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Originally Posted by MelW View Post

NRR- Grad school applications 50% done. Still need to get a couple of transcripts scanned and finish one research interest statement, but it's getting there. I'm feeling ambivalent about it all, but applying anyway. The run makes all of this less stressful.

That's me, almost verbatim, except maybe 80% done (due Friday) and without the run lol.gif. Sorry, no advise on the snowshoes. Could be fun or could be a nightmare. I think I'd prefer to start with another adult present...

Kerc - no idea about the milk. Eggs always get used in a quiche... We make "warm milk" as a treat after dinner - warm it and add cinnamon, vanilla and a little sweetener...That would get rid of 2 C.

Nic, JL - Oh no on the illness greensad.gifgoodvibes.gif

NRR: Also done today were 3 dozen gluten/dairy free strawberry cupcakes (for the one girl in the class who is GD free lol.gif) with chocolate frosting for a lice-delayed birthday celebration at DD2's pre-school. And one of two letters of intent conplete...

Now to assemble this lasagna, and then I think I can relax a little...
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We do a weird thing with milk, well maybe not too weird, but we cook noodles in it to a soupy consistency and serve with butter. hide.gif I have not done this an a year or so, but there you have it. Eggs don't spoil as fast. You could make a big batch of oatmeal using milk instead of water?


A virus is sweeping the Gulf area. Turns out to sound quite exactly like the one my kids both had (a month apart). Starts with a fever that lasts about 4-5 days, accompanied by headache, nausea, dizziness, maybe vomiting (both kids did puke). Followed by a cough that lasts another week. Dd got it the week before winter break, which worked out great. She missed no real instruction and had time to have a cough at home. Poor ds just progressed to the cough, and I think he needs another day off school. Bummer, since he will be missing more next week when my parents come. Also hope my parents can stay healthy for the full two weeks.


I walked with both kids, separately yesterday for a total of about 7mi. And did some squats and lunges (weak hips!) and am sore this AM. Probably a solo walk for me today, maybe a second with dd, and more yoga. Yesterday's weather was perfect so the beach was busy.


Also called my mom just to chat. Feeling ready for this visit, and so is she. And get this: by the time kids and I would need a place to stay, my parents will have a vacancy. My divorced brother had been living with them (long story) and will be taking his house and kids back joy.gif soon. Almost too many possibilities for what to do next, but feels better than thinking of another year doing this.


Did I mention my new cat? The one that was dumped on us on Christmas Eve before we left for Jordan? Did I mention I want to keep him? I'm pretty sure he's a Siberian (looks like this but with less black and more blue), and I hate to think of leaving him here. Shudder to think of what it might cost to get him to the US, but I will investigate.


Sparkle, I still want to live in your 'hood. Just sayin. Wish my dh's work could transplant there. You forgot to mention how good it smells there in the high desert. The smell alone adds value. And the sky also.

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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

What does this fishing line calculator cost?  I'm not super organized, although all my scraps are balled up and in an under the bed shoe container, in rainbow order. It must mean you are still on semester break

They're about $15. I have one like this from Bass Pro Shops, but Knit PIcks is now selling a prettier one for about the same price (link here). The idea comes from my drooling over this yarn meter (but not wanting to shell out $50) and eventually reading online somewhere that it was a fishing line meter nailed to wood. I just hold the meter when I'm winding the yarn. And yes, on break for the rest of this week. Our faculty meeting is Friday and we begin Tuesday. It seems crazy early this year. DH is on your schedule. Glad to hear you're getting some good writing and exercise time in on yours!

Nick--Hope the sickness passes quickly.

MelW--sorry, not into organizing paperwork this week. orngtongue.gif I have plenty of receipts, old bills, and random class stuff from last semester that I'm completely ignoring. whistling.gif On snowshoeing: we took R, but she rode in the Kelty on our backs. Or if you have a decent sled, you could put some blankets in it and pull it behind you provided the trail won't prohibit that by being rocky or something.

RR: going to do some strength training once J goes to sleep.

NRR: my iPod Touch arrived! joy.gif I've been having fun with it this evening, but now it's time for work. I need to finish my syllabus so I can hopefully run to campus and print it out tomorrow, plus finish editing the two proposals I'm writing for an upcoming conference. Come to think of it, I think those proposals are the reason I ended up organizing my yarn. redface.gif One is in great shape. The other is ok, though I haven't come up with a good title yet. Somehow, I don't see anyone getting exciting about "Understanding Modern Transcultural Art Music: A New Analytical Framework." Ack. Back to the drawing board. (ETA: I know science titles can be boring and I'm a little envious. But musicology/ethnomusicology titles are supposed to be interesting. The title of the other paper? "A Meeting in Northwest Asia: Transculturation and Lou Harrison’s Suite for Sangen." Much better! lol.gif
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I'm much more excited about the second title than the first, real. And not surprised that you don't want to file my papers winky.gif

Enjoy the iPod!


jo, I hope your DS feels better soon. The soup was delicious, and the batch that was citrus and tomato free was pretty good, too.


