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yay erica!  I love the name, so sweet!


boots-- glad you have a doc now!  That must be a huge relief.


andaluza-  woo hooo!  happy for your good news at your scan.

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Congrats on the baby girl, Erica


And Andaluza, so glad everything went well!


Rosie, you still hanging in there?


Bel, just wondering if you're still out there and how things are going...


AFM: One more week until the third trimester begins! My coworkers have switched from commenting on how "not pregnant" I look to cooing over my belly. About freaking time. I'm gearing up for my GD test next Tuesday. It sounds really unpleasant and I'd like to opt out of it, but I'm going to do it on the off chance that something is wrong. And please, somebody tell me to STOP reading the trauma threads in the Birth Stories forum. I'm already afraid of labor and am starting to obsess over all the things that could potentially go wrong. 

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Hi ladies

Saying hi because I have not been posting much, though I do read to keep track of you all.  I am feeling big and getting tired easier and now I have a sore throat.  Can't wait for the weekend and a few days off.  I also am getting a few spider veins on my legs from being on my feet teaching so much, which bums me out.  I posted a thread about it, but know one had any advice for me.  I guess it is not as common a problem as I had heard.


Erica- congrats on your daughter to be!


Caly I just did the GD test for the 2nd time this pregnancy (I did it at about 3 months as well because I had borderline high sugar with my first daughter and they wanted to check early).  The test does suck a bit because the drink is so grossly sweet that makes me nauseous and then you have to wait an hour for them to draw your blood.  However, my practice does it as a non-fasting test (just can't eat any sugars before it) so at least I wasn't starving.  Luckily, my sugar levels came back normal this time.  I think it is good to know, but usually can be controlled by just watching nutrition even if you do have a high test.   And stop reading trauma threads!  You don't need that stuff.  I understand the temptation, but I try not to let myself stress more than I already do naturally.

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Stop reading trauma threads! Do you know what kind of birthing classes you want to take, if any? I highly recommend hypnobabies. Regardless of what you believe about how it does or doesn't work, it provides incredibly useful relaxation techniques, and helps build a positive vibe around labor. I'm looking forward to birthing my baby boy! No fear needed. smile.gif

I'm still he. I'll try to keep you guys as updated as possible. I remember really worrying about Val when she disappeared into her baby moon.
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Thanks for the congrats, guys!


Caly: No reading that crap! Pretty sure I've already told you all my best friend died after giving birth (with the most random uncommon complication EVER) and my other good friends baby died right after it was born (totally fine pregnancy). I know that's not what you want to hear butttttttttttttt my point is... you just can'tttt even go there in your mind. Don't let yourself! I just pray to whoever is listening and have faith that all with be well, and me and baby will be safe. You will be too. The chances of awesome outcomes are high! xx.

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Hi All,


I have been missing for over a week, I was in the trenches of worrying and being on pins and needles.


Dandylez- thank you thank you sooo much!!  I saw that you asked about me a few times, and I have to tell you that warmed my heart immensely because I was really hurting, it is so sweet to have a soul sister out there (and all the sisters on here) in the ether who care. brasos heartbeat.gif


I went for my NT scan and got a nearly "abnormal" result which totally freaked me out.  They took the largest measurement of the NT fold - which was funny because I was paying attention and she took several that were two points lower.  I was totally freaked out at my number 1:188.  For my age it should be 1:352.  I kept telling myself- well it is just the same as a woman gets from jump who has a child at 37.  We went to an appointment with a genetic counselor- who by the way did not tell us jack that we didn't already know.  I understand that there are folks out there who really don't know what they are dealing with however their services are geared toward those folks- she was explaining to us what a chromosome was.  I was a bit insulted because I wanted to know much more that she could tell me.  I opted on the spot to get a 2000 dollar test called the MaterniT21 test which is a simple blood test that is 99% effective in spotting down syndrome and 2 other trisomy disorders (I think my insurance will pay for it).  I was thinking about this regardless.  I have no "risk" factors or family history but I just wanted to be sure.  I was crying and crying and my heart hurt so badly.  The genetic counselor told us that no nasal bone was visualized but not to worry.  


Well as you so Caly I moved into the internet to freak myself out.  I found two recent and reliable studies that had HUGE correlations between the lack of a nasal bone in the 11-14 week scan and Down Syndrome.  Now I can say that in the studies they were specifically doing very detailed facial profile scans to try to prove that this is as accurate as a CVS and that this as a non-invasive method should replace invasive screening- probably paid for by GE or something.  The nasal bone studies threw me over the edge and I flipped out.  I was sure we were doomed.  I have lost 3 babies- my twins were at 16 weeks- I just could not bear this.  My mom was visiting- I told her to stop asking me about what I wanted her to knit for the baby and to stop touching my belly professing love for the baby.  I told my husband that for this week of waiting the baby needed to rest and I could not talk about it.


