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Perfect start to 2012...

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So baby woke up this morning, hasnt pooed for a couple dats so I was expecting a major bloday. He's in 7th gen size 2 diapers which are supposed to fit his weight. Howver, my son has CHUNKY thighs and when I finished the last bag I was going to order size 3's. The 2's are barely holding in the poo!


Anyhow, went to the cabinet to get the last bag of size 2's only to find that they were actually size 1's!!! I stuffed him in one and he promptly blew it out the top, sides, it was EVERYWHERE!!


I quickly ordered size 3 dipes, expecting I could have them overnighted (still cheaper than going to buy them at Whole Foods) and found that is not an option...they wont be here until the 6th.



And then Kai got a case of the giggles and everything was alright...





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We're getting the poos up the back of the diaper.  The boy doesn't seem to care.  We use the Seventh Gen as well and find that we need to up a size when they get to about 2lbs or so away from the next size up.  We'll be moving Gunnar into the size 4 soon.  I found one of the size 1 underneath some blankies the other day.  It was so teeny tiny.  I can't believe he was once that small!

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Ha!! Those poos are dangerous!!! We are also finding them a bit small, Kai's in a 3 now and I can see how those are quickly becoming too small, it's just incrdible. It is hard to believe they were ever that small, thetime goes so fast.

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