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HI- we are back in Arizona. Still no boxes since we really dont have a place to live but that's ok.  We are away... far far away from my mother.

Kiddo seems to have recovered and is diving back into homeschooling, I'm picking up subbing work, swim team started and life is moving right along. I AM TAKING A POINT for all this cross country moving that I've done.


Now that I'm back in the desert, I need to find some suitable crochet patterns again.  Honestly, I think that was the only reason I was looking forward to living in the East - a huge need for yarn items LOL.


Heather- my kiddo enjoyed latch hook kits when he was about your DD's age.  I don't see why she can't use the sewing machine.  Kids tend to know their own limits.

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zebra- moving is definetly point worthy!
I know she can use it, its more my worry than anything else.. I think Im going to pull it down and let her pick out some fabric to make a stuffed toy and outfit for the baby. Shes been asking to do that since I found out I was pregnant, she wants her sister to have an outfit she made.

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How are you feeling, Heather?  It won't be long now!  for us, anyway, lol- I guess time is moving slowly for you right about now!


I'm glad ya'll are "home," zebra; I hope you find a perfect place for ya'll soon.


I can't believe it, but I am FINALLY working on scrapbooking. I have been doing pages from when my oldest was a baby, but I am thinking about getting a whole new book and making the current baby a scrapbook instead of buying a "baby book."   I am working on a few 2 page spreads but haven't finished one yet, so I will wait for taking points.

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I don't know when the last time I posted was or even what my "score" should be.  But I did make a super cute outfit for my friends' kid's 1st birthday and I am about to start making ds some fall/winter pants.  It also turns out he grew out of a bunch of his underwear (when I wonder, because I feel like he had enough underwear last month!) and we could find any he likes so I am going to try to sew him a few pairs (eek!).


I'm in the middle of knitting a sweater for myself (because I deserve things too damn it!).  My friend wants me to make a bunch of baby pants for her to sell at craft fairs.  And I need to start working on ds's halloween costume (he's going to a snail delivering the mail).

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Im doing ok, just exhausted.. Im looking forward to October when the munchkin comes and I can sleep again (I think Im the only person I know who sleeps better with a newborn than pregnant!!)..


This weekend I finished a horse dress with a matching purse and a skirt.. Today Im working on a doll Im making for my oldest.

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Originally Posted by OkiMom View Post

Im doing ok, just exhausted.. Im looking forward to October when the munchkin comes and I can sleep again (I think Im the only person I know who sleeps better with a newborn than pregnant!!)..


Nope, I did too with mine! Probably because when you're up every hour and a half for feedings and diapers, the time in between is just passed out exhausted sleep. ;-) And dear god, my hips just killed me the last two months of my pregnancy - at least that didn't keep me awake all night after the baby was born. A year out from that time, it seems like a million years ago. But you must be so excited to be welcoming a new Little One into your family soon! 


So, the year is three quarters over and how many projects do I have done? Three? Four? Ugh. Massive crafter fail. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. There is always a reason not to do something... on Sunday I vow to sew something. Come on Ladies, please hold me accountable! 

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Yep, I slept better with a newborn (my last newborn, at least) than pregnant. Pelvic girdle pain, which made rolling over in bed slow and painful...fun stuff. I'm going to take a moment now to reflect on just how much I hate pregnancy.


There, that's done. Now, crafting. Sigh. Still in a slump. I was about to start sewing again, and then I had an article I had to finish posthaste, and... didn't. But I'm going to take a point for the birthday cake I made my nephew:



Not the greatest photos, but you get the idea. So that brings me up to, what? 32/52. And one more for the couch cushions, because I decided not to make any more right now, so technically they're finished. :p 33/52. Yup, I have some catching up to do.

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That cake is beautiful and completely different than the other cake you posted.  I don't bake cakes because I can't make them pretty (or even acceptable). I would love to have those skills/talents.


I finally have a point to claim.  My sister asked me if I could supply her with a quilt to give as a baby gift, but she didn't want to pay more than a little money.  So I (minimally) quilted and finished a top I pieced in 2005. I can't believe that pretty quilt was a UFO for 7 years!!  Now it is done and gone and hopefully will be loved.  And now I wanna sew some more.  I am going to have to, because I have nothing to wear that will fit my new much enlarged size!  :(

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34/52: Made the baby about twelve ascots (little mini-bib things). He goes through them at a rate of knots. Nice baby, but he leaks.

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35/52: Made DD a pair of trousers. They weren't hugely inspired, but they fit and she likes 'em. I managed to burn a hole in one leg as I was making them... turns out ironing nylon on the cotton setting isn't the brightest idea. It was OK though - I did an arty diagonal panel with topstitching to replace the melted section. And on one back pocket I machine-embroidered over a picture of a snail she drew, and then ripped the paper away. Looks kinda cute. The best part is, the trousers are blue with green topstitching and a unisex pattern, so DS could conceivably wear them in a few years! NONE of DD's clothes are gender-neutral, so this is quite a triumph.


What should we be up to now, out of 52? 40? Nope, looked it up; 41. Huh. I'm not too off-track, I guess... DS has just outgrown all his trousies, so I should be able to knock off a few points replacing them. I have a hankering to make him a few cheerful, patterned waistcoats too.

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So I finally finished a project! Little Miss Annabella was born on Friday at 657 pm, 8 lbs 2oz, 20 1/2 inches long. Ill post pictures when I figure out where I put my camera

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Woohoo! Congratulations! :)

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I swear, this thread has had some massive baby action. :)

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Just read back through the whole thread. You mamas have been quite productive both in terms of projects--and babies! Congrats to all.  I have been reading off and on and then forgetting to do any updating. But, as my Christmas list is looming, I need to get back on the wagon.


I was at 2 of 52 done.

