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Okimom-yay!  Congratulations!

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OK- this has been a busy week- and today is a busy day getting ready for MIL's bday party tomorrow- but I had a wild idea when I was supervising my children NOT doing their rabbit chores...  Anyway- not out of these rabbits- but I was thinking about making the baby a little rabbit coat :)  Wouldn't that be cute?  Well it wouldn't if you are vegan or veg or something- but I think it is perhaps going to challenge me :)  Soooo- I need to think about it- but had to verbalize it :)  And then save up for a bunch of rabbit skins I guess (white if a little girl)....


I did spend what little free time I have had this week ripping velcro off my PUL diapers and replacing them with snaps- which DS3 actually leaves alone....  I have 6 done and 6 more to go.  And because I am cheap I am putting that velcro on flannel diapers for him- which he leaves alone- at least for now :)


 I hope everyone is staying cool and having a great week!

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Well- I snapped all the pictures and apparently my camera is not compatible with my Mac.... so I am going to have to figure something else out...  But in the mean time....  I was at 36/52


I finished sewing 48 size small diapers for the new kid :)  They are cute too!  Anyway- I didn't put snaps on them yet- but I am going to take points since I can use pins on them- I can't decide how I want the snaps to go on so I am going to wait until the baby comes and then decide.  I have the snaps sitting on my table in the meantime :) I did cute flannel on the outers, old sheets in the middle and a cream of white layer of flannel on the inside the soaker pads I made out of old receiving blankets- they are adorable!   I'm taking 4 points  40/52


I had a boppy cover that somehow got really gross- so I took it apart and make a crazy quilt top for it with chocolate minkee on the bottom- it is cute beyond belief :)  41/52


I made the kimono tops- super easy and absolutely cute :)  3 for me and several for gifts- 42/52


I sewed 2 twin bed quilt tops for another MDC mama :)  I loved them and hope she does as much as I do :)  44/52


I made a wool skirty and a pair of wool shorties 46/52.


I took some smocked fabric and made a skirt for after the baby comes and about a million flannel nursing pads.  47/52


Soooo I have been busy!  And I have quite a list left before my baby comes.  I am going to try out making 2 wrap skirts (trying to decide if I want to finish all the edges with contrasting bias tape... right away and I am contemplating making about 30 newborn diapers....  I need to quilt up a wall hanging for my mom that has been hanging out way too long.  Also sew my SIL's leather bag- this should be the next thing I do :)  I also want to make a matching kimono top for the skirty  if I can find a shirt of mine to recycle....  I want to knit up a couple of wool wraps right away...  Ohh and I wanted to make a new sheet for my pack n play.  And make a black out roman shade for my bedroom- our yard light shines right in my eyes when I am in bed- highly annoying...  There are other things too- but this is kind of pressing...

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Whoa! 48 dipes w snaps AND all that other stuff, too- you have been BUSY, iowaorganic!  You must be feeling great; I feel like a sloth and have done nothing but bare minimum around here for some time!


I am taking a point for a necessary project, which is a Pushmataha costume for DS for a history program at school today.  He's earning a grade for te performance; it felt weird that I was doing all the work!  I did make him spread glue on a posterboard and help me apply aluminum foil over it, and then I cut out his crown and jewelry from that- but that's all he did!  He BEST be prepared with the answers to the interview questions the teacher will be asking him on stage!  I had fun making the costume, though; he wears two bands, a red and a black, either way across his chest and I used my embroidery stitches on the machine to embellish them a lot, and I also embroidered all around the edges of the jacket/shirt that i made, too.


I had to go to Hancock to get a feather for his crown and was trying to get clip on earring backings, too (they didn't have them, so he's going without earrings, lol).  I have stayed out of there for months, and I deserve a demerit for using the rest of my gift card balance to come home with 8 yards of fabric.  But I didn't take extra credit for all my upcycling earlier, so I am going to forego the demerit, too.  I got bumper pad inserts because I am thinking we need to use the crib with this baby (as DS2 is still in bed with us and is rough and wild), and I don't have any bumpers to go with it.  And I bought 5 yds of gauze for a wrap, and 3 yds of home dec stuff just because it was on sale and I loved it.  It's red on white "indian summer" damask and I was thinking I might could use it for new kitchen curtains, but now I am thinking I might make a sling and matching diaper bag for sale.