I am sure you all understand in some way that if you have weathered loss and grief you feel a bit like you deserve something like a baby to work out.  In all honesty we get no part in the choice- we can put forth the love and desire and the world or God or whatever driving force you believe in takes the reigns and we surrender to the mystery and mystique of life.  I was having quite the existential crisis wondering if I just wanted a baby for myself and what the real reason is for procreation.  


I have not received my materniT21 result- they are due tomorrow- but I did get the preliminary results for the quad mothers serum test which I thought I wold not get back until I did my second trimester blood draw- which I have not done.  They gave me a new number which is a calculation of age, NT measurements and blood results.  It is 1:924.  This is a great number.  I am so flipping relieved.  I was just holding my breath for my results tomorrow- and after waiting 10 days I was exhausted.  The call of the preliminary results was welcome- *sigh of relief*


I understand why lots of mamas on MDC just forgo the tests- I am too obsessive to not know all I can after my losses.  I really need to stop looking at terrible things on the internet!!!


Sorry for the phone book sized post here - after seeing what you have gone through with your friends and cancer Erica my angst seems like small peanuts.  We all just want our babies and selves to be healthy and alive so we can enjoy growing together.


I will be back on the beat- Rosie- so excited about the babes impending arrival!  Erica- yay for girl- I want one but am FULLY expecting a boy!


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Thanks ladies. I think I'm just going to stay out of the Birth Stories forum until after our little one arrives.


CountryGirl, it's good to hear from you! I'm sorry you have to be on your feet so much. I keep checking my legs for spider veins and my belly for stretch marks, but so far, so good. My midwives also told me it was okay to eat before the test so long as it's not something sweet. I am just dreading the sugary drink. I have a really strong gag reflex and am afraid I won't be able to get it down.


Rosie, do keep us posted! I'm glad you feel so peaceful and prepared. I'm excited to hear about your birth, and it hasn't even happened yet! I considered Hypnobabies, but there are no classes in the Toledo area (!!!) and I don't want to do a home study course. At my last appointment, I talked with the midwife about childbirth classes, and she told me that the options are pretty limited in Toledo and that no one really knows how they're going to handle labor until they're in the midst of it, so they don't recommend any particular kind of preparation. I misspoke when I said that I'm afraid of labor. I think I'll be able to handle it. It's the possible complications that really scare me. And as Erica pointed out, there's no point in worrying about that, because that's something we have very little control over.


I am really starting to look pregnant! I feel like I was barely showing at all a month ago, and now I look like I swallowed a balloon. Thank goodness for maternity clothes! My appetite has increased dramatically, although I feel awful when I overeat. I'll be curious to see how much weight I've gained when I see the midwives again on Tuesday. I was still under my pre-pregnancy weight at the last appointment, but I'm pretty sure I've made up the difference now.


EDIT: Sparrows, we cross-posted! I'm so, so sorry you've had such an agonizing week! It sounds like the quad screen result was a huge relief, though I imagine you'll feel even better when you get your MaterniT21 results tomorrow. And I'm sorry about the frustrating interaction with the genetics counselor. It's so irritating to have someone talk down to you in a stressful situation. Sending lots of love and light your way. hug2.gif

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Erica, congrats again on your girl! So happy you can use that name :)


Calycanth, gah, I didn't even know those threads existed. I just read a good one in Feb. ddc about a fast water hypnobirth; it had a video and I'm sure it was the extreme of fast and painless. But at least it happens to some women! Great to hear that your appetite is healthy and you are enjoying the belly!


CaCountry, sorry about your discomfort. I hope you find a solution! I find that if I'm just sitting all day it's pretty bad, so I try to sit with my legs up as much as possible. I fear it is going to be hell here in hot climate this summer for me, though.


Thanks Rosie for vowing to keep us posted! I can't wait to hear how Odin's entrance into your lives goes. Best wishes with everything.


2sweetsparrows, so sorry to hear about all the stress you have been through, but it sounds that things are certainly looking up. hug2.gif I am sorry that your experience with the genetic counselor was not great. If you read my story, you may remember that I didn't do the nt scan or bloodwork because my ob advised against it, but we went to the genetic counselor and perinatologist at 15w because we discovered that I am a carrier of a cystic fibrosis mutation. We had dh tested and I discussed with them my ob's advice against the nt scan, which the counselor disagreed with. So, given the choices that were still available to us I also opted for the MaterniT21 test, dh was tested for cf mutation, and they did a scan (too late to measure the nuchal fold, though). In my case the tests turned out fine and I hope your MaterniT21 results also allay any stress you may still have and you can go back to enjoying your pregnancy. It's hard to want to know all the answers and variables with pregnancy and there is so much to stress us out.


I hope everyone who hasn't posted lately is doing well, like Bel.


