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YAY! Iowaorganic!  I am SO HAPPY for you, bless your heart...that was a LONG wait!  But I can see she was worth the wait!  What a beautiful baby!  And, lol, yours is the first birth story I have read that featured a weed-eater.  lol  Congrats to ya'll!


I wanna see the Starfleet baby uniform, too, Smokering.  My now overdue baby has a star trek name, too- Dylan Archer.  We have been wondering what nickname we would use for Dylan, and it occurred to DH yesterday that we could call him Cap'n.  LOL  and then DS said, "yeah, Captain D."  lol  (i guess ya'll probably don't have that franchise in NZ; Capt D's is a seafood restaurant).  


 I haven't worked on anything but sleeping and whining and obsessing over when this baby will finally make his entrance.  I keep thinking I should get on a project to pass the time, but my sewing room is trashed and I physically can't deal with the scrappy mess on the floor.  I might visit the bookstore this afternoon instead.  I hope you all have a nice week!

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I really want to make one of those all fringe blankets for DD's newborn photos...  Just trying to figure out how to do it while laying on the couch.... I may have been overdoing it a titch....  MsShell- hope your baby comes soon!  I am going to try to make some matching pink quilts in a similar style to your blue baby one for the girls for Christmas :)  That can definitely wait awhile though!  

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Iowaorganic, don't you get off that couch! I ended up fainting after DD was born when I tried to be a good housewife (making DH a birthday cake). You stay put and rest!


Also, you need to update your siggy. :p

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Iowa- Congrats!! Don't overdo it, your body needs time to rest and heal. If you can't do it from the couch you shouldn't be doing it at all.


Zebra- I was just wondering how you are doing, Hows the move?


I would also LOVE to see the baby Star Trek outfit.. I love Star Trek (does that make me a geek??)


Over the last few days I have made: 3 maternity dresses, a travel felt board, a small zippered bag for a project bag, a larger project bag, a Thanksgiving apron (early I know but I had the kit sitting there and I wanted to make it up before it ended up in the black hole of fabric again) and 3 seashell bags. I also repurposed 3 skirts from regular to maternity. I have no clue how many points I have now :) but Im glad to be able to get things done again.. I failed my 1 hour glucose test (I have never passed that thing but always end up with low scores for the 3 hour one, Im really NOT shocked I failed it again) so Ill have a ton of time next week to knit at the doctors office.

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I would also LOVE to see the baby Star Trek outfit.. I love Star Trek (does that make me a geek??)

It's likely. Join the club. :p


Our camera appears to be permanently, definitely dead. So I'll have to use DH's camera phone... I'll try to get on it today!


Also, WOW you made a lot of stuff! I don't think I've ever been that productive, let alone while pregnant! Good for you! And good luck on the 3-hour GTT... eugh. I only ever had one one-hour one.... hated the drink (and the hour-long anticipation of being poked with needles, which at the time I was very skeevy about). Still... do you at least get to foist the kiddos off on someone else so you can knit unmolested? :)

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25/52: Another pair of trousers for DS, with orange colour-blocking - SO not me, but it was kind of fun! DH likes orange and keeps commenting meaningfully on how nice they are. :p


26/52: 3-tier wedding cake.


Yay! I'm halfway through! And only a few weeks behind....

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OK, Starfleet baby!


2012-07-12 11.51.44.jpg

2012-07-12 11.53.37.jpg

2012-07-12 11.41.07.jpg


Also the cake:


2012-07-14 11.01.11.jpg

2012-07-14 11.01.59.jpg


I know, terrible camera-phone photos!

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I LOVE the Starfleet outfit!!!

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Yum! I love the cake!
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Sooo.  I had like 4 yards of the loudest floral print fabric ever....  I decided to make myself a cool and breezy gathered skirt out of it ala pinterest but then changed it to be elastic waist- which is working out pretty good....  I just need to decide on a length since the tutorial I used is obviously crazy and it ended up being way way too long.  So is it cute or 'mom-dorky' to make my girls matching skirts?  And by matching- I mean some of that loud print but super fun twirly for the oldest and maybe cut off a pair of overalls and add it as a skirt for the youngest (I fell in love with an osh kosh at kohl's and am super cheap.....)  I have some cute contrasting fabric to trim theirs with even.  So cute or dorky?  And if it is dorky- do I care?  btw- I have a thing for really loud and wild print skirts matched up with a boring black/brown tank or tshirt....



btw- I have instituted pinterest challenge week- so I am going to make some of my pins instead of just waisting time pinning stuff that I never seem to get around to doing...  anyone want to join?  

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Heh. One of my New Year's resolutions was to do one Pinterest-inspired project a week. I... haven't. I've done some, but most of the pins that make me go "ooh!" are very time-consuming, expensive or otherwise not doable at the rate of one a week. But I've made some sugar cookies, done ruffle balls for DD's room, tried a few recipes... things like that.


I've considered making matchy outfits for me and DD, but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. Dunno if that answers your question. :p If it makes you feel happy, go for it!


Eugh, I'm supposed to be writing an article, but I'm sleepy, bored, have a pile of new books I want to read, and want to get onto some craft projects. Frustrating! Luckily once the article's done (due today... ulp) I'm officially DONE with obligations. Well, I'm helping organise and cook for an engagement party, but that's not for a few weeks. I can do some stuff with poor neglected DD... plant out my pot-bound leek seedlings... maybe even go crazy and wash a spot of laundry! I'm looking forward to it, to say the least.