I don't think I posted that I finished the baby's crib quilt top, because I won't take those points until it is quilted.  But I will get on that next, and start on the bumper pads, which will be patchwork (and applique), too.   That is, whenever I can muster the energy to do anything other than sleeping or sitting on my birth ball here at the computer!

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I want to go fabric shopping too MsShell!  I am finally going to try your wrap skirt- but I think I am going to trim it all in rickrack and need to find some that matches my fabric :)  I prepped my diapers and then figured out the snaps- so that is another chore done :)  

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15/52: Finished a pair of corduroy winter trousers for DS. I like 'em - Ottobre pattern, but I did raw exposed seams on the leg panels and a paw print applique, and a few other little details of my own which made sewing 'em feel more creative and less like grunt work. And they FIT! Thank goodness. I've been having trouble with measuring elastic lately.


ETA: Yikes. 15/52 and it's nearly June. I'd better step up.

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Wow it has been a LONG time since I've responded on this thread, although I have been keeping an eye on it now and again.  On Feb 19th I was at 15/52.  Since then I have finished:


My student teaching portfolio (taking 2 points for that!)

DS and I made a melted crayon canvas ala pinterest and I made another one for my cooperating teacher (1 pt for pair)

short shelved knitted cardigan for me (1 pt)

I made books for each kid in my second grade class (blank paper, Dr. Seuss quote on the back, poem in the front, ASL alphabet on back cover because I taught that to them this semster, and a picture and me and each kid.  There were 26 of them!  1pt)

Coconut-citrus body scrub for all the members of my cohort (1 pt)

apron for friend's daughter's birthday (1 pt)

close to a dozen pairs of pants for ds and the baby we live with (I don't want 1 pt for each pair, but it is more sewing than I've been successful at in a long time!)  (6 pts)

upcycled dress for baby and complimentary pants for ds (1 pt)


that brings me to 29/52!

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Wow, everyone has been soooo busy. I haven't been bag.gif at least not craftwise. Hubby has been gone so Ive been busy around the house and deciding stuff for the upcoming school year. Its a ton easier to do that stuff without another person interjecting their opinion hide.gif I did manage to finally finish unpacking! Now just to catch up on the laundry (my never ending saga!) I finalized the school curriculum finally and I just have to order it. I basically am going off of what the kids want to learn and adding in a few things I think they need to learn.


Im hoping to work on the curtains this week or weekend. We will see though.

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i would think planning a years' curiculum for multiple kids deserves a point, at least! ;)


i get a point for making my first mei-tai.  Wow, those are easy and quick to make up; if I like wearing baby that way I bet I will make many.  I also got half of the crib bumpers finished, but I will take the crib points after it's all assembled, dressed up, and complete.  Here's a pic of what I have so far, though; I am using up years' worth of blue scraps!



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Okimom- I agree- totally worth a point.  I still don't have all my choices done yet- but my DH lets me have free reign on it.  I need to get the books for our coop and a penmanship curriculum yet.  And isn't this your first year?  Last year was so much harder since I had no idea what I liked- this year I went with the same company for most of my materials- so much easier :)  


Ms.Shell- that is amazing!  I love it!  Perhaps that is what I should do with some of my scraps- I really need to de-scrap.  I have totes of scraps.  I started a rag quilt yesterday for the new kid- well I have the pieces all cut.  It might end up being bigger though- I really want to use up all these blocks...  It is red/white/black with red flannel backing.  I am skipping the batting in the middle to make it lighter weight.  I also started a new apron for myself.  It is a red/orange print and I am feeling girly so I am putting lace on it instead of rickrack.  My apron is getting holes in it- not really sure why since it is made out of super high quality batik fabric that doesn't show anything really- so I wash it not nearly as often as I should- but this way I will have a little variety.  My goal is to get the apron done today and a good start on assembling the quilt.  Then maybe I will get cracking on using up those scraps....

