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I am 12 weeks today  joy.gif!!!



I have really been waiting for this point.  I have my 12 week apt today and my NT tomorrow.  I hope hope everything is okay- I think it will be I feel very pregnant and no bleeding.  Hopefully thins will be the pregnancy!

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So thrilled for you, 2SS!! Happy 12 weeks!! Hope it's a fantastic appointment today. joy.gif

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Andaluza: I bought my Snoogle about 2 weeks ago or so because of hip and back pain... Ummm, prepare to ditch your hubby for the new love of your life! Hahaha, at least it is for me. I freakin love love LOVE my Snoogle. I sleep like a rock with that thing! love.gif (I also caved last year about forked over the $79 for Amazon Prime and I'm soooo happy I did. I order like everything off Amazon now. So easy!) Oh yeah, and as for skin... all I know is my skin is a dry scaley mess, and it never is! I've been lubing up with oils, lotions and exfoliating. I sleep next to my humidifer and chug lots of water... hoping the Spring/Summer humidity gives me some relief here in NJ!


Caly: Here here, on the daylight savings! I dooooo like the extra hour of sun, but I DON'T like the traffic that it causes me now because of the blinding sun on the main interstate to work. Grrrrrr. And also don't that I'm all screwy on sleep from yesterday... boooooooo. 


Rosie: I laughed out loud literally at work on the "Odin is dancing on my bowels" comment. Teehee!


AFM: Not much... I'm going through my "Am I REALLY pregnant??" phase now. I have a little belly, but not all that much...  I'm not nauseous, and I feel mostly good. So weird. Not liking the limboooo. I swear I feel some random little things I just knowww is bebe, but everyone keeps telling me "It's probably gas... it's too early for that." I'm fairly certain that after 31 years in this body... I know what a dang fart feels like. Hmph.

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Sparrows, congrats! I hope your appointment goes swimmingly!

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Erica- the fart thing is funny- if you think it is baby - it is probably baby!!!  I get what you said about the limbo- although I am sick and tired- and feel pregnant- I don't really look it and I think things are so far away I am not yet really shopping for baby stuff or doing the nursery it is hard to really feel like you are going to have a baby- 


Dandy & Caly- thanks!!!


Update - I went to my appointment- I thought because I had an appointment with the radiologist tomorrow- we would not do an u/s- then had me do a low setting quick u/s to see the little kumquat - a perfect little heartbeat and measurement.  So relieved- now for the NT scan- *sigh* guess the worries never end- I just want to be in a state of zen so the active worry doesn't take over.


I think this will allow me to sink into this pregnancy a little further and get just a bit more attached- my DH will come with us for the first time in this pregnancy tomorrow that will probably also help solidify things.



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Hey ladies!  Thought I would bump this thread and give a quick update.  It's been quiet around here...


I had my anatomy scan yesterday, and all the little parts were in the correct places.  We're not finding out the sex, so really we were mostly counting tiny toes and so on.  I'll be 20 weeks on Monday, which just seems completely insane.  I can't believe I'm halfway there!  Lots of movement this week.  I can't wait until DH can feel it on the outside.


I also found out yesterday that my next door neighbor, a really cool woman, is due two days before I am. She's a crunchy former Pacific Northwest-er, so I'm excited to have a cloth diaper shopping buddy.  I just can't believe that with the winter weather and everything we were so anti-social that neither of us figured out the other was pregnant until now.


We have a painter painting the nursery as we speak.  Our house was built in fits and starts starting in 1860, so there's all sorts of crazy stuff we keep running into.  After getting an estimate for the nursery, DH and I peeked around and realized that there was wallpaper under the last two paint jobs.  Not realizing that peeling wallpaper is addictive and impossible to do well, we sort of started pulling and created a gigantic mess and found plaster damage and other fun stuff.  When the painter showed up this morning he was a little.... ahem... put out, shall we say?  So now he's trying to mud and spackle entire walls in preparation for painting.  Welcome to Amateur Hour!  But we've chosen a beautiful gray color that will hopefully be nice and neutral for future use but also be cheerful with the yellow accents I have planned.  Exciting stuff!  (Maybe not for you guys....  sorry for the long post!) 

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Wonderful news, LilyTiger! Glad to hear that you have a healthy babe in there. Was it hard not to find out the sex while doing the scan -- I mean just by looking? We don't want to know either, and wonder when we have a later scan if we'll just be able to tell by looking at it.


Loved the bedroom plaster story. Having lived in an old house, I know what that's like.  It's probably much better that you dealt with the issue now anyway, even if it was a bit of a pain! :)


2SS - How did your NT scan go? You good?

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How is everyone doing? Any big plans for the weekend?


I hope the scan went really well, 2sweetsparrows.


