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Originally Posted by rosepartyof3 View Post

What is the 2012 Decluttering Challenge - I NEED to be in that.  Desperately need to declutter more than I already did all last year, but it always falls to the bottom of my list and only gets done a little here and there.  I need inspiration.

Here you go, mama:



The goal is 2012 items decluttered by the end of 2012.

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I want to join too.  I haven't been on MDC much since the birth of my second child.  I find it hardest to get my DH to avoid the small spending (like lunch out/coffee~I need to make him lunch each day if I want him to curb that type of spending). 


We are doing pretty good and Christmas was not out of control.  I really want to save up a better emergency fund.  December was a big spending month b/c I bought a freezer full of meat etc...since money is not that tight, I find motivation wanes after a while.  I want to keep in mind the big expenses we will have this year since I want to move back to the West Coast and moving/selling your house/buying a house is a HUGE expense. 


I have also joined the 2012 in 2012 decluttering challenge..I am NOT moving junk across the country again!!



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Hi everyone, I'd like to join!


We probably can't get away with not spending anything this January, since we have a vacation planned next week.  But, apart from that, I'm hoping groceries are it.


a. Who you are: 31 year old married professor pregnant with our first, due in August!

b. Where you are going (your financial goals): We're doing ok for retirement, but I would like to have a serious buffer of at least $10K and maybe $15k for emergency expenses.  My husband and I do fine salary-wise, but we have his student loans, a mortgage, and three dogs. We just got hit with a 2k vet bill, and these kinds of surprises just keep coming.  We're perpetually in modest credit card debt, which never ceases to amaze me and stress me out beyond belief.  I'd like to have a comfortable cushion and be able to start seriously saving for a new house (probably in 6+ years) and college.  My parents were able to save enough to buy new cars with cash, which I always thought was amazing.  I'd like to have enough money in the bank that things like new running shoes or a new vacuum don't send my heart rate through the roof.


Overall, my goal is to live like money doesn't matter.  I don't want to think about it and I don't want to worry about it.  The only way to do that on our salaries is to minimize our spending and save, save, save.

c. How you plan to get there:  I've already automated much of our savings.  $200 goes to our IRA from each paycheck and $150 from each paycheck automatically goes into our money market.  I need to get my husband on board, since his student loans (lots) still mystify me.  My goal is to cut out credit cards altogether.  If we don't have the money for a purchase, it just shouldn't happen.  We're still figuring out ways to cut food expenses, like buying a chest freezer for bulk grass fed beef and CSA's during the warm months.  Limiting spending on restaurants and so on is big for us, since we don't tend to buy other stuff very often.  It's mostly a collection of small purchases that add up over the month.  Hopefully I'll get some good tips from everyone here! 

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I haven't been doing well so far.


Jan 1- Bought new casserole dishes that weren't needed.  Appreciated........but not needed.  Too the kids to the movies.  Free to get in but I bought drinks and popcorn.


Jan 2- Planned on a no spend day but got invited to lunch with a friend.  So I bought for me and the kids.  Also had to go to the store for milk but got scammed by the husband into getting beer.  Sigh.  Need to learn to tell him no. LOL  We need to save!


Oh and my ad is for the textbook renting site, chegg.com........I have been looking at going back to school.  So creepy how the interent knows everything.  :)


Hoping for better today.  I really want to go to weight watchers tonight.  Another new years resolution.  But not sure if I wanna spend the 13 dollars.  Hmm.......we will see.

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Oh yay!  We were going to be doing this anyway, but I'm so happy to find this thread here to keep me honest!  Hello, everybody!


a. Who you are


I'm Heather-Lee, SAHM to one energetic little toddler.  I have some pretty massive debt from a graduate degree that I am obviously not putting to use at the moment (or since I finished it-right before my son was born), and I've got some lingering guilt about that and about not contributing financially to our household. Before I left work to go back to school, I had the solid income and my husband freelanced.  Since he got a "real" job and has been our only source of income I have felt really out of touch with our finances and unsure about how to meet our financial goals.

b. Where you are going (your financial goals)


In the short term, I want to pay off the credit card that has our Christmas expenses on it whistling.gif. After that, we need to add to my existing savings account so that I can buy a new car, hopefully outright since the last thing we need is another monthly payment.


