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Erica, congrats on the u/s and good report from a very positive doctor's appointment!  How fabulous to see your baby, right where it belongs. :D  Now you can do what you need to do - relax and enjoy your pregnancy knowing you're in good hands.


Ram, beautiful bump picture, and I love the nursery motif.  I can imagine that last month is really uncomfortable.  So this is something I could probably find out via research, but I'd rather hear personal stores - what are you packing in your hospital bag for your delivery trip?


Caly, sorry that work is so stressful right now.  It seems that even when we're trying to avoid stress, stuff just comes up.


Andaluza, I'm waiting as long as possible (prob 12 weeks) to tell my co-workers, partly because I'm nervous about asking for maternity leave off (ridiculous I know), partly because I've been at my job for less than a year, and partly because I'm not positive I want to return to the office.  I will be interviewing daycare centers and potential nannies to leave my options open - plus I have a father who is insanely excited about being Grandpop for two days a week - but I don't know.  That first year - I can't imaging leaving a tiny brand new baby at day care.  Breaks my heart to think about, and right now I don't have more than a grain of rice baby in my tummy.


AFM I think I may have found a really great OB practice!  My gyno is in her 60's and has retired from obstetrics, so she referred me to a fantastic practice with female-only practitioners (a big deal for me).  Yesterday, one of the nurses did a half-hour consultation with me asking me questions about how I felt, etc.  I had a few questions for her, and she was extremely helpful and friendly.  She got me set up as a patient in the event that I need to come in with any problems (and not be referred to my GP, thank goodness).  DH and I need to visit the nearby hospital to check out their birthing facilities and confirm that it's a fit, but I have a great feeling about it all!  My first appointment is on the 24th, when they will be able to register the heart beat.  I have a feeling there may be tears.


I've been having some dizziness and queasiness, but fatigue has been my biggest demon.  I'm amazed to be awake at all, and I really need to get to bed right away.  Stocked up on those mini cans of Hansen's Ginger Ale, some candied ginger, and peppermint tea.  I also got some acai juice on sale and omega-3 organic eggs.  I have been craving eggs!  I know it's probably too early for cravings, but I'm going to eat healthy things my body asks for.  I've also been forcing myself to do my workouts, and that seems to help with the fatigue.  Running outside in the fresh air is the best remedy for my queasiness.


As a treat to myself, I have hired a house cleaning service.  It sounds frivolous, but they use all non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners that will keep the house safe for myself and the baby.  And, I can rest.  I figure if my limited-income grandmother did it back in the day when she didn't have a job, I can do it now with my 40+ hours a week at the office.

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Maaan. I was so sick all of yesterday for the first time ever. I really hope this isn't the start of "real" morning sickness, right before I go back to work. Huz got me a Wendy's chicken and biscuit this morning and I ate it wearing my seabands and I feel pretty good. I am just so scared of how I am going to teach if that becomes the norm.


I'm frustrated about what I'm reading about large-size nursing bras. Someone said basically give up not looking saggy and uniboob until after you're done nursing, and not to get anything too thick.  I am going to have to go back to work teaching 2 months after the baby is born and this is just not an option for me. Grr. I don't know about local bra shops, either. I went to one a few years ago and it was small and the bra they fit me in didn't fit. :(


Love to all!

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Ramzubo: Good to know about the BP. Yeah, my new OB said it was normal, it's just not myyyy normal... so it freaked me out. I feel a bit better since Sunday, and not so pass-outy. I think the catalyst there was, I didn't eat or drink anything all day till about 1 or 2 pm. Not so smart. But therein lies my problem... I don't feel like eating! Dang it!


Rosie: Sneeze-pee?! Oh Godddddd! I can't stop laughing... I hope to hell not to have to suffer through that too. Crazy.


livingsky: Yeah, I was sorta suprised at how happy and relaxed it made me to see that! Lol.


Andaluza: u/s today, right?? How'd it go!! The blood draws def weren't fun, but I think I heard them say they don't do anymore crazy ones like that till 14 weeks I thinkkkk she said.


Hykue: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, watching her sleep. Sigh. Love. love.gif


boots: Manggggg. Only a few short weeks ago you were concerned about the no m/s thing. Lol. Amazing how time changes everything so quickly. I hope you felt some relief today. Do you think those seabandz work? I was reading about those and wondering myself. I know I said this in another post, but do you have a Nordstrom's nearby? They're great at fittings, and they were awesome for breast cancer patients... not sure how they are with maternity, but if there anything like there were with me... you'll love them. I called and made an appt, so maybe you can call and see if they do that for maternity too? Worth a shot.


