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Guys- FOE is not hard or scary :)  I made a ruffle tshirt ala Pinterest.  I was at the farm store and they has clearance carhartt and columbia tshirts for $2-3/each.  I did a pink one with tuxedo type ruffles and I am going to make a blue one with a shoulder corsage thing.  Very fun now that I have a great machine to sew knits with :)  I definitely needed some decent tshirts too and these are much nicer quality than the target ones I usually buy.


I have started thinking about Christmas... not so much for my kids but for others....  I am getting lots of good ideas on Pinterest.  Crazy things that I have never done- like cute bracelets and whatnot!  So much fun but it seems I am always missing some little supply that I am too busy to pick up.  Today though I am hoping to make a picture frame white board for my kitchen.  


I also need to work on those handbags.  My days have come to a screeching halt lately- but I can't complain about snuggling with a new baby on the couch....  


ETA- I forgot I really  need to patch some jeans too.  DH has some that are getting really bad and I have a pair that is questionable as well.  I would really like to just have my mom do it though.....  That would be pathetic though wouldn't it?

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i'm glad ya'll are busy creating!  


smokering, that baby uniform looks regulation, wow, you did a great job on that! And I'm really in awe of your cake dec skills, as I can't do that at all.  That's the sweetest, prettiest wedding cake I have seen!  


I haven't been making much of anything but milk. ;)  I did get the sewing room cleaned and am ready for a sewing day as soon as the kids will let me have one. I guess I can take a point because when I cleaned up I made up a lightweight (but sturdy) knit sling that's now my favorite.  I also really like using that mai tai I made already, so I will like to make another of these soon.


Here's a picture of my baby, though.  He's 3 weeks today; he was born on friday the 13th.





I really really like him and just hanging out with him is much more fun than sewing, so I'm not worried about being behind on my points, lol ;)

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Ohhh MsShell- he is super cute!  Making milk is popular here too :)  I have spent a bajillion hours sitting on the couch nursing and surfing Pinterest for more craft ideas....  I haven't tried knitting while nursing yet with my little one- I might have to try it soon...  I have a couple knitting projects I want to make for this fall.

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Ms Shell, hes a cutie! I can't concentrate on crafting all that well with a newborn around either. Id rather cuddle than craft orngbiggrin.gif


Not much getting done over here.. I did get 3 half aprons made for the children's stockings. They have been asking for aprons to wear while they clean and my youngest doesn't have an apron at all. Hopefully this helps my son stop trying to steal his sisters aprons all the time!
I did purchase 2 expected items (so no point deductions there) and 1 unexpected one (oops! demerit for me!). The two expected ones was fabric for the baby's blessing gown and fabric to replace a dress DD1 grew out of.. The unexpected one was fabric for a skirt for DD2. Im going to try to get these done this week so at least the fabric doesn't sit around to long!

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Ms. Shell - he's simply divine!  My husband is a Friday the 13th kid, too.  He's a good guy so it must be the perfect birthday!  Congratulations. :)

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I really really like him

lol.gif That made me happy. Aren't newborns great? I love 'em. So squashy and moist and pink (well, mine are!) and nekkid and drapey and suckly and forest-creaturey.


I've done three couch cushions recently, and am in the middle of a fourth - on hold while I make DD a party dress. I'm not sure when I'll decide I've done enough cushions to take a point - one could keep making them indefinitely. They're quite fun. Anyway, other than that I don't have anything to tick off my list. Grandma's coming to visit, so I'm hoping the whip the house and garden into semi-decent condition before she gets here. Hence the couch cushions, and a lot of weeding. (Who am I kidding? It's late winter, the garden will look atrocious no matter what I do - but at least I can remove some of the tonnage of weeds covering the flower bed.)

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I made two Pinterest projects- well it was 2 of the same one.  Dee- Construction's blazer from a sweatshirt.  One is for me and the other is for either my MIL or my sister.  I am thinking mIL though....  they were super easy and fun.  I did avoid the fabric store last week.  I should get points for avoiding purchasing more stuff.  Ohhh I also made 2 cute pairs of baby legs for DD2.  Out of clearance socks- so that was good too!

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K, I'm taking two more points.


28/52: Made a dress for DD to wear to a birthday party.


29/52: Made an apron for the birthday girl.


Will add photos when I can. Currently trying to finish DD's curtain... I'm not sure how well it's going to turn out.


ETA: Oh yeah, forgot!


30/52: Engagement party cake I made for friends


31/52: Tea-dyed ruffle balls for engagement party

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Sheezez, everytime I come back there are more cute babies!  Congrats to the babies!!




1. Legwarmer (1)

2. Blue/Brown/Cream Blanket

3. Blue/green/yellow Blanket (small)


4. Legwarmer (match to #1)

5. Pink camo blanket


6. Green Blanket (for my new place)


7. Starting DS legwarmer #1 FINSIHED

8. DS legwarmer #2 (snow/winter colors)

9. DS halloween leg warmer #1



For those who are wondering, this 'move' is turning into a long vacation.  I did find employment but I can't tolerate living with my mother. And I remember why I live 2k miles away from them.  No  career is worth this chaos and crazy.  Im trying to head back west this week.  We did have many fun experiences this summer as kiddo and mom.


