be stashed without thinking about the fun things we we could do with it.  

(Borrowing other mama's keys:


thumb.gif - No spend day

redface.gif - Budgeted spending (bills/gas)

irked.gif - Un-budgeted spending


Jan 1: stayed home - family time with ILs,  thumb.gif

Jan 2: stayed home, playdates friends **FREE**, thumb.gif

Jan 3: Planned semiannual dentist appts only. redface.gif

          I managed to put off groceries to tomorrow and sent DD2 out to the book store with my grandma.  She got herself a little something at the book store on a gift card...so still doing well!  

Oh, and I called our phone/internet/cable provider today and talked them into a bundle rate almost $30 less per month - why did I not just get that rate in the first place as a loyal customer??!!! (which we have to have b/c DD "technically" works from home and needs these things so some of it is actually tax deductible :)

Anyway, I actually MADE money today!  WOOT! WOOT!

4: Planned/budgeted grocery purchase today at coop but I did buy a few new things to try that weren't on "the list"...OK though - planned spendingredface.gif

Car repair - new it was coming but until a week ago, was not planned spending, but will help us save in the long run until we have to buy a new car; trying to make this one last as long as possibleirked.gif











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My big thing is to stay away from the ads.  That's how companies (even the ones you love!) get you to open your wallet.  For me, ad-free means:

1. No TV.  Drastic?  Not really.  This is companies' direct line to your "Spend" button.

2. Emails from even my favourite stores go into my junk mail box.  If I decide I need something, I'll open the junk mail for any offers, but not before.

3. Cool-off period.  I get a lot of scrip through our school's fundraiser (these are gift cards that the school buys at discount and sells to me full price);  waiting for the scrip to arrive is effective at weeding out impulse buys.

4. Those banner ads on websites?  I don't know what to do about those, other than decreasing my attention window to the part of the screen that IS interesting.  Google Ads and others of its ilk are getting way too good for my taste.

5. When asked, at the cash register, for my contact info, I politely decline.  Not even my zipcode:  they have the choice of no zipcode, or the wrong zipcode (usually my brother's zipcode, or my college zipcode:  sabotage big brother!)

6. No physical junk mail.  Wrote to the Direct Marketing people and got my name on the DoNotSend list.


Ditch the Joneses - or, learn to listen to your own needs.

This is crucial to the health of your finances, and also terribly difficult.  In blogging about cars, it strikes me over and over how many myths, mental images, labels any particular car model drags with it wherever it goes.  You cannot just buy four wheels that will get you from A to B, no, you buy an _image_ of yourself that you presumably can project onto the world at large. Automakers will have you believe that "you are what you drive".  Ditch it.  Drive what YOU NEED (separate emphasis on "you", and on "need").


Here's to living below our means!


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