What else I've completed:

2 nightgowns for friend's dd's Each was a different pattern with lots of extras/embroidery. 1 pt each

6 diapers for a gift 1 pt

3 pairs pants for baby 1 pt

Knitted wash cloths too numerous to mention or even use in a lifetime  1 pt

Put together my office--new desks/cutting table, etc.--now I can work more efficiently  1 pt

1 baby hat/blanket for gift 1 pt

bereavement baby set for friend 1 pt

multiple tiny diapers/blankets for donation to bereavement organization 1 pt

newborn outfit/blanket/wipes/diaper for gift 1 pt

Modified/Fixed/Made usable a new to me (but very bedraggled) bike cart 1 pt


So that puts me at 13/52. I need to get on it.


What I'm going to start on this coming week:

A faux "Utilikilt" for the teen/tween. Hoping to get a first draft made for each and then make a few really nice ones for Christmas.

A few diapers for toddler.

Christmas gifts.....not sure what I'm making, so I should get on that :X

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Yay Okimom!  Next years thread maybe won't have as much baby magic going on....  Or maybe it will :)  Who knows?  


I knit up a little baby sweater for my littlest.  I made a 12 mo.  She is 3 months.  Well the sleeves have room to grow- but the rest fits way to perfectly for it to last all winter.  So- whatever she is a chub.  It is really cute except/in spite of the mismatched buttons (I forgot buttons at the craft store) and the cable goes the wrong way up one sleeve- I think I am the only one who would ever realize that though.  I also knit her up a wool bonnet- very very easy pattern- matches the february baby sweater pattern.  Contemplating getting more of the same wool for a february baby sweater....  


I finished a snake skin print leather handbag tonight. It is perfectly slouchy- which was in fact the plan.  


So I was excited to go to this high end fabric store in the city yesterday.  It ended up being some swanky clothing store that I didn't even go in- so disappointing and misleading to have it named Fabrik.... I made it though a trip to JoAnns with out spending a penny- but was not so fortunate at the knitting shop.  I went in for a skien of alpaca for the previously mentioned baby sweater (that I used all of about 3 grams of :/) and came out with the bonnet wool, a skien for a pair of Longies for the baby, and some awesome sequined yarn for a scarf for me :) So on the list to do-


1.  sequined scarf for mama

2.  longies for baby

3. pinwheel jelly roll quilt for DD1 (I am actually using random yardage I have in place of the jelly rolls- might have to buy a little bit to round out the colors though)

4.  Captain America quilt for DS1

5.  John Deere quilt for DS2

6.  Some quilt for DS3

7.  flag quilt for my friend

8. rag quilt I started when I was pg...




that seems like plenty- the quilts are for Christmas and I need to get cracking on them.  

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Congratulations, Heather!  I can't wait to see a picture of Annabella!

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36/52: Pair of shorts for DS. They ended up a bit more embellished than intended. I sewed patch pockets on the backside without measuring, and didn't leave enough room for the waist casing; but luckily I'd lined the pockets with contrast fabric, so I just unpicked the top inch or so and turned it down over the pocket, and stitched it in place. It looked better than the original pockets, and I was feeling very pleased with myself, when I snipped off the threads and managed to cut a tiny hole in the fabric. So then I had to do an X-shaped belt loop... detail... thing to hide/mend the hole. Oh well. They look cute.


37/52: Pair of cargo pants for DS. including four hand-sewn buttonholes on the flaps of pockets he will never open, because he is a baby. Which was kind of insane, given how many projects I have to do before Christmas!


On-the-go projects are:


-ruffled Christmas tree skirt (DD's been helping - lots of nice straight seams to practice on!). I showed this to a friend and she thought it was the most pretentious thing she'd ever seen - apparently as a kid, their Christmas tree was held up by a bucket of rocks. Sophisticated as hell, that's me.

-two waistcoats for DS, one blue, one with cute lion fabric (matches the cargo pants. Nearly finished the blue one, just two and a half buttonholes and the buttons to go.

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38/52: DS' blue waistcoat.


39/52: Twirly pink skirt for a birthday present for a 3-year-old.


ETA: Managed to get a few photos of DS in his waistcoat. I made the ascot (bib thingy) a few weeks back... and the trousers months ago, and the shirt before he was born! It was supposed to be 6-month-sized, and here he is at 16 months wearing it. I know he's small for his age, but yikes - shirt sizing is ridiculous!




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He looks adorable, smokering.  LOL about a tree skirt being pretentious!


I finally made it into the sewing room and had some fun.  First thing I made was a crib skirt.  My baby is 3 months old, so I'm really late on that one!  The crib looks so much nicer now, which is pretty important since that is about all it used for (looks)!  No, that's not true; I use it for diaper changes sometimes.


It's getting cold so I made cord and fleece pants for the baby and the 3 yo.  And a long A line skirt for myself from a corduroy print; it's HUGE, but so am I now. ;(   Then I made 2 pairs of babylegs.  I put a grey pair with snowflakes on the baby today, I thought he looked so cute.  Then DH came home, called the baby "legwarmers," and said he looked like"flashdance," then he promptly took them off and told me not to dress "his baby" like that again!!!  lol

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Then DH came home, called the baby "legwarmers," and said he looked like"flashdance," then he promptly took them off and told me not to dress "his baby" like that again!!!  lol

Well, you know what you have to do. Take a photo of the baby in his legwarmers, photoshop your DH next to him wearing a matching pair, and make the image into a Christmas card for the friends and relations.


Our first crib was pretty. Never used it. We gave it back to its owner in pristine condition. Then our next baby actually liked sleeping in a cot, and what do we have for him? An unbelievably ugly metal-and-army-green-canvas portacot borrowed from my mother. Le sigh.

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