AFM: Same old song. sleeping.gifAnd I even slept pretty darn well last night! I used that progesterone gel, Crinone that my ob gave me yesterday. Yick. I really don't want to use it today, but their office is closed on Thursdays so obviously I won't be getting my bloodwork today. Sighhhh. I guess I can suffer through another day. Lol. Woke up this am with a sore throat. Crappity crap crap. Everyone in my office is sick, so I guess I'm not surprised. What else... oh! So, we can only take like regular boring ass Tylenol right? I probably just fried my baby, but we only have extra strength Tylenol so I took just one. Eeesh. What about if you have a cold? There's really NOTHING you can take? I'm obsessing for my cold worsening. Lol.





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Rosie, Boots, Hykue, and Erica: Hope everyone gets better soon and the winter isn’t too hard on y'all.fever.gif And Erica the sheet from my doc's office says Tylenol any strength is fine.

Livingsky: Good luck on your Doula studies!!! We had our last meeting with our doula and I’m so glad we are going to have her with us for the birth.

Andaluza:fingersx.gif for your u/s today!

Calpurnia: Hiring a cleaning service is a great idea. Having the house clean along with the month’s worth of food I’ve stocked up has been such a stress relief for me. And per your request here’s a condensed version of my baby bag skipping the obvious camera, phone, etc. I got some good stuff from the home birth ladies even though I’ll be at a hospital, especially for post partum momma problems.

Birth Plan (2) and Labor Plan

Breastfeeding book

Aromatherapy (orange, rose, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender)

Almond oil for massage and baby's tushy

Hot/cold pad

Swimsuit suit for tub and board shorts for Dh

Washcloths for labor

Throw-away maternity underwear, depends (or use hospital pairs)

One set of at hospital clothes and one set of going-home clothes

Nightgown & robe

Flip Flops & Nonskid socks

Light jacket

2 maternity bras/tanks

Clothes for DH

Boppy, nursing cream, nursing pads

Toiletry-Bag: hairbrush, toothbrush (2), toothpaste, deodorant (2), soap, makeup, lotion, shower cap, ponytail holders

Medi-Bag: contact lens, case, solution, eyeglasses, baby nail clippers, stool softener, Arnica

Snack-Bag: Hard candy to keep mouth moist during labor, crackers, fresh/dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, cookies, water bottles, emergenC, Powerade, Milk Maid tea, oatmeal packs

Baby-Bag: 2 sizes of coming-home outfit (footed), bunting for winter, sleepsack

Warm blanket for baby (for the ride home)

To Leave in Car: Towel in case of water breakage, Blankets and pillow for car ride, Breast pump

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I'd like to be added!  I'm 30, expecting #1 in August 2012, after 2 months of trying.  :)



Ram-- love your whale theme, that is too cute!


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I hope you're feeling better, Hykue, and the blues stay away.


I hope your future visits go a little better, Boots! Yeah, I think I'll tell during my (informal) review.

Sorry that you felt so sick. When I got so ill last week I was frightened it would keep up like that and so far, I've gotten so much better!!


Glad to hear you're feeling pretty good, Calpurnia7. Your symptoms sound good, since getting rest is important! I will have to look into a cleaning service. We did hire one when we moved in and I was not at all impressed, so we never tried again. So far, dh did vacuum and is doing more dishes and kitty litter duty, but is not excited to make the house sparkle.


I hope you feel better soon, Erica. Tylenol is pregnancy safe, so you should be pretty good with that, if it helps. Not a bad excuse for some ice cream, sorbet, or fruit pops, though, if they appeal to you!


Thanks, Ramzubo and your list is great!


Great to see you here, lakeruby! How are you feeling?


AFM, everything went well today! Whew!! and Woohoo!!! I am measuring one day ahead of when we estimated based on ov and lmp, so pretty much on track! We had the vaginal sonogram and saw the baby, saw the heart flickering, and we are so thrilled. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would, but I think that's because I was waiting so long--over 40 minutes--for the doc! I also started crying while driving there and saw dh driving to the appointment, so I've had enough tears for now. I have another appt at 10w and that's when I do all the blood draws.


