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Please explain how a CSA works and how to find one.  I have a general idea, but I'd like more specifics.  I live in farm country so I should be able to find something around here, but no idea how to go about it!  Thanks!

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This is an excellent resource for finding local CSAs and farms in your area:



You pay for a membership at the farm, rather than per item. Different farms have different specific policies, but most of them have you pay a yearly membership, and then you come every week and pick up a box of produce. If the tomato harvest gets wiped out by late blight (as nearly everyone's did a couple years ago) then you don't get much or any tomatoes but the farmer at least doesn't go under. On the other hand, if a bumper crop of something else comes in, you get to enjoy lots of it.


Generally, it's a good deal for you - though obviously it varies from farm to farm and also from season to season. But of course, for it to be a good deal, you have to use all (or most, at least) of the produce. Some people have trouble keeping up.


For me, I have figured that I am basically getting the freshest organic produce at conventional in-season produce prices.


I consider the main value in the quality of the produce I am getting, not so much in the money saved. I can buy the stuff at the grocery for the same money, but it's not near the same quality. Unfortunately, one drawback is that I just can't go back. And I think it's really helped my health overall as well.


ETA: This is the ideal time to look around for CSAs - now through early spring, whenever that might be in your neck of the woods.

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I have a bad headache but wanted to let you ladies know I read your responses and got some good ideas. Thanks

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Thank you, laohaire!  I will be looking into it, for sure.  I am on the GAPS diet right now, so veg is a huge part of my diet.  I'm learning all kinds of new ways to process stuff.  I made my own sauerkraut last week. ;)  

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Meal planning and cooking on Sunday to eat the rest of the week needs to be one of my focuses.


Got my taxes done last night!  Yeah!  IRS had accepted the federal ones already this morning.  Yeah!  Refund coming between Feb. 7 and 14.  Getting a refund from federal taxes but owe on state and local taxes.  Need to change W-4s to reflect our changes income so we don't owe next year.  Thankfully we will get the federal refund back and then be able to pay the other two since I didn't wait until the last minute to do the taxes.  DH needs them to file financial aid papers for college.

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Back to building my emergency fund starting from zero.


I helped a lady jump start her car and she gave me $5. I gave my sister one. - $4

I found $0.11 -

one of my dollars didn't take at the ATM - $1.00

My aunt is giving me $10 for an errand but I may keep that for gas


So I'm now at $5.11


I finally have the stroller loose and washed. I think its dry now so I can sell it hopefully tomorrow.



I see meal planning up in the comments. I'm trying to work on a February meal plan but I'm a little intimidated. I usually do a week or so at a time so if anyone has any tips on how to shop, how to plan, how to put in leftovers, I'd love to hear it. I'm going to go back and read some of thee comments.

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esg, a week at a time for me is all I can handle in meal planning, otherwise I get overwhelmed or food gets bad before I can eat it.  I am vegetarian and usually have my core carbohydrates of potatoes, pasta, rice, couscous, biscuits/bread/pizza dough, tortillas which I complement with beans or eggs (and the occasional meat replacement) and vegetables.


I am totally stoked after watching the dumping debt myths video in class last night.  Now to get my DH on board that having a car payment is dumb and we can save for a car and pay cash next time.  Sold another dress on ebay.  Not counting the money yet but it will likely go into the gas fund as DH didn't get the reimbursement he was expecting this pay period.

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So I used turbotax to file for the first time today. My return is bigger than it's ever been! I won't count my eggs till they hatch but I think I should have baby EF complete, plus pay off my two credit cards. DH wants to make some major repairs to his motorcycle so he can keep using it to commute. We hopefully will have money for that too. Fingers crossed!!!!!!

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We just found a new apartment for a bit less money and twice as much space!!!  And closer to my frugal single mom friends.  I'm really looking forward to it, but it does me that our debt snowball payment went to first month's rent and security deposit.  I know it's irrational, but I'm kinda bummed because it was going to be the last payment for one of our debts.  I was so psyched to have that paid off this month.  Also, I worked some OT that they forgot to pay me for, and now they're telling me I'll have to wait for next pay period... all of that was also for debts.


In the grand scheme all minor setbacks, but still feeling a bit setback.



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Just made arrangements to look at a vehicle on Saturday.  It's selling for $6000, which is well within our budget for the "new to us" family vehicle.  We're actually looking at minibuses.  We currently drive a 12-passenger van and were planning to go up to a 15, but they are super hard to find around here with the last row seating, and if you do find one, there is no room behind for anything.  I need to carry a stroller for the twins, and we've got to have room for shopping bags or such!  Also, I've wanted a diesel for a while because the gas mileage is so much better.  I'm excited to have space in the vehicle!  I've been watching minibuses on Craig's list and Ebay and I think we are fortunate to find this particular one in our state, so we won't have to fly out and drive back or anything.  Great mileage, great price.  Crossing my fingers that it'll be right for us.


If this one works out, we'll be able to pay off dh's car and make a good start on our FFEF!

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trekkingirl, glad turbotax is helping you get more money back.  I love it because it keeps all the data from the previous year.


Oh, yeah, our tax return is pending to be posted tomorrow into our checking account!  Our green card removal of conditions should be funded!  Yeah!  I think my DH needs an "attaboy" right now, although it will probably just be the money to buy me a valentine treat.  I also sold a couple little things on etsy and ebay so have a bit money to buy business related items like more thread and fabric. Also exciting.


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Moving my post to the Feb thread. smile.gif
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