I really need to focus on two big projects, but had other work keeping me up late lately and am just too tired to concentrate as I wish I could today.

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Quickly, sooo tired...

I'd like to pretend that I want the sex to be a surprise, and not just that I have an uncooperative child. I called my doc for the results of Monday's ultrasound, and the didn't say they had trouble seeing anything (else) besides the gender, so my insurance won't cover another one until there's a medical reason. So I sort of have to wait a month and talk to my doc about it next time, since baby is breech she said hopefully they'll do another one to determine position before too long.




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2sweetsparrows: I know it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SO easier said than done, but I truly believe in the power of positive thought. I think you'll be just fine (and baby!) And I TOTALLY understand why you needed to get testing done. I'll be saying a little prayer for you for your materniT21 result. I have a feeling since with the combined other test results, that you'll be just a-okay! I had two very close friends who had heinous results with the NT scan, but both babies were 100% fine (and girls to boot! So now, my guess for you is girl! love.gif) I declined the NT scan (justtttt because of my two friends and all the crazynous of weird things happening to friends around with with their babies) but when I went on Tuesday they kinda pushed me into getting the AFP (triple screen) blood test. I did NOT want it, but I almost felt like I was just being a stubborn child for not getting it so I said fine and then told them not to tell me the freaking results unless one of us is going to die. Hmph. As much as I LOVE and obsess over information (Um. I screamed out "That is SO a girl" when she pulled her up the the u/s before the Dr could even say anything. Hahaha. A little too much research on my part, eh?) I just prefer to live blissfully in ignorance for now. I just FEEL everything is fine, and that's what I'm sticking with! And nothing, I mean NOTHING anyone goes through is small peanuts. It's impossible to compare life journeys... everyone is just too different, and the paths are just sooooooo different and twisty. I've really just come to realize in my small journey so far... to have faith and always stay positive. You just have to! And if something stops you in your tracks for a little bit... you just push push pushhhh through it. I am like the lamest greeting card ever, but that's where my heart is. xx.


Boots: Why did I not read before that bubby is breech? Annoying. I'd say your feeling is right there with the boy then too... they're all stubborn. Lol. I meant to say earlier too... I'm glad you like the Dr when you met him finally! Yey!


AFM: Mmmmmmmmmmm... My Aunt and mother-in-law's friend dropped off gifts for Ruby already (sheesh!). Cutest little outfits ever. I'm such a girly girl, so I'm pretty much assuming this kid is gonna be getting tonssssssssssss of ridiculous clothing. Practical I know, but... I don't care. Bring onnnnnnnnnnnnnn the headbands. Lol. Not too much else. I'm trying not to obsess that I've "only" gained 5 1/2 lbs so far. My Dr said they like to see 10 lbs by 20 weeks. Ermmmmmmmmm... My Mom keeps reminding me (I keep saying to myself that it's with love) that I was a little heavier than I normally like to be pre-pregnancy (I'd say 10-15 lbs), so it's okay. Sigh. I really feel okay, and the Dr said she measures just perfectly. I told her I don't feel like I'm eating anymore than normal (yet) but just different foods. She said if I wasn't up'ing my calories, that made sense with what I've gained and that baby is just taking a lot of my calories for herself. Hmph. All I know is TCBY is coming to town now, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I'm thinking I'll be a whale by summers end. Hah!



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Just popping in to say...


2SweetSparrows... It's good to hear from you!!!!!!!  And I'm glad everything is okay now. What an awful, stressful 10 days for you. I'm hoping that today's results are all clear, and I'm sure they will be. Now relax, damn it! :)  Seriously, enjoy this weekend, put your feet up, go for a walk, treat yourself. You deserve it.


I want to write more personals, but I'll have to do that later.  Love to all!



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Erica & Caly thank you for the very kind words, I am really going to make an effort to get excited and be positive.  I started thinking about the showers I will have and enjoying my streaching belly this morning.  making babies can really bring us to a visceral state of being.  


Andaluza- wow it looks like you have had quite the roller coaster as well.  So glad your tests turned out fine!!  Thank you for your kind worse!


Technology = wonderful and terrible AHHHHHHHHH!


Erica- Ruby is such a great name- great for a baby and a woman!!


Boots- so glad you like your doctor- are you waiting until birth to see the sex?


Dandy- How's it going?  You are now past 12 weeks YAY  joy.gif


CA Country Girl & Lakeruby- Hi hola.gif I don't believe I have met you acquaintance yet- pleased to meet you!


AFM- waiting for the official results today.  I am like 99% sure they will be okay.  Feeling great about everything- still having pretty bad all-day- nausea but my energy levels have been up I am still sleeping 10 hours every night which I don't mind because that is 10 hours I am not nauseaous.  I will update on my results once I get them.  


Hope everyone has a great weekend- we will have rain so I think we'll be doing taxes- next year we will have a dependent!