Erica, I know what you mean about the in between stage. I can feel a little movement, dh even poked and felt a few replies, so that was amazing, but it's still not always noticeable. So far so good with the snoogle, but since we had to go out of town for a night, I only used it twice so far.


Great news again about the scan, Lilytiger! That's funny about the walls--Dh has the tendency to "investigate" things in the house that have turned into bigger adventures: tiles in the bathroom and he broke the pipe for an outside faucet when he was digging around it. Thank goodness for home depot. Ever since the pipe thing, though, he's been more cautious. Hope the painting goes well. 


How are you feeling, dandylez?


Things are going well here, just waiting for the scan on Tuesday. We are so excited to get another peek. 

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dandylez, our u/s tech turned the screen off while she did things like measure the femurs and such, because that would be in the "danger zone".  At one point, when we were looking at the knees from above I thought I saw a little man-part, but it was the umbilical cord.  So for us at least it was not difficult not to find out.  I had a friend who didn't want to find out and the friend she brought with her said she saw the sex (and obviously didn't say anything) and a woman at my gym said both of her kids were splayed out frog-style, making it impossible not to see.  So I guess it really depends on what the babe is doing.  I think the u/s tech has a lot to do with it though.  If they're careful, they'll get the right angles.  And if it's a girl, you probably wouldn't be able to tell either way. 

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There's no way I would have been able to discern the sex without the help of the u/s tech. It's probably more obvious when it's a boy, though.


I don't think this week could have been any longer. I'm so glad it's over. I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping (we're having unseasonably warm weather and crazy late-night thunderstorms here, and I'm a bad sleeper anyway). Today, I was so tired today that I actually nodded off at my desk. I had some coffee at lunch, which woke me up and inspired quite the dance party in my uterus.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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Thanks for the bump Lily. :) It's pretty awesome that you have a next door neighbor due at the same time, and that you like each other. Built-in playmates for your children! Is this her first as well? The nursery plans sound lovely…and yes, I totally get the addictiveness of wallpaper removal.


Hi everyone! 


Caly...you're almost to the third tri. OMG! 


I've had a super pleasant pregnancy thusfar, and generally I would still sy that that trend continues. However, Odin seemed to have dropped three days ago, and it feels like my pelvis is full (his head spreading my hips?) and that my muscles just don't work. So any sitting or laying down must be carefully controlled on the way up or down with arm support. It's whacko what happens down there! 


Otherwise I'm sittin' pretty. This week is Spring "break", which means lots of homework. Then my exam and project turn-in on Monday, then I can sit back and wait for Odin to make his arrival. Until Monday I'm keeping my legs very tightly shut!

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Wow, super quiet here. 

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Rosie, it's Monday! Does that mean you finished your exam and project? I'm glad you've had a relatively easy pregnancy. Hopefully it won't get too uncomfortable now that you're in the home stretch.


Andaluza, good luck with your scan tomorrow!


How is everyone else feeling?

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I hope everyone is doing really well. 

How did your appointments go, Boots? I hope that this new doc works out really well for you and that your scan went wonderfully.


Rosie, I also hope that you finished everything and can enjoy some calm time before Odin arrives. It's so exciting that so soon you'll be able to meet him, but I'm sorry your body is uncomfy. 


How are you feeling, Calycanth? It's amazing that caffeine will stimulate the baby so much. I have been overdoing the caffeine restrictions and only recently ate a chocolate chip cookie. Coffee still doesn't appeal to me, though today I could have used one. But I definitely get a reaction from him when I drink orange juice!


Yup, big scan tomorrow. I am excited and also a little anxious, since last time it was a surprise so I had none of the anticipation. I heard the heartbeat last week and have been feeling some movement, which placates me somewhat. I want to see if what I feel matches up to what we see on the scan, so I know that it's not just in my head. Dh felt a few little jabs last week and can't wait to feel more. I am feeling bigger lately and having more stretching feelings in my uterus. Boobs keep growing, which is so funny to me, I can't get used to it.

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Hi all...


Rosie, I cannot believe how far along you are. You sound so peaceful, I am in awe! Hope Odin listens to his mama's instructions about when to come :)


Andaluza, good luck at your scan! How exciting. We are soooo close in dates. I think they said the babe today was measuring 19 weeks 2 days, and I'm about 18 weeks 6 days. Glad you get to have some excitement this time. It is fun even when you don't know what you're looking at! I think I am feeling the baby more, too, but like you I am just not sure. I definitely had some discomfort (and so did Honey Badger) with the ultrasound wand and I think I could fee some of those tugs and flutters that I think are the baby. I am really looking forward to a strong feeling of movement so I don't have to keep doubting myself.


Lily, I think it's hilarious you guys made a mess of the wall. We would totally do that! We are such home improvement noobs. :) I think we might pay our handyman to paint, too. If not, we are never going to get it all done. It's probably going to take us two months just to clean out all the yarn and paperwork. How does the gray look? I'd love to see a pic.