In the long term, I need to figure out what to do about these student loans that I keep deferring because I have no income. 

c. How you plan to get there


This month, my husband and I decided to only pay bills, for gas, and to give ourselves $100/week (payable Friday mornings) for groceries.  In order for this to work, I need to get my act together and make sure I have dinner ready every.single.day. AND have leftovers or a separate lunch packed for my husband.  In reality I will probably also have to remind him in the morning and likely hand it to him as he goes out the door.


I'm honestly not too worried about impulse buying this month.  We each have an Amazon gift balance from my Mom for Christmas that we can use if things get rough, though we would like to really buy nothing extra at all this month to stick to the principle of the thing.  I'm also going to be home a lot, as my son has been exposed to chicken pox and we are waiting to see if he gets it.


So it may be a lonely month, but it shouldn't be too hard to avoid spending money.


thumb.gif - Nothing spent

redface.gif - Budgeted spending for groceries, gas or bills

irked.gif - Other spending


1/1 - thumb.gif


1/2 - thumb.gif


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I was trying to declutter my inbox by unsubscribing to stuff, and since I hadn't been here in years I was going to get rid of Mothering.com but then I saw the title to this thread in the email. So here's to giving it a go.


Please write an introductory message when you decide to join our thread. We would like to know:

a. I'm ParisAnne, a SAHomeschoolingMom to 10 yo dancer, Payton. 

b. I'd like to say saving money, but I'm starting out small, with the goal of not overspending each month, that sounds like a huge deal to me right now.  With a trip to Disneyland last spring, my husband taking a work trip to London (didn't cost too much out of pocket, but every little bit put on a card that wasn't repaid ads up), a trip to Victoria for our anniversary in November, mostly went on cards.  We spent 20K last year that we don't have. Most of that is money not put onto cards, as we don't typically use credit cards, but it's mostly money on a line of credit attached to our checking account. So when we run out of money bills just get autopaid from this account and it's really added up. My husband worked on the budget stuff for most of yesterday and said it's about $600 each month we have to be paying this stuff back.

c. How do I plan to get there? Ug, I don't know. Kinda used to just buying what I want when I want. One would think when you make in the low 6 figures, have no car payments, that you'd have enough money to be comfortable each month, but obviously not the way we live. Our daughter dances competitively, and that's hundreds of dollars each month. That was the reason for the Disney trip last year, we didn't choose to take some expensive vacation we couldn't afford. Her team does one big trip each year. Her dance is paramount to me, so we have to cut back other places. There is no reason we shouldn't be able to afford her dance fees. It means cutting other spending, cutting the grocery bill. Eating out and organic groceries eats up a big chunk of money each month.  So my goal is to not buy unecessary things. This morning we talked about putting above ground garden beds outside come Feb. so we can maybe grow more of our own food.


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Wallet is locked in the filing cabinet.  it is going to be a good day. 




Jan 1..  thumb.gif

Jan 2..  irked.gif  $14 Pizza Hut

Jan3..  thumb.gif


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. Who you are


My name is Maurita and I am a working mom of one beautiful daughter (almost 4..January 12th) and planning on trying for number 2 next month!

b. Where you are going (your financial goals)


My families goal is to add a bedroom to our one bedroom home this summer and pay down our debt all that the same time!!

c. How you plan to get there


My part in this plan would be to distinguish from our "wants" and our "needs" with spending.  I shop for all of my clothes in consignment stores but realize I do not "need" any additional pieces until I can weed through what I have and truly determine if there is indeed a need not a want.  My plan is to stick to the gratitude for what I already have and downsize the items we can do without.


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a. Who you are:

Hi! I'm Erin. I am a stay-at-home mom to four children. My sons are 11, 8, and newborn, and my daughter is 3.  I like reading, hiking, and dancing 

b. Where you are going (your financial goals)?