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Hubby watched the kids while I was at the test.. Thank goodness, they would have gone stir crazy. As I predicted my sugar levels were pretty low (to the point where the nurse kept asking me if I was OK and the midwife told me to go eat something before I did anything else after the test since they were worried Id pass out otherwise). I wish I could convince doctors my body just don't do well on that artificial drink. I eat a pretty natural diet (I'm not 100% but I try to do mostly natural) and I feel cruddy when I drink things high in artificial crap. I didn't do any knitting, instead I took in the things I ordered for the girls school year and started planning. Hopefully I get the plans done this week so I can just relax somewhat before the "school year" starts. My kids are extremely excited.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the star trek costume.. I wish I could convince my family to do Star Trek one Halloween. That would be fun orngbiggrin.gif Also, the cake turned out great as well..


My goals for this weekend is to:

finish the crafting things for school (not much to do, biggest thing is I want to make outfits for the girls.. partly because my daughter went through a HUGE growth spurt and partly because they need presentable clothing for church!)

finish the things I'm making for my middle daughter's birthday (not until November but I want them out of the way!)


That's about it..

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27/52: Finished knitting DD's reversible cable scarf... or scarflet. It goes around her neck just once and buttons. Much quicker than trying to knit a two-metre-long one, especially at my rate of knitting!

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My Pinterest week was very successful :)  I started off making 5 batches of awesomely bright play doh.  It was all separate colors for ohhh about 10 minutes before DS1 mixed it all in one enormous gob of olive greenish brown.  So that was kind of pointless.  Then I did the matching skirts for DD1 and I- still need to make DD2 one to match- I just wanted to use FOE for the waist and had to go to town to get some- which I got yesterday.  I also made a yoga maxi skirt for myself- it seriously took longer to change the thread on my serger than it did to sew the 4 seams.  I was also too lazy to hem it- so I served the hem....  and too lazy to figure out how to do it nice- so it is actually a 3 thread serge- but it works :)  But my fav project of all is the denim skirt I refashioned out of a pair of jeans that I hated.  I ordered them from VS on super cheap clearance and the fit- but horribly.  So easy to do- I was amazed!  I made the skirt to go below my knees- which I think is my new ideal length- makes me look taller I think....  But my new machine handled the super thick cotton thread so easily- and my walking foot made it pleasurable!  I am loving this skirt!  


I am contemplating making another skirt- just love them in this unbearable heat we are having.  But perhaps an A-line with FOE....  Not sure if I would love it or not..  And this week I need to make 3 handbags.... one will be super quick- one will take quite awhile- and one is an experiment...  but 2 need to be done by Thursday and the other by Sat.  




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Iowa, I love making skirts from jeans.. I don't wear pants but I get them from the thrift store and convert them into skirts. Its awesome for days where I know Im going to end up a mess (like during science experiments for the kids or similar)..


I need to do the pinterest challenge, I got so many things pinned right now..Maybe Ill do it this week since I need to get some stuff for Christmas and the girls birthdays done.. Today I had already planned on doing some purse coloring books for the two oldest (they get stir crazy quickly when we have to wait) and maybe some alphabet magnets depending on how many I have left after finishing up the chore board for the girls.

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I also love making skirts from jeans, I wear them in the winter mostly because I can layer 2 skirts and wear a pair of tights or leggings and stay toasty warm all day. Now that I am pregnant none of my skirts are going to fit me though.

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I mostly make old jeans into smaller jeans for the kids. Never tried a skirt. Is foldover elastic easy to use without a serger?


Gahh, I need to finish DD's winter coat. The winter's nearly over! I hauled it out of the sewing cupboard and looked at it for a few days; but then last night I suddenly got inspired to work on DD's summer quilt, so back the coat went. It probably won't fit her next year so I DO need to get it done - the fabric wasn't so cheap I can write off the project. Besides it'll look cute. I just don't want to finish it. And I don't know why. Maybe it's possessed.

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Smokering- I sew on FOE with my regular machine- I don't see how it would even work with a serger. I just zigzag it on. Tonight we are doing newborn pics- so I made a fringle this morning for them.  It was sooo easy to do!  I can't believe how much they charge for them- I just cut yarn pieces in 25" lengths (my ruler is 25" long) and then sewed them onto a 3ft length of nylon strap with my walking foot.  I am undecided on its mop look.... but my photographer friend is excited about it- at least based on my phone pic.  I also made the baby's matching skirt- so that is fun too- all similar but different.  Not super matchy.... I will post a pic of both later.

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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post


Is foldover elastic easy to use without a serger?



No! It's horrid and awful. I hate fold over elastic like the devil. It slips out of place and looks terrible, no matter how many pins or clips you use. 

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Ive never done fold over elastic honestly.. I really don't LIKE working work elastic so I stick to basic things.. Ill be doing some soon for the diapers Im making for DS/new baby so Ill get some experience with it soon. Fun times :)

The jean skirts I make are super easy.. I just cut up both sides of the inner legs on both sides of the seam, cut off the leg of another jean and cut up both sides of one of those jeans. For the front I sew straight up.. The back I piece together the leg to make the panel and give myself walking room then sew up. If Im REALLY lucky I can make it so I don't even have to do a hem. Last one I made took me about 20 minutes from start to finish :)

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