I'll add my ticker finally and Calycanth, I guess we can update my info: Andaluza, bfp on 5th month ttc, EDD 8/13/12.


Oh, since I'm thinking of it, does anyone have any good body wash/soap suggestions? My skin is super sensitive right now, so I think I'm going to have to do fragrance free baby gentle, which is probably not a bad idea. I'm considering the Burt's bees baby wash and the Earth Mama angel baby. Other suggestions?

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andaluza: I have pretty sensitive skin too. I can only use Dove soap on my face, and I love love loveeeee Dr. Bronner's soap in Almond. LOVE. I usually get mine at Target or the health food store by me! http://www.drbronner.com/DBMS/OLAL08/AlmondOrganicLiquidSoap.htm


Ramzubo: Okay, thank you!! Good to know. I'm demented and forgot to ask when I was there. Lol.


lakeruby: Welcome! You doooooo know if I have a girl, I'm naming her Ruby right? Hehe. For real!

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welcome to the new people.  congrats on all your budding embryos! reading along when the babe nurses.  Hope everyone is feeling good today.


tylenol is pregnancy safe I also used some throat spray stuff that was pregnancy safe when I had a sore throat.  I tried to do without even the so called pregnancy safe drugs but when you feel awful on top of feeling pregnancy awful something has to give sometimes!  I was sick when I concieved, in the 1st trimester twice!  when I gave birth and when I first came home after having him.  awful. 


I also like dr bronners.  I use it for elliot.  I bought a tiny bottle of the baby kind to bring to the hospital because I didn't want them using the other chemically stuff on him for his first bath and we have hardly put a dent in the bottle.

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Erica, my sheet from my doc says that sudafed is okay, as long as it's the kind they make meth from, behind the pharmacy counter. No phenylephrine. I avoided it and used only Vicks Vaporub and a bit of nose spray for the first eight weeks, but I am happy to be able to take it and I can breathe so much better, It's probably better all around.


Uhm, my cat is stealing my saltines. What a weirdo.


Really, really hoping that huz gets tomorrow off work. He asked weeks ago and his boss said basically we'll see. I could use the support getting ready for the new semester and mentally preparing myself to go back to work. 


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Hey guys, just a quick update (I already posted all over my DDC, so sorry for those of you who are repeats). 


First ultrasound!  We did a vaginal one because I have a crazy tilted uterus, and the pics were amazing!  We got to see his/her little arms and legs move (s/he did a couple serious kicks in there).  My husband was so excited.  He had no idea he'd be able to see anything like that.  Because of the tilt we couldn't hear the HB, but we saw it (170 beats per minute).  So so so excited.  It finally feels real.  Can't wait to show the soon-to-be grandparents (and everyone else who can stand it).  joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif  I think I successfully uploaded a pic on the August DDC due date thread, so for those of you who would like to see a weird alien creature, head on over!


Our revised due date is August 6, but they're not changing it officially from August 8 because they only change it if it's a week different.  The u/s lady said basically some time the first week of August, so I'm cool with that.

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boots: I heard Sudafed was okay too, I just wasn't sure which one. Okay, I'm keeping that in mind if this cold gets worse. It maybe just be my weird preggo symptoms. I took one Tylenol around 7 this am and I've felt fine since. Hmmm.


Lily: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I went to see the pic, so sweet! And um, lets shoot for August 6th... cause that's myyyy birthday... and Leo's are awesome! biggrinbounce.gif

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Forgive me for not writing personals. I made the mistake of skipping lunch today and I am exhausted and nauseous. Yuck. Looks like things are going well for everyone, except poor, sick Bootshug2.gif It's so exciting to read about the newly pregnant mamas having their first ultrasounds!


I had a midwife appointment this morning. Everything looks good (she told me I had "perfect pee" at my last visit - I don't think anyone's ever complimented my pee before). My uterus is just where it should be for 15-16 weeks, and we heard the baby's heartbeat on the Doppler (155 bpm). She gave me an order for my 20 week ultrasound, so I need to call and set that up. We've decided to find out whether it's a boy or a girl, so I'm pretty excited for that US. MW said she thinks it's a girl because she had a relatively easy time finding the heartbeat. Apparently, boys like to hide from her.


I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.