I can't craft because my mother wont 'allow' it and all my stuff is in the garage in boxes.  That is the first box I'm sending back.  I think you ladies understand how important a few things are... Craft supplies, a KA mixer, and kids lego's and books.  All held captive in the garage since May.  its time to go 'home'.


The urgre to work on holiday themed items is overwhelming right now!

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Zebra - I can't even imagine.  Seriously!  And I like my parents, but the thought of living with them would send me over the edge...

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This board has been kind of dead for awhile- time to post my newest projects I guess!



This is my new purse I just finished up. It is black and silver cowhide with a little pewter pigskin trim  finished with various silver and crystal rivets.  It is lined with Zebra print satin.  There are pockets inside and a hidden concealed pocket.  I love love love it!



This is a silver and black cowhide bag.  The leather is amazingly soft.  It also has a conceal pocket on the backside.  The shoulder strap can be used for a hobo carry or cross body.  This is by far the nicest handbag I have made to date and I gave it to one of my very good friends :)


I have started a snake skin bag- but I am trying to decide where I want to go with it....  I also busted out my serger and made some baby legs for DD2 and some knit pants for her as well.  I would like to make her some more knit kimono tops for fall as well.  I also started knitting a little alpaca cardi for DD2 for fall and a cardi/vest for myself.  I do have a couple of orders for concealment handbags that I should get working on as well :)

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I haven't been doing much unfortunately.. Ive been so booked trying to transition into doing a set amount of school work with the kids its been distracting. I have to have to get things done in the next few weeks though since I still don't have the baby's coming home outfit or blessing outfit done.

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iowa- I love those purses!

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Oh I do have finish projects to report orngbiggrin.gif
I finished a dress for DD1 and a skirt for DD2 for school pictures.. Now just to take the pictures!
I did another skirt for DD1 in the same fabric I did her birthday dress and a purple skirt for DD2.. I also did a wrap dress for the baby to match the girls school dresses

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Iowa, that purse is awesome!


I haven't forgotten about this thread, I've just been stuck in a crafting rut. It's a combination of gardening (it's early spring here, so getting things into the ground is a priority!) and general bleh-ness. I keep getting stuff out of the sewing cupboard, staring at it blankly for a day or two and then putting it back.


I did help DD make her first-ever sewing project, though! A little, simple, elastic-in-casing-waistbandy skirt for her baby doll. She was thrilled and keeps asking me ten times a day when she can sew next. :)


And I sewed, like, one seam on DS' shirt. I really need to finish that - I just need to do the neckline band thing, hem it and do the buttons and buttonholes. But as I say... bleh.


Someone nag me!

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Smoking, how old is your daughter? My 5yo wants to learn to sew soooo bad, Im thinking of pulling down the small child machine I got a while ago and helping her sew something. She wants to make a small stuffed animal for the baby.

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Wow, the leather purses look great iowaorganic!  I haven't sewn on leather before and it seems daunting, but you certainly make it look easy; those purses look very professionally made.  That is awesome that you are able to manage so many little kids AND manage to sew beautiful things, too!


And Zebra, WHoa!  Your mama sounds mean!  lol  I am so glad you guys are moving out!


Smokering, I won't nag you, because I think gardening should be the priority in Spring!


I haven't made anything.  I have a quilt top on my table waiting for me to piece a backing and make the quilt sandwich, but it has been sitting there for like 2 weeks now.  I am feeling lazy and getting fat and have no motivation to sew right now.  I started thinking about the Christmas (gifts) sewing last night and ended up thinking about what to buy for people instead!  Hopefully, my mind will change about that; I usually make ALL of my Christmas gifts, except for some for my kids.  As soon as I can work up some motivation, I am going to clean out a closet, not go in the sewing room, so I don't expect to claim any points soon.

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Smoking, how old is your daughter? My 5yo wants to learn to sew soooo bad, Im thinking of pulling down the small child machine I got a while ago and helping her sew something. She wants to make a small stuffed animal for the baby.

She's four and a half. When I told her we were going to sew something she got all excited and wanted to make her dolly a Snow White dress, and a dress for herself, and a top, and and and! I had to bargain her down to the simple skirt. :p It was a spur-of-the-moment thing; next time I'll think harder about an appropriate easy project!


Basically, we put the sewing machine pedal on her little stool, and she sat in front of me on  the chair. I guided the fabric while she pressed the pedal - I would have let her guide the fabric, but she didn't seem interested in it. And she helped with the ironing - I lightly pressed the fold and then she went over it. She also manned the "reverse" button on the machine, although not with great success. :p


Mum suggested she might be old enough to do "cross-stitch" on canvas with wool and a mattress needle; I might look into that. She loves crafts.

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Smoking I got my oldest a needlepoint kit off of amazon. She loves it so much she asked to get 2 more kids to make for her grandma and great grandma for Christmas. I want to try latch hook with her next :) I remember my mom teaching me to do latch hook when i was a bit older than her.

I need to pull down my machines. She loves to guide the fabric and knows how to thread a machine/set it up.. I just have this fear she will sew her fingers into the fabric if Im not guiding the fabric with her and she wants to do it "all by myself mommy".. Need to learn to let go a little redface.gif Shes my oldest but she is still my baby.

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