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DD2 started school this year!! Have day off with no kids, no DH - VERY rare!! Theses are my goals for today:


  • Declutter all papers on island
  • Organize kitchen desk
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • Fold laundry
  • Put away my laundry
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First session - not too much progress. Got a little distracted.


Started with the island. Will continue.

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Making progress:


  • Filed all kids' school papers
  • Hung on bulletin board forms to be filled out TONIGHT
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Amost finished with island. Just a few more straggelers. Need just one more session.


  • Went through old mail, threw out most of it
  • More filing
  • Adressed and sent outgoing mail
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The island is completely clear and clean!!!

Now it is lunch time :)

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Good evening 


today I have 

-cleaned out my box with the bills in it , so I don´t pay any double by accident

-done some laundry

-went to a meeting with my son´s and daughter´s headmaster , went well , I am