My final research interest statement is done, though will get another quick proofread in the morning before it's sent off. And I don't want to write anything else about health promotion and mentorship models for "at risk" parents for at least a week! I will get these applications completed on schedule by the end of the week, thankfully. sparkle, you're keeping me accountable and a little bit competitive (80% finished!!).


I forgot to mention in my post earlier that I have a new niece as of last night. My sister's second daughter (we're keeping the all girl trend going for another generation..) and a successful VBAC. She's gorgeous in her photos, and I'm pretty happy to have another cute baby in the family. I'm done, done, done, but it's nice to have one to cuddle and send cute clothes to!



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Reading along, but being such a dongo lately!


I'm hoping to take the fat puppy out for a short run later.  A mile, maybe 2 at the most with him, as we are just starting. 


In other news, my 8 year old passed her amateur radio tech license exam this past Sunday!  She just turned 8, and is one of the youngest (if not the youngest) ham in the state!  I'm so proud of her!


All this soup talk has me making split pea soup today!  Work is finally slowing down a bit, and I might actually end up with the 10-15 hours a week that I was originally hoping for!  I need to work out how to get regular running/exercise in there!

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Nic - Oy! What a day!  I hope today is better. 


I'm heading off-island today to get fingerprinted so I can work with kids (eyesroll.gif).  I'm looking forward to a day alone with the opportunity to stop in some thrift stores.  First though, Boxing!  Yay!  My tweaked shoulder is still tweaked but I think with the exception of crunches I can comfortably do everything else.  Yesterday my weight training buddy and I worked out upper body and the tweak wasn't an issue at all.  Of course, lying in bed is ridiculously difficult.  Why is that?  I just don't get how lying still can hurt so much.  Gar.


Gaye - That nightshift sounds nutty.  How do you do with the adjustments back to daytime?  I don't think I could handle it. 


Bec - I hope you get a schedule that works for you, you've certainly put in your time right?


Real - Hm, yeah, the first title makes me all dizzy.gif, though maybe it's just pre-caffienated wooziness too.


JG - Denver sure is nice if you don't mind being landlocked (which must not be an issue judging from where you're also looking).  Jo's right about how Sparkle's area smell though.  And there's that climbing gym!


MelW - Congrats on your new niece!


Hi Jo!  Sorry about your farm. hug2.gif


Okay, time to get tea on...





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Real - Fun read on the subject of syllabi http://www.slate.com/articles/life/roiphe/2011/11/david_foster_wallace_s_syllabus_is_there_any_better_.html

Jo - Sorry about the farm greensad.gif I had my heart invested in a little house in Taos that we could afford, and it just sold, so I feel ya (not the same I know) But joy.gif about the 2500 words, and the author/mentor/reader. Will this be an ongoing thing? And yes on the smell and the SKY and the vistas luxlove.gif

Bec - Congrats to your DD! How cool! Sorry about being a Dongo, it will come around

MelW - Congrats to you and your sister!!

NRR: Must get the rest of the app. done today, if for no other reason than I. am. sick. of. it. Been feeling incredibly ambivalent, when not downright anxious or self-hating about all of it. I dont know what started it, but the past month has been a downward slide. I could blather to you all about it but really just want to stick my head in the sand and sleep until spring
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Yeah, Jo I hear you about the smell of the desert. i love the desert. Although there are a lot of great things about this area (and I do think that) I really miss the desert and think I would love where Sparkle lives.


Alas, probably not going to happen.


Having another downer day mamas. I'm definitely coming down with the cold going around, ds is home sick, and I did not get a run in nor do I feel capable of going for a run even if the opportunity should present itself (i.e. dh comes home early). 


At general loose ends today.

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Managed to run 2 miles with my fat puppy!  I think it is still just puppy fat, or loose skin, but he does seem to have ample padding around his ribs, and he's old enough, so I am starting his training!


On places to live: It is looking likely that my closest local friend is going to be moving within the next year or so.  Established friends and schools were the few things holding me to this area.  The schools have taken a definite down stroke in the last year or so, I'm not thrilled with the high school (scary to think that is starting to be a consideration!), and with no friends around, DH and I are starting to think about places we REALLY want to live, rather than where we just happen to be.  Denver is very high on our list!  How cool would it be to have a Dingo community?