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16/52: Finished DD's winter dress


17/52: Finished DS' trousers. Finished them ages ago, actually, but the elastic was too loose and I had to redo it. I love Ottobre patterns, but their method for inserting elastic makes it much more difficult to fix if you measure it wrong. Ach well.


In the middle of three sewing projects at the moment - well, dozens, but three I'm actually working on. :p Need to buy velvet ribbon, thread and accent fabric tomorrow, and I'll be able to finish DD's pinafore and DS' elephant overalls. I'm looking forward to both of them - cute patterns and (shock, horror) printed fabrics! I tend to be kind of Aspie about fabric choices and only use solid colours, or some very minimal pattern like tiny dots. But I'm trying to branch out from that (for the kids, at least!), so DD's dress has paisley and bird prints, and DS' overalls are this really cute elephant print with blue and red... which I thought I could match to some navy fabric I had in my stash, but it doesn't quite go. So back to the fabric shop.


Anyway, I've been sewing every day and I really like it. I even sort of enjoyed fixing my sewing machine this morning (and by "fixing", I mean "unscrewing the throatplate and removing a gallon of fluff, after which it worked, even though I can't see how the problem was fluff-related"). Here's hoping I stay in the groove until the children are safely clad for the winter! Then I could get going on the living room cushions... or DD's curtain... or DD's tablecloth... or my winter coat, the pattern for which I bought two years ago... or DH's apron from the Christmas before last (was it?)... or DD's summer quilt... or the quilt the baby was supposed to lie on, except now he's about to turn one and pretty much past that stage. Sigh.

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18/52: Finished DD's winter pinafore.

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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post

18/52: Finished DD's winter pinafore.

could you please post a pic?  I think this sounds adorable and assume it matches the above dress :)

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Sure! The dress and pinafore don't match, actually. I'm planning to make a shirt to match the pinafore, but first I have to do DS' overalls, another pair of trousers and DD's coat, so it's not really a priority.


Couldn't get great shots of DD because she'd just woken up from a nap and was uncheerful, but here you go.


Dress (Ottobre pattern):




Pinafore (slightly modified Ottobre pattern - it was meant to have a floral patch detail, but I did little bows instead, on the velvet ribbons - you can hardly see them in the photo):





I'm fairly pleased with them, and much to my relief, DD likes them. I made her that same pinafore pattern last year and she's loved it both times - the suspender clips seem to tickle her fancy. She used to be very picky about wearing stuff I made, but lately she's been much more enthusiastic. I'm not sure if that's because my sewing's improved, or because she's grown out of that "everything must be pink and sparkly and tacky and made in a sweatshop for me to love it" phase, but it's a great relief. (No, I didn't buy the pink sparkly items, but we got a lot of hand-me-downs and she always latched onto the really gross stuff.. you know, grubby bedraggled hot pink tulle skirts, that kind of thing. I can't stand it, but... ehh.)

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Those are adorable!  And your property always looks like a fairytale set!  I love them!  Thank You!  I might have to try out ottobre- although I am becoming much more of a winging it sort of seamstress....  I love love love the jumper!  That is fantastic!    Thank You!



(I must figure out away to get photos online.....  I never thought a camera would be incompatible with a Mac....  how stupid).  

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Thank you! Yes, I love Ottobre - someone on MDC recommended it to me. I was initially put off by having to trace the patterns and add my own seam allowances, but I'm used to it now (plus, a lot of commercial patterns have ridiculous seam allowances. 1.5 cm? Who needs that??) - and at least I can trace onto decent paper, not that tissue-thin film which crumples and wrinkles and won't go back in the envelope.