 I want our family to spend less than my husband earns at his job. We have an unusual financial situation for couples our age (35). Due to some things that happened, we do have money accessible to us that is not from his salary. But we want to stop dipping into that to pay our bills. 

c. How you plan to get there:  I will not be able to get there on my own. My husband will have to decide whether or not he is willing to cut some of his expenses. My part is to reduce the amount I spend on food and consumable household necessities by about half, and to avoid buying pretty much anything else. 


Yesterday, I made a meal plan for the week and a grocery list. Went to ALDI and spent $100 on groceries. Also went to Kroger and spent $40 on Dr. Pepper 2-liters because they were on sale for $1 each and my husband is addicted to the stuff. There is absolutely no chance of his giving it up...it's a non-negotiable expense, so might as well stock up when it's $1 a bottle instead of $1.69 a bottle. Today, I'll write my kids' piano teacher a check for $144. Thinking about asking her if she would let us have one weekly 30-minute spot, but alternate the boys so that she sees DS1 one week and DS2 the next. That would cut music lessons cost in half.  

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tracking legend:

eat.gif home cooked

love.gif personal development/healing

carrot.gifpantry/freezer used

thumb.gif no unnecessary spending

geek.gif online training

om.gif declutter (stole the icon even!)

blush.gif library late fee or eating out

irked.gif unnecessary spending (hope not to see this one!)


1/1 eat.gif love.gif thumb.gif carrot.gifom.gif

1/2 eat.gif love.gif carrot.gif irked.gif i did not get around to online training and i spent more than i meant to at the grocery store. on top of that, the 2 reduced packages of beef bones that i bought yesterday rang through at their original price and i didn't notice until we got home. only about $0.70 difference but i should've been paying more attention.

1/3 eat.gif love.gif thumb.gif carrot.gif


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ParisAnne- Welcome! I live in Kirkland, too!!



1/1 smile.gif No spend! Hike in woods, board games and hanging out at home. Happy New Year!

1/2  smile.gif No spend! Spent day enjoying the snowy mountains with DH and kids. Wonderful. Kids back to school tomorrow, and it will be my grocery/costco shopping day.

1/3 thumb.gif Budgeted spending. Gas for car, cleaners, Trader Joe's, Costco. Did a HUGE grocery shop and should be set for 2 weeks, maybe more!






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Who you are~


I am Daisy, wife to my soldier husband and home educating mother to our five year old girl. We are planning greatly reduce our spending and expenses this year to save an ample emergency fund, increase our retirement savings, and begin stashing away money to (hopefully) purchase land and build a house when my husband's time on active duty is over. 


Where you are going~


We are hitting a new chapter in our financial life with the last payment on vehicle coming in just a couple months and my husband's soon-to-be promotion coming not too long afterward. As we have been living comfortably without this extra money and are debt-free besides the vehicle, we have discussed in-depth the necessity to stick to the same budget, perhaps even a little less, and by doing so providing ourselves a cushion and real options when it's time to decide where we go from here. 


How you plan to get there~


We have set a strict budget and will hold each other accountable in following through with it. Pretending any extra money doesn't exist and funneling it into savings before we ever get used to having it available will be essential for sticking to our goals.


We have no TV and do not subscribe to magazines with commercial ads. I have removed myself from emails and catalog lists that prove tempting, unsubscribed from blogs that do the same. Most importantly, I have cultivated a supportive network of like-minded friends to affirm me as we strive for increased simplicity in life and who will share friendship without pressure to spend. I have made a commitment to make by hand gifts for members outside our immediate family throughout the year and to buy used whenever a purchase is truly necessary and used is appropriate and best for the long-term. 


I cannot remember the last time I visited the mall but will avoid the mall and all stores that nurture the ugly consumerist spirit, including my personal place of weakness: the craft store. With ample art supplies and recyclables in the home and a bit of creativity, I am sure art and crafts will go on uninterrupted despite the lack of spending. A supply of fabric and yarn must be turned into clothing before I dare think about purchasing more. 



