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Congrats to the new bfp's!  I HATE the 2ww!  I have been testing for 3 days now and I got a 2 bfn's and I got a squinter this morning!  I will be testing tomorrow morning again.  Not real sure how many dpo I am but I am not due for AF until the 12th or 13th.  I think I am 12-14 dpo. 

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Thanks Angierae! I've added your chart to the thread starter :)


brichole - Done! I'm so sorry you were disappointed last cycle, it's so frustrating when you feel like you have done your part and your body doesn't co-operate. Fingers crossed all that BD'ing will work for you this time!


nisojon - Welcome! Wow, it sounds like you guys have been having a really rough time of it. I'm sure your body is feeling the stress! How cool that you're in Central Asia, I love that we can chat to ladies from all over the world on here :) Did you have a chart you wanted to share in the threadstarter?


mamaforever - oh my goodness!! CONGRATS!! That's amazing, lots and lots of sticky vibes coming your way! 


AFM - Tested again this morning, still BFN. Ugh. Someone on TCOYF suggested I adjust my settings to temp only, instead of using my temp and cm to predict ovulation. So I did this and it set my O date to CD16 like on FF. It also thinks I'm pregnant now! Lol, I didn't know it would do that. Anyway, I'm still not convinced either way so I'm either 18 or 10 DPO and trying not to freak out too much :(

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Michaels - Mommy - Oh wow! Fingers crossed hard for you! Keep us posted!

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Hi...I was hoping I can join you all. My DH and I have two beautiful children and we are trying for our third. We just miscarried at 6 weeks and so we are waiting a bit to actually try....I need to visit my OB and we just need time to heal emotionally and physically. But i will be following along here until I get a sticky bean!

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Yay! I also got a BFP (or like 20 faint ones on wondfo strips - not exactly Bold Faced or Big Fat... but positive!). I got a hint of a line with 9dpo FMU and a couple others that faded in. My only symptom was the EXTREME craving I felt for the cheese DH was cutting up for DD. I knew it right then and got a line 9dpo PM that DH saw, too. They've been getting darker since (just by a tiny bit). It's so great having a community to share this with since it's a little premature to share IRL. No AF today, and no spotting at all - I'm sending very happy, healthy and sticky vibes to mamaforever and ArtificialRed!!! To those getting BFNs, FXed for you that they change. I'd been testing for a few days and was sure nothing was gonna show.


Hi nisojon, welcome and it's a bummer about you DH!! My step-father had that happen on a trip he and my mom were on in Costa Rica. It's a funny story when they tell it now, but wow - it sounded awful and excruciatingly painful! Glad he's better and crossing my fingers for your cycle to return to normal once the stress has passed!

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Yay Michaels - Mommy and jpack!! 2012 seems very lucky so far!!


Hoping the threadkeeper's luck pulls through for you doularebekah!

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Can you please add my chart to my name?  No idea why I have a grey background behind my text right now.. >_>  Anyway, not much of a chart.  Haven't started temping yet but you all know me--I'm the scientist!  I can't pass up watching my body regulate itself now that I'm off the pill!  I'll start temping soon...

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Please move me to waiting to O.


Congrats to the BFP's.



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AF came this morning. I FELT like I was pregnant so this has been a horrible day. :( Tons of dust to all.

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I am so sorry Jessica! 

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Sorry Jeslynn and Skeemama. :(

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Sorry ladies. :(

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jpack - Hooray!! I'm so pleased for you! What a lucky month this has been so far :) Sending lots of sticky vibes your way! 


imbjer - Welcome to the group! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss :( Feel free to chime in whenever you feel comfortable. 


ArtificialRed - Thanks lady! Hope you're well :)


SleepingBeauty - Done :)


skeemama - Will do, I'm sorry to hear this wasn't your cycle.


jeslynn - Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear this hug2.gif I was totally rooting for you :( I really hope you get a restful couple of days to recharge. 




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Hi all, we have been ttc for a while now (13 mths), i have thyroid problems and that is causing irregular cycles so cannnot chart. my breast are usually tender 1 week before AF they r currently VERY sore and have been for well over a week. they feel like they are engored with milk after having baby( i have had 3) im not too sure what to think as we had given up trying it was too disheartening seeing all the NEG test..  does anyone have any advice or thoughts on if i may be preg???


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Mumzy4, start an OPK if are you getting BFN's well after your late cycle, fertility friend helps you chart this also.


We are charting and starting OPk today (CD5), and then going to start trying next month, even though my hubby is finally ready to start trying right now, Audrey loves Halloween, so I'd like to be feeling ok to prep for that, even though I'd prefer to not celebrate, but it's something my mom and her get really excited about. But who knows, I maybe be having an early oct baby, but I like to plan everything, so it's looking like Nov.


Also looks like its the 9th, so a new week :) will be looking for the link. 

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Congrats to the newly confirmed BFPs!!!! joy.gif


And a great big welcome to all of the newbies here!  I wish you a short stay and want to let you know that this group of women is very supportive and knowledgeable.  I have loved  being here!


AFM:  AF came this weekend, so onto cycle #5, hoping this will be the lucky one. DoulaRebeka: Please move me to Waiting to O.   I came to the conclusion that my naturopath doesn't exactly know what she is doing with the Prometrium she prescribed me.  I love her for other things, especially that she treats me and listens to my concerns when my PCM blows me off or looks at me like a crazy person when I mention something I've read online.  I don't want to burn bridges with my naturopath so would it be so wrong to not tell her and take the Prometrium the way that I've seen everyone else take it: 3 DPO - 12 DPO?  I don't want to not ovulate because she assumes that progesterone all the time is better than only during the luteal phase.  I did ask her several times during our appointment, "Are you sure I should be taking this prior to ovulation?" and she said, "Well, if you want to get pregnant I would!"  I just don't get a warm fuzzy about this.  Am I wrong? 

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New threads up! http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1341455/the-one-thread-jan-8-15#post_16821568 Thanks for the reminder Cassandraz, I'm still in holiday mode so I was a day behind in my head!

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Yay mamaforever and jpack! I assume your EDD is sometime in September?? So glad so many of you are going to be September graduates!! joy.gif

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my breasts have been sore now for 2 weeks  i went to see my gp today and she gave me a hpt to do in a few days.. Fingers crossed that we get + this time. i have also been extremely tierd lately but not sure if it would be pregnancy or not i slept for 12 hours the other day and woke feeling like i hadnt slept at all. >>> ?????

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