Sooo, Honey Badger, Honey Badger. We went to our scan today and this kid will just not cooperate. S/he stared directly at us most of the scan, lying breech with the cord between the legs. The tech said maaaybe a boy, but she wasn't at all certain. Everything looks good, though, very healthy, measuring on target. Just stubborn like its parents.


Also met with my new doc today, finally!!! Huz had taken the day off work for the scan and the appointment, too. I was glad he was there. As soon as I got settled in a room the doc had to leave to deliver a baby. They said she'd be back in an hour and I completely didn't believe them! But she was and they got us right in. I feel a lot more comfortable with this lady and her staff. I was treated as a normal, healthy preggo lady, which I am, not trying to badger me into early GD testing or worrying about slightly elevated BP or anything. I do think it was worth the wait, and I am so happy to know that this is who will deliver my baby almost certainly, not just whomever is on call. I think the doc had an inkling we might not get a good scan at this place. She gave us an order for the OB radiology place "just in case." So I think i just need to check with my insurance and check with her office again and make sure it will be covered by insurance, and we can have another scan at this place which has much better machines. I do think there were a few other parts of the anatomy scan which were difficult to see, so hopefully it will be covered.


Thanks for the support, everyone. Back to work tomorrow after many, many days off, spring break + one. I am not as bummed as I thought. I only have like 40-some more days of work and I'm off until the first week of August.



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This is Spring work week, so the final push. Then exam and project turn-in Monday. That's the big goal. Then there's another project and a research proposal presentation next Thursday that would be a bonus if I can get through it. All this worry about school tasks and timing and I'll probably go 42 weeks. LOL


andaluza - I don't know what the other scans are like, but the "big" one was just amazing. Seeing every body part a couple times, seeing movement and feeling it at the same time, and watching my husband's face when found out it's a boy…priceless. Have a great scan!


boots - Holy cow, I can't believe your doc could get called away to deliver a babe and be back in an hour. Crazy! Yay for finally meeting a OB on level ground. Sounds so relieving after the craziness of an OB search you've been through. Summer must be really really exciting to look forward to. :)


Caly - Your due date is my cousin's wedding (and our first cross-country trip with a baby!). That makes it sound SOOOO much closer than I thought. How are you coming along?



And can I just say HOORAY treehugger.gif for Spring? I know we might get a couple more cold snaps, but I'm super excited about the seedlings I have coming up in the ground, the trellises we built (mostly DH built while I pointed), and the rich soil everything is growing in. Spring garden time thrills me. I can't believe the magnolia petals are already mostly dropped. Kinda crazy.

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Just a quick pop in here....


Boots, so excited your doc saga is finally over!  Too bad about the scan, but hopefully the babe cooperates for the second one.  What relief all around that you found someone you connect with.  The painter is still mudding and fixing the walls, but I'll definitely send a pic with the grey when it's done.  So far it looks great.


And Rosie, I don't know whether I'm just living vicariously through you, but I am so freaking excited for you!  I have no idea what it must be like to be so close, but I'm like freaking out with excitement over here that you'll meet your baby in a few weeks!  AHAHAHAH!  And now to give the exclamation points a rest and go do work.  :(

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Boots, I laughed my head off when I read about your honey badger during his scan! That's hilarious!


Andaluza, thanks for checking in. I'm doing great. We just passed the 12 week mark, and we heard little Pickle's heartbeat this morning! So wonderful!  How did your scan go?


Rosie, sooo close! Can't wait to 'meet' the little one!!


2SweetSparrows... where are you?

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I just wrote this elsewhere, but Boots, I am so happy that you have found a better match with this ob! And I hope honey badger opens those legs during the next scan! 


I am thrilled about spring, too, Rosie. It's been pretty warm here for a while, but things are blooming more and more and we want to get a small garden started since we'll be stuck here all summer. We need to get moving! I hope that all goes well with your final push with work. 


Great to hear,dandylez! I taped the heartbeat on my phone so dh could hear it and it got me through some days.


The scan went great, although it wasn't as fun as the last one we had. This time it was with the perinatologist and he zeroed in on the places he wanted to check and measure, so not so many full body shots or cute baby feet and hands like last time. But he said that everything was perfect and we don't need to go back. Whew. We got a dvd again and also 5 pics (although 4 are pretty much the same image). Dh and I are thrilled that everything is looking great. I have also already gone back to watch the dvd several times to look for the glimmers of personality that were so clear on the last one. He does look bigger and more babylike than last time. He's head down for now and the placenta has moved far from the cervix, so good news there. 


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Sorry, no time for personals right now so I'll check back manana butttttt...


It's a GIRL! IIIIIII knew it! I just knew! I am so dang pumped. Ruby Mae is coming to town! love.gif

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