Nic, Jo, La, Shanti - I hope you all feel better soon!  I think I got all the sickie dingos. 


Mel - Congratulations to your new niece!!!  Having a VBAC is such a huge thing!  Congrats to your sister!



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Bec ... congrats to your dd! What an accomplishment!


I too have a fat dog I'm running with. She's more than a pup. We adopted her a couple of years ago at age 3 and she was overweight then. I don't run with her in the summer because she's just not built for distance in the heat, but in the winter we try to get into a routine, and she's doing pretty well with me. I now take her on runs up to 10k. 


Who here lives in the desert? I love running in the desert! We live in the mountains, but took a family holiday to Joshua Tree a couple of years ago for rock-climbing (all of us) and running (me). Unfortunately middle dd saw fit to burst her appendix as we arrived and I spent the time dealing with that instead. Still feel like I'm owed 10 days of running in the Mojave. Some day ....


So, I have a question about treadmills. I'm thinking of buying one within the next year to facilitate winter training. Our tiny town doesn't have a proper gym, and the community fitness centre no longer has a functioning TM. Does anyone own a TM for use at home? Do you find that you continue to use it? What features and quality do you think are important to purchase?





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Joshua Tree is one of my favorite places on the planet.  The scenery and stars are fabulous.  I went out there to see Hale Bopp when I was in college.  It seemed to cover half the sky, way more than you could see even from the high mountains above LA.


Lots of great gneiss there, too.


Treadmill -- I know there are dreadmill users here.  I have one that my kids use to run a mile or more on days with indoor recess.  I started getting hallucinations after running on it.  I'm told that's not typical.


Testing the foot out tonight.  I promise to walk a mile on the track before jogging, and that I won't leave the track. 


It was our anniversary last night.  We both brought home things for ice cream (I got stuff to make it; DH brought home stuff to make milk shakes).  I guess there's as good a basis for a relationship as anything?


So kerc, what did you eat last night?

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Frack. We just got the running order for the climbing comp. this weekend. They have to be in isolation ("Iso") by 8:30~ish, and her climb time is 11:30~ish. 3 hours of sitting around in a secured room. Also, omg at the list of competitors - ALL the hard-core girls from Boulder CO cold.gif << That's me shaking with fear redface.gif

Miranda - I'm in the desert; high desert (5,000+ ft.) so not J-Tree arid, but much browner than MN or N. Cal where I was for most of the previous 25 years ... is "browner" a word lol.gif

JG - Last spring I spent a glorious morning skiing, came home and went to the gym, then walked with family, in jeans and flip-flops, to the nearby street for dinner and gelato orngbiggrin.gif

Anyone else luxlove.gif Downton Abbey?
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Sparkle: Yikes, that climbing sounds intense! What do the kids do in iso? Just sit around and talk, read, play? So, what is Downton Abbey? I guess I could ask google but ...


Ah, the smell of high desert sounds wonderful!


Geo, be careful with that foot.


Miranda, I'm no help with the TM, as I have managed to get by without one. Summer is the time I usually covet one, because of the high humidity and heat.


Mel, congratulations to your sister on her successful VBAC! How nice to have a new baby in the family.


Plady, how are you doing? Have fun thrifting.


Gaye, psychotic patients, oh man, that sounds crazy!


Bec, congratulations to your jr. ham!! How awesome is that!! I am super impressed that she managed to study and pass the test at this young age! Wow.


I am so jealous of all of you mountain dwellers out there at this time of year. We are scheming on how to go skiing on a budget this year (driving distance). We went to Cataloochee ski area in NC last year when there was a weekend with tons of snow, and -other than the snow- it completely sucked. Droves of people, complete chaos and disorganization, run-down to the point of unsafe facilities and just... yuck. I know there are better places in NC, or we could drive up to PA where my brother's family skis every weekend, Whitetail, I believe. 


RR: back in the pool, two days running! Yay!


I have a half marathon scheduled for Feb. 18. Since my running was sporadic during the entire month of December, now I want to jump back in with an 8 miler tomorrow. That would let me ramp up to 12 before the HM, although it doesn't give me any taper week, which I am fine with. I am doing a run/walk rather than trying to run the whole way, and I plan to do that for the HM as well.


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Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post

Sparkle: Yikes, that climbing sounds intense! What do the kids do in iso? Just sit around and talk, read, play? So, what is Downton Abbey? I guess I could ask google but ...

