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Caly, we're going with a grey/yellow theme (grey walls and yellow curtains, rug, and so on), which also happened to be my wedding colors.  As a result, I have some cool fabric leftover for pillows and fun stuff like that.  We wanted neutral but sweet.


Andaluza, I can't take a lot of credit for the home stuff since DH has been on a rampage.  He ripped out the driveway and plans to have the whole thing repaved (with concrete pavers) this weekend.  Whoa.  As far as sleeping goes, I'm pretty comfortable in general.  I just wake up somewhere between 2 and 4 in the morning completely unable to get back to sleep.  It really sucks.  It's completely random (last night was fine, for example) and doesn't seem to have any particular cause.  I've been having a lot of almost-nightmares the past few nights (people chasing me, ghost dreams, etc.) that leave me waking up with a high heart rate.  I'm sure it's just weird latent anxiety or something.  I guess I have to have something to complain about, because so far I feel like I'm having a pretty awesome second trimester.   I did end up adding a pillow to my body pillow (I have the Leachco All Nighter, but it's sort of similar to the snoogie) because I was having weird neck issues too.  I think being more propped up helps with heartburn too...  Haven't had much of that, but I suspect it's coming.

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Baby is still in the womb. Grandpa died this morning and against my previous inclinations, we're going to the funeral four hours away. Probably driving up tomorrow then coming home right after the funeral. This baby is named for this grandpa. It was a peaceful passing but hard nonetheless. Wish me NO LABOR YET thoughts for the next three days please!!!

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Rosie, I'm so sorry about your grandfather.  How bittersweet that as you welcome your little one into the world a much loved member of your family is leaving it.  I hope everything works out so you can get peace at the funeral and get home in time for the labor you are hoping for.  hug2.gif

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Rosie, my condolences. My grandfather died just as we were buying our first house.It's amazing how these events overlap. I wish you a peaceful day and hope Odin can be patient through this. 



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So sorry to hear this, Rosie and I'm willing labor to stay away for your journey. 

Dh and I no longer have living grandparents, but we attended the funeral of our 92 year-old neighbor, who was very dear to us, just as we found out I was pregnant. I found it really humbling to think about and take part in the cycle of life.

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RosieL, sorry to hear of your Grandpa's passing.  I hope your time with family will be filled with time to reflect on good memories of a life well lived.

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I sent Bel a pm after profile stalking her, it says she hasn't been online since 2/12! Really hoping everything is okay and she's just busy taking excellent care of herself and preparing for her babes. stillheart.gif



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Hey guys!

It's the old gang....I didn't realize you were all here!


I'm very happy to say that I am 14 weeks on wednesday!  We got just a little bit of help from a fertility doc, and it happened!


I will catch up, though there are many many pages to go through.  Rosie, sorry about your grandpa.  My granny passed just days after we found out about the baby.  It was very weird.



EDD 10/3

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congrats catheleni!


I can't wait to see everyones babies!

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Cathelini! I'm so excited to see you here! What's your EDD? Can I add you to the list?


Rosie, I'm so very sorry to hear about your grandpa. I hope you made it back safely.


Boots, keep us posted on Bel. I've been wondering how she's doing.


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Hi everyone!


I had a quick question for you all. I was thinking about getting a fetal doppler, but wasn't sure. I've heard mostly good things, but I've heard some discouraging things. I really liked this site, http://www.fetaldopplerbeats.com/, because they give me a lot of information and everything seems to be FDA approved, but I'm not sure. Also, is the sonoline be really the one to get? I was looking at it on their site, sonoline b fetal doppler, but it looks just like all the other ones so I can't tell!


Any help would be appreciated!



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