EDIT:  My materniT21 was negative- ohh my goodness I am so relieved.  I really have a new lease on life.  My OB called and wants to follow up with a fetal echocardiogram- I think it is a bit overboard because we really do not have any of the predetermining factors to warrant the test- but I did choose an OB who is very open minded yet specializes in high risk pregnancies.  I think I will do it because it can't hurt.  



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Sparrows, just stopped in to see if you'd posted about your test results. I'm SO glad everything looks good! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

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Great news sparrows!!
I hope you and everyone else is enjoying the weekend. I am sitting next to our lime tree full of blossoms and it's pretty glorious. It smells divine.
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I'm having a crappy day... why am I still throwing up at 20 weeks? Does anyone have any insight? It seems like I ate too many green veggies and drank too much water. Great, right?

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Aw, Boots!  Sorry you're not feeling well.  Are you eating too much at once?  My stomach hurts like crazy if I eat more than a few bites here and there.  That sucks though. 


Sparrows, congrats on the test!  What a relief.  Hopefully now you can start enjoying things a bit more.  It's a really scary time in a lot of ways, so I'm glad you got some reassurance.


Ericaf, love the name Ruby!  And I wouldn't worry about the weight gain.  I've gained 8 pounds at 21 weeks (and haven't really gained much of anything in the past three weeks).  I started out about 10-15 pounds overweight (but with a lot of muscle too), so I was aiming for a 25 lb weight gain.  So far everything is measuring well and the baby looks great, so I'm not going to worry.  It's kind of nice actually to let myself eat foods I normally wouldn't (chocolate almond frozen custard!!!) because I feel I sort of have carte blanche to gain a little weight from here on out.


Caly, glad you're finally popping!  I popped pretty early, but I have no torso, so there was nowhere for baby to go but out.  It must be crazy to be entering (or have entered) the third trimester!


I'm sort of blah this week in terms of posting.  There's a lot going on outside of preggo life, but not much has changed on the pregnancy front.  Still lots of energy and lots of flipping from the babe.  Some sleeping problems, but otherwise I feel pretty lucky so far.  Hopefully the nursery will be painted by next week and then DH can install the hardwood floors and I can start decorating.  Also, putting together a registry is a huge PITA.

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Quick update - Midterm is over so Odin is officially welcome to arrive whenever he pleases. Sooner would be better than later, since I don't like SPD! Grumble grumble. 

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Ohmagoodness Rosie!!!  Super excited- I was at my appt with my OB today and could hear everything through an air duct.  The woman in the appointment was having a stress test and talking about having her baby tonight or tomorrow- I was so envious and thought- WOW I will be there someday-


Huge Congrats!!  Keep us posted!

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Boots, I'm so sorry you're still getting sick. When my mom was pregnant with me, she vomited throughout the pregnancy. I know other women who were sick the entire time as well. I still get nauseous occasionally, regurgitate a lot of the food I eat (gross, I know, but true--greens and other veggies are particularly bad), and I have horrible stomach pain if I don't stick to small meals.


LilyTiger, it sounds like you're making good progress in the nursery. Do you have colors or a particular theme in mind? Ugh, registries. I spent a ton of time working on ours, and I'm not even sure anyone is going to use it.


Holy cow, Rosie, you are SO CLOSE! Glad Odin stayed put long enough for you to finish midterms. Are you doing anything to encourage labor, or are you just waiting for nature to take its course?


I had a craptastic day at work yesterday. I'm off today, thank goodness, but I'm really not looking forward to the rest of the week. I saw my midwife and did my glucose screening test this morning. Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I felt fine the entire time, and while the drink wasn't good, it was tolerable. I did eat a piece of toast with peanut butter on it before I went in, so I hope that doesn't negatively influence the results.

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Rosie! I can't wait for you to welcome Odin into the world!!


Boots and Calycanth, I am sorry to hear that you are both still suffering from vomiting. Ugh. I hope that everything else is going well.


LilyTiger, that's amazing that you are getting so much accomplished at home! Can I ask what sleeping issues you are having? I am enjoying my snoogle, but the pillow part of it for my head must be more elevated or something because now I have this weird pain between my jaw and ear. I used to have a foam pillow that wasn't very inflated and I'm wondering how to work that back into the mix with the snoogle. 


Like Lily, not much new is happening on the pregnancy front with me, except for more movement!! Yeah! I am just anxious about childcare options since the workplace one is pretty much out for another year, at least, I have learned, but by then we have so many other good options. I am interested in exploring nannies and in-home care, but this is a huge city and no one we know has used these options, so it's daunting to investigate. Nanny services around here are super expensive (for our means) with agency fees, and I am also kind of uncomfortable using someone that isn't recommended from someone I know. We need to visit some of the centers, since that may be what we have to go with. 

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