Yeah, they sit around and talk, eat, pick their noses shrug.gif. I need to think of some activities she can do. At least some of her team-mates will be there with her (they climb within 10 minutes of her)

Downton Abbey = a Masterpiece Theater show. Season 2 started Sunday 1/8. Last winter was season 1, four episodes intended as a one-time deal, but the response was so enthusiastic that they made a second season of 6 episodes. You can watch online at PBS. You know, period Brit drama, class conflicts/romance.... sigh, swoon

Can I just say that I finished my research and teaching statements and I think I sound pretty knowledgeable and awesome and I feel like they are total bulls*** I feel like a sham, even though it's all true confused.gif
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Ah yes, imposter syndrome. I'm there with ya, Sparkle. However I'd put some serious money on your being more, if not just as, amazing as you made yourself sound. hug2.gif


Ds is home with me today and very happily cutting, coloring, pasting, using his gears toys, and dancing with Wii. I luxlove.gif this kid. Of course I feel that way times a bajillion about all my kids; it is nice however to have some prolonged one on one time with each of them (yesterday I had dd1 home, also under the weather. I let her sit in the front seat of the car for the first time and we had some great conversations. She's turning into a young lady although still wants to be a little girl.)


I have been doing some intense Montessori research today and ds was watching the youtube videos with me. he said to me, "Mommy I really miss my Montessori works. I don't like the desk." greensad.gif


Anyway, check this out if you're Montessori-inclined. It's one of those cool fast-draw videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcgN0lEh5IA&feature=related


Now trying to figure out if spending several grand on Montessori certification to proceed further in one of the options I am considering (opening a charter Montessori in this area) is worthwhile....

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plady~I've been pleasantly surprised with how well I shift back and forth from nights. I take a 2-3 hour nap the day before, and then try to sleep 5-6 hours when I get home, and I do fine. I had absolutely no trouble going to bed at midnight-ish last night and sleeping till 8:30 this morning (ahhhh).

I finally got all the Christmas decorations down. I really, really despise taking them down. Not only is it annoying, trying to figure out which boxes/wrappings all the little knicknacks and ornaments went in, and lugging the giant tree box up and down the stairs, but it's just plain depressing once it's all gone. Not to mention the mess that still remains. The office/playroom is the next big project, because DS needs to find places to put all his new toys away! Probably not gonna happen today, though. Maybe this weekend.

rr~Spin class at the Y. The resolutioners are still in full effect, with another full class (and it looked like the one before it was full, too). The weird thing is that it's not really new people...it's all the regulars, they're just ALL showing up all the time, for some reason!
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Maybe their resolution is to get back to class regularly?

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Re: night shift. Apparently its much harder to switch back after a stretch of nine nights than it is after three. Poor Dh. he spent several hours of each of his nights "off" laying awake. Anyone tried melatonin supplementation? I'm going to get him some ...

Nic - How much is it? Our kids' school is a charter Montessori and we so luxlove.gif it, in large part b/c of the diversity, and passion of the staff for Montessori and for offering Montessori education to all kids. I know its a not a good fit for all, but when it is, it is so wonderful to see. Our school offers Montessori cert... just sayin', yet another reasons to move here biglaugh.gif
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It will be between $6-$7K all told, including courses, mandatory residency (week long thing) etc.


The school I taught at last year has started an MACTE certified online course (www.montessorilive.net) and there's another online one also, run by someone also in that area -- there's a story there (he took over the long-troubled private Montessori in Sarasota and basically tried to compete with the public charter where I was....bad blood there). 


Once I have the meeting next week at the private Montessori I'll know more, I think, about possibilities and options. Or maybe not, I don't know. But it seems to be a way to focus my passion at the moment, although I'm still pondering and still have real thoughts of homeschooling -- which may or may not be mutually exclusive goals, at least in the short term. 


But I also believe in the charter Montessori idea, precisely as you say Sparkle, because of the diversity it offers and the chance to provide a Montessori education to all who want it. The catch is the bureaucracy and the net of standardized tests that the states still require of charter schools which of course are antithetical to the Montessori approach. More to think about there...

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Ah yes. My DD1 starts annual state testing this year (3rd grade), and we just received the grade for the school from the state today (all schools did...) I have found that I like the structure (relative) and, I hate to say it, feedback/accountability it gives. Because Montessori can be open ended (i.e. what exactly is my kid doing with those blocks?), I like that I know where my kids are in relation to some generalized framework, even if I dont agree entirely with that framework, ykwim. But I can imagine the bureaucracy to set that up would be a nightmare. Our school switched from private to public charter 7 years ago.. I could ask how that went if it would be useful...
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