Anyway, I highly recommend them. They use the European sizing system, based on actual height and other measurements rather than age, and the clothes fit beautifully. DD's 99 cm at the moment and I made both those clothes in the 104 cm size, so she shouldn't outgrow them before the end of winter! And the patterns are just so GOOD - really lovely detailing. They have lots of neat details I'd never used before, especially on the boys' clothes - bar-tacks and mock flies and double-topstitching and so on, things that make the clothes look really cute and not frumpy-handmade, you know? It's really started to spoil me for other patterns. And the patterns do lend themselves to alteration and customisation, if you're that way inclined. I am, but I'm confident enough to actually make toiles and create all my patterns from scratch... but it's nice to be easily able to lengthen a skirt or change the shape of a neckline or add tucks, or whatever, without too much fuss.


Plus, they're WAY cheaper than buying individual patterns. Most of the clothes come in a decent range of sizes, and there are about 40 patterns per issue; some of which are always a tad hideous, but there are always enough cute and useful ones to make it worthwhile. And I'm already looking forward to when DD's 128 cm tall, so I can make her some of the big kids' clothes! I bought a few back issues when I got my first subscription - you can look through the magazines online to see which ones you want. Very handy. My only complaint (other than "too many knits", which is my fault for being a wimp and not sewing 'em!) is that they come out according to northern hemisphere seasons - so I always get inspired to make summer clothes in winter and vice versa! :p


And thanks - our property is lovely. :) Well, "our" property... we rent. I only wish I had the photography skills to do it justice! It's very much the MDC dream life out here, including apple trees and sheep I don't have to take care of - we feel absurdly lucky!

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I wasn't going to count it as "complete" until I actually BUY the curriculum.. Funds are tight right now so I'm waiting till next payday.. Its our first year and I pieced one together with the help of my oldest. She told me which ones she thought she would like or not and I choose from those which ones I would want to do. We are, also, doing a "trip around the world" and she picked out what countries she wanted to "visit" and what she wanted to "do" in each country. Shes so excited now, she keeps asking when we can start. We aren't planning on starting until end of July since hubby took 2 weeks off in July so Ill have time to get everything ready. She did insist on calling up my MIL and telling her all about it so I got a lecture about how "foolish" it is to allow a child to pick out their own schoolwork because "their opinion doesn't matter" banghead.gif


Tomorrow I told hubby I'm doing a sewing marathon and sewing curtains and some maternity clothing for me.. I need to look through my clothes but a lot of them won't fit me while I'm pregnant unless I want to show my belly to the world. Id rather not have everyone "admiring" my stretch marks! Hey! Ive been pregnant 6 times and I have 3 children, stretch marks come with the territory. belly.gifMy belly is getting as big as my boobs although I'm still getting the "is she pregnant or just fat" looks.

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Okimom- we have a huge world map on our dining room table (which I guess is our only table) that i keep covered with clear table cloth plastic.  You can write on it with dry erase markers and we have a lot of fun 'planning trips'.  One of the kids' fav things is to take a marker and map out the trip with drawings of boats/planes/whatnot from How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World.  It is also fun because we listen to a lot of talk radio and we can always go to the map and point out where things are happening :)  


48/52- I made myself a pp cute wrap skirt :)  It is red and white floral with white rickrack trim.  Will look super cute with my red sandals and a red tank top.  I also have a little white cardi for church and whatnot....  Can't wait to actually wear it.  

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19/52: Finished DS' elephant overalls. Also an Ottobre pattern, adapted a bit. I'm going to make another pair adapted even further, with boofy legs and gathered pockets, just for fun.


Miles in overalls.jpg

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What a cutiepie, smokering!  I like the overalls, too!


I really came here to post to say I'm thinking about you today, iowaorganic.  I hope you'll be holding your new kid soon, if you aren't already!  Can't wait to see pix of that project!


I finished the crib quilt, and am liking it more now with the meandering free motion quilting.  Normally I do minimal stitch in the ditch quilting; this looks so much nicer, and it was fun. So +2 for me.  I have to admit, though, I made a mess with the binding, and 2 of four corners are wonky!  2 are mitered perfectly though.  lol  I still have one more bumper to do, and a crib skirt and i want (need) to make another sheet, too.  But I don't feel like it!  I need the nesting bug to hit, because it feels like babe will be here before I get everything ready, at this speed.

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