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calpurnia - no need to apologize for hiring a cleaning service. I feel like the stigma against it is ridiculous and should be abolished here. In a number of countries, it's considered selfish NOT to hire people to work in the home if you have the means. Someone gets a job, you can rearrange your priorities and time expenditure without foregoing cleanliness. No-brainer that should need no apology!


Boots - I'm ignoring the impending nursing bra problem. I ignored regular bra problems (that still exist) for years before pregnancy, why stop now? UGH. I really am still kind of hoping a perfect nursing bra falls into my lap from the sky. 


ericaf - yep! I heard about it once, never thought it'd happen to me, but it sure did! Twice! As Hykue said, it's actually pretty easy to avoid but preparing for the sneeze with a kegel. But the first two took me by surprise! On, and pee even more often when you've for a sneeze-inducing cold! ;)


ram - What's the difference between a birth plan and a labor plan? What's in each?


ALL - A friend told me today to STOCK UP on the crotch ice packs hospitals give you for postpartum (i.e. steal as many as possible). Not my advice, but she was so adamant that I felt compelled to pass it on. 


Hi lakeruby! Welcome and congratulations! :)


andaluza and LilyTiger - Congratulations on hearing and seeing the heartbeat!  


Caly - LOL@"perfect pee". Yay for the heartbeat and anticipation of your 20week scan. You and Bel will be the next gender reveals (if Bel is going to find out their gender?). Always fun and exciting. 

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Caly, Did I not tell you it's a spacegirl!? luxlove.gif Yay! I'm glad you finally got to hear the heartbeat, what a long wait! Yay for Friday. Man, my M/S is nothing like yours was, but thanks for the pity. I just thought I was maybe going to get away with none, but the odds aren't in my favor there.


Has anyone heard about 12 week gender prediction? I guess if you have a tech that will venture a guess, they can get a pretty good idea if the baby is in the right position. Time is still crawling, so I think February 2nd  (my scan and next ob appointment) sounds like forever. But I remain pretty convinced Honey Badger is a boy. We did finally settle on our in utero name, I hope some of you recognize it from the youtube video :) I've really been feeling like "honey badger don't care."


Erica, how are you feeling?


Rosie, okay, I will just join you in your bra denial. I need to try on my regular bras and see if I am going to be able to tolerate them for work. I've been wearing softcup bras since 12/24!


I cannot wait to find out the gender of Bel's Bajingo twins! :) partners.gif


Feeling okay today, kind of shaky like if I forget to eat the stupid almonds/applesauce/saltines, I will go south. But I'm going to try to eat tacos tonight with my seabands on, Huz will make them mild and I'll get some veggies.

Hard to believe there's only three more days of break but huz will be able to work from home tomorrow, yay! I still need to go get some bloodwork they ordered and I'm so glad I won't be spending another day alone. I was going to hang out with my friend this week but she and her teen daughter got a stomach bug and there's no way I would risk that.

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ericaf - Cold-wise, you want to avoid anything with the "DM" on the label. Which pretty much knocks out most of the good decongestants out there. Buckley's is considered pregnancy safe, but honestly, that stuff tastes so awful it was the only thing that actually made me nauseous while pregnant. Vicks Vaporub and a few gallons of peppermint tea LOADED with honey were my best friends while sick and pregnant. I know a lot of people in my DDC used a NetiPot, but I've never tried one.

Okay I HAVE to try to get some sleep as Kayden really hasn't been sleeping well this week, but, just a quick hi to everyone and WELCOME for the newcomers!
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OMG BOOTS YOU NAMED YOUR BABY HONEY BADGER?!?!?! That's downright brilliant. I love it. I'm jealous. I'm LOL'ing. Heeheheheee I <3 that meme.

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Happy New year Ladies!  I hope everyone was able to stay awake!


Ramzubi - gorgeous!  I love the baby's room as well.  Someone asked about a theme today and never thought about being creative.  Thats wonderful!  (And 22 days?   yay!) 


Andaluza and LilyTiger - exciting u/s!  I never get tired of them.


Andaluza - I did tell my work after the 12th week.  I'm sure they will be excited for you!


Calpurnia - Congrats!  joy.gif   Glad to hear you founf a great OB.  Realizing now that it is hard to.


Calycanth - sorry about the boobs...have you tried adding the extra hooks?  Sorry about the workplace drama.  Sounds like they have been working together for too long.  (Nah...people just like to gossip and be clique-y)  Annoying I know. 