We will utilize more bartering, swapping and so forth to acquire extra niceties and some essentials. A group of friends will be getting together for a childrens clothing, book, sports equipment and toy swap this spring that will likely provide for many of my daughter's needs throughout the year


I will continue to cook from scratch, patronize local farmers and the farmers market and preserve food. This year one of my resolutions is to bake *all* of our bread from scratch and cease purchasing bread at all, especially as a big bag of flour from a local mill sits in my kitchen. Packing a lunch for my husband every day will be on my to-do list until we relocate and are able to share breakfast, lunch, AND dinner together as a family on most days.


My infamous are of struggle is buying books, a problem I plan to overcome with the library and the e-reader. "Serendipity reading" I am calling the intellectual adventure for it is fate, not my own full preference, that will determine which novels I enjoy and subjects I study this year. It is my hope to not only save money but be exposed to new ideas and authors I likely wouldn't have uncovered otherwise, stuck to old habits I all too often seem to be.


Spending to save will also be another necessity. Our soon-to-be-paid off car requires some work that my husband can perform himself. At the end of our current lease, we'll be moving to a more frugal and energy efficient home in order to reduce our expenses. The new place will be extremely close to my husband's place of employment allowing us to see significant savings in gas costs and to better live with just one vehicle. We intend to use a portion of our tax refund to purchase badly needed energy efficient washer and dryer when we relocate to our new home. A small investment for seeds, soil, community garden plot, and container gardening supplies will be necessary to save money on herbs, heirloom tomatoes and other garden treats. All of these needs have been carefully budget for as we slashed our budget in anticipation of the new year and coming needs. 


A garage sale and CL sales will take place this spring for excess "stuff" and the money will be used to pay for incidentals that come with relocating. Any extra will go directly into savings


We will be allowing ourselves $25 of 'family fun money' every week to go out to eat, go bowling, go to see a movie, pay for the extra gas to take a day trip, that sort of thing and will continue to enjoy free and low cost activities in our community.



My Month So Far~


1/1- $0

1/2- $0

1/3- $0

1/4-$7.49 for garbage bags. I knew I was forgetting something at the grocery store last week!

1/5- $0

1/6- $2 for bananas



Total: 9.49

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I'm Akie, single mom to 3 boys, homeschooling one.


My goal is to be able to pay for a trip for all of us to Texas this summer (we live in Hawaii) and also to the Signing Time conference in Utah in July.


I teach one class a week of Baby Signing Time and am finishing up a seasonal job with Coach this month.


January 1 - $35 renewal subscriptions to church magazines

$175 for hair straightening Groupon - I really, really need this even though it seems frivolous

January 2 - $98 horseback riding - my new expensive hobby but I only go about once a month

$50 gas

January 3 - NO SPEND!!!

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Originally Posted by petey44 View Post




irked.gif unnecessary spending

eyesroll.gif necessary spending

thumb.gif no spending


1/1: irked.gif I sent DH to the store to pick up a pepper I needed for a recipe...I had bought it within the grocery budget the day before, but then DH used it without asking while fixing himself a snack...and then while he was at the store he picked up something else he wanted to make (completely disregarding the houseful of food we have, sigh).  Only about $3-4, but still...

1/2: irked.gif We didn't plan properly for our trip to the nature center, and DD was HUNGRY.  Again, only spent $1, but see how's it's already adding up?

1/3: thumb.gif


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thumb.gif No Spend/ Budgeted spending

irked.gif Unplanned/ unbudgeted spending

om.gif 30min spent decluttering


1.  thumb.gif We're at my ILs until tomorrow, DH and I ran to Target for MIL for popcorn, I picked up stockings and eye makeup for DH's formal office party on Saturday, all of it was put on a GC I got for Christmas, so no $$ out of pocket.  I REEEALLY wanted to buy some other stuff that we REEEEALLY didn't need, but I resistedjoy.gif

2.  thumb.gif Trip home today.  We budgeted a set amount for this trip to the ILs, and for one of the first times, we actually stayed completely in budget!!joy.gif  I'm hoping that this will set the precedent for the rest of the year, that we can set a budget and stay within it.  No extra spending, no impulse shopping, complete CONTROL!!  Tomorrow I begin decluttering for the 2012 in 2012 Decluttering Challenge.

