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  Plus, his head was so low that I hated to sit down because I felt like I was sitting on his head!

I literally LOLed at that. 


I'm already feeling things getting more uncomfortable when it comes to anything involving bending over like putting my shoes and socks on. Thank goodness we're having summer babies so I can just wear flip flops in July. Though, here in Vancouver it can sometimes take until August to actually warm up. Argh. I need some slip on shoes!

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joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif                           We are

love.giflove.giflove.giflove.giflove.giflove.giflove.giflove.giflove.gif                           expecting

biggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gif                        another son!!!!!


I am so thrilled, overjoyed, and relieved!  This has been the most exciting and happiest day of this pregnancy yet!  I'm 1000 times more excited and happy than I was when I found out we were expecting "a baby."  I was all worried and nervous and unsure but now I am NOT; I am so excited!  It looks like we are going to have three sons!  I gotta have another smiley party 

lips.gifwhistling.gifbouncy.gifenergy.gifluxlove.gifheartbeat.gifRainbow.gifpraying.gifnod.gifthumbsup.gifjumpers.gifbabyboy.gifbelly.gifpartytime.gifchampagne.gifLOL; excuse me!  Everything looked all good, too, according to the diagnostic U/S tech, AND the high risk ob, who scanned him, too.  He was moving all around; we saw him in a ton of positions: flipping, rolling, turning; he even opened his mouth and let out a bubble!  He's so super cute, too! ;)  

Having another boy solves all the logistic problems that were concerns before we knew. I had NO IDEA how much more I wanted it to be another boy until I saw that he was!


LOL that U/S tech had a clear shot of his boy parts on the monitor and said "do ya'll want to know what it is?"  LOL it's a good thing that we did because we certainly didn't need her to tell us; he looked very clearly and certainly to be a boy!  I'll stop now; I just FINALLY feel FULLY HAPPY about this pregnancy and wanted to share.


I hope you all are having a nice day today, too, and have a good night! 

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Do you mind if I add your boy to the roster?

So far that's 4 boys... no girls... lol

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