Boots - I'm so sorry about the mood.  I know the ups and downs can be extreme.  I feel ya on the belly pics - its harder being a big girl.  I had two thin pregnant friends, one due now and the other had their DD awhile ago.  Its hard to explain to friends I'm not gonna be that cute...they just tell me to hush.  Glad you had your first appt. with OB...I still haven't met my Dr. Dr...just the PA.  Um...I LOVE THE HONEY BADGER...cause he don't give a .....haha  Awesome.


Ericaf - I think I do weekly trips to the ledge.  Completely normal. (Well for me anyway.)  I am inspired by you and what you've been through.  You have every right to bitch and whine...I'm VERY good at it.  We don't need to talk each other off of ledges - just remember why we got there...winky.gif  As for the primary care dr. stuff - my OB didn't want to take responsibility for me taking a Cat. C medicine so they referred me to the Primary.  Its pretty much see what they will handle (the OB) and if its something they want nothing to do with then they tell me to go to primary.  Sorry this is frustrating.  Awesome you got to see baby F and that everything is great!


RosieL - Sorry research sucks.  But, glad NY went well and hope peace has returned.  I'm not one for entertaining and I'm not as far along as you.  Great woman!  I love reading about baby kicks!  orngbiggrin.gif


Hykue - Its awesome to hear how Raven is growing!  Its amazing to hear about your little person...so cool.  Glad to hear she is sleeping for some hours at night as well.  As for "handing her off," I hope you realize you need mama-lone time, too.  My sister had a hard time realizing that, but you, her and all the ladies in here are amazing mommas.  I'm sure the post partum hormones are very challenging to deal with as well. 


Welcome Lakeruby!


AFM...18 weeks today.  I will find out what they will be in one week!  (Boots you and me both!)  I have a cold which ordinarily I worry about getting bronchitis but all the OB says I can take is Tylenol.  Plain old Tylenol.  I've missed 2 days of work and think I will call out tomorrow as well.  I'm usually pretty reliable, so I hope they understand.  I've never felt this crappy with a cold...oh well.  My babies are worth it...orange juice, chicken noodle soup and puffs plus.  (even though I hate chicken right now) and repeat.  Anyone else snore like a banshee?

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Congrats on your ultrasounds Anduluza and Lilytiger!


Yay Bel: One more week to finding out!!! hope you feel better soon and although I'm too ladylike to snore.... I have lived in the breathrite strips for 8 months.


Rosie: My Birth Plan is the general one for the hospital/doc about the procedures I want to avoid. The no circ, freedom to move around, don't push drugs, etc...

My Labor Plan is for me and Dh and it's basically the info I've got from birth prep books. I don't want to be flipping through books to find stuff when I'm laboring. Plus I could personalize it to only include things I will actually use. Basically it has a rundown of labor stages, useful labor positions, aromatherapy and yoga stuff, breathing techniques, distraction and focusing ideas and other useful tips like remember to moo like a cow to untense lol.gif


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Ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My Dr. just called with my bloodwork. Progesterone was 25, so that's good and I can stop using that stupid progesterone gel. But my HCG was 28,105. At 5 1/2 weeks. A bit high, no? Making myself nervous again!!!!


On the bright side of things... I'm not anemic, I don't have Hepatitis B or HIV, and I'm ammune to measles. Good to know! Lol.

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Bootsie, HONEY BADGER! YES!!! I actually told my MW about your gender prediction. She asked if I had any hunches, and I said no, but my friend from the Interwebs thinks it's a girl, so I'm going with that! I'm so glad your DH got to spend the day with you. Good luck with the tacos! I hope they treat you well. In my opinion, any morning sickness at all makes you worthy of sympathy.


Bel, so sorry about the nasty cold! Ugh, stupid Tylenol. I had a horrible headache the other night and took some then. It did absolutely nothing. Your gender reveal is going to be so awesome, I can't wait!


Rosie, sorry about the research. Sometimes it just doesn't cooperate. On a happier note, only 13 more weeks until you get to meet Odin!


Erica, congrats on the big numbers! It's funny how much you learn about your body when you're pregnant. I also found out on Wednesday that I'm currently immune to rubella, but that adults can go in and out of immunity, which is why they test for it. Weird!


Last night I dreamed that I gave birth to a lovely baby (of unspecified gender) that somehow morphed into a cat. Not sure what that's about. So, so, so happy the weekend is here.

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