3.  irked.gif om.gif  DH stopped for a haircut on the way home from work b/c I haven't had a free moment to cut his hair.  There's room in the budget for it, but it wasn't really budgeted for.

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1/1 $0
1/2 $116.91
1/3 $0

I posted too soon yesterday...
$24.92 thrift store
$.50 library (books were out of category so they offered them to me for a quarter each)
$1.50 kohls to use up $10 kohls cash given to me, got hat and gloves for my oldest, gloves for me and my other son
$49.99 for much needed pair of shoes for my oldest
$20 gas for me
$20 gas for my husband

Everything was within budget, but still feeling disappointed to see those numbers. I much prefer todays: $0. smile.gif
I think its because while those expenses were expected and in the budget, I am still kind of juggling our finances. I am very much looking forward to having the months expenses in advance and pulling from the proper cash pile, rather than counting on the money to be there to cover things eventually...
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1/3   No unecessary spending. Only spent $17 at the pet store getting cat food. Really need to get them flea meds, but it's so expensive.  Paid the mortgage and have to pay a few other bills this week, which will probably eat up most of this paycheck.

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I'm Gille, single mom to son J. My goal for this year is to get out from under my debt in order to add some adventure to our life.

I'm always wanting to go and do things and since I work at night, I have nothing but opportunity during the day.

With the debt that I have, the low paying job and the mortgage as my main focus, my boy and I have been going nowhere real fast.

I want to change that. I saw a perfect little surfing trip that I would love to go on. I'm hoping something like that can be a reward for us when we're done with all this debt.

I plan to get there by curbing excess spending, sticking to my written budget, adding in some accountability and setting up small savings goals to keep my mind focused on the positive and not the negative.


I love this idea. I'm excited to get going.

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Originally Posted by akichan View Post

I'm Akie, single mom to 3 boys, homeschooling one.


My goal is to be able to pay for a trip for all of us to Texas this summer (we live in Hawaii) and also to the Signing Time conference in Utah in July.


I teach one class a week of Baby Signing Time and am finishing up a seasonal job with Coach this month.


January 1 - $35 renewal subscriptions to church magazines

$175 for hair straightening Groupon - I really, really need this even though it seems frivolous

January 2 - $98 horseback riding - my new expensive hobby but I only go about once a month

$50 gas

January 3 - NO SPEND!!!

I'm in Texas wishing I could save up for Hawaii. Want to trade? ;)



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I think I should join in too!


a. Who you are: I'm a 31 year old mom to a 6 year old girl. I married to Mr. Frugal in Oct 2010, and we have a little girl due at the end of Feb.

b. Where you are going: I really want to stay home when the baby is born. I'm the spender in this house though, so I know I need to make that happen. If I can't, then I'll have to do some part time work. We live on his income for the most part already, but my income is building savings, paying for random expenses, and paying for all the baby/midwife stuff. And my spending...


c. How you plan to get there: I've saved enough to buy everything we'll need for the baby, but I haven't purchased much yet. I've been waiting for sales and promotions for the bigger stuff, and registry completion discounts for the smaller stuff. Any income I don't spend now will give us more wiggle room later on, so I'm trying to keep that in mind as I spend right now. I will be spending quite a bit before the baby comes, but my goal is to buy what we need for the best prices possible. I'm also trying to change some spending habits so our decrease in income doesn't come as a shock to me.


Jan 1- Did some shopping at IKEA for stuff to organize my laundry dungeon. Did it with xmas money :)

Jan 2 - Found a good deal on a few baby items I wanted, and used gift cards I had purchased at cardpool.com to buy them

Jan 3 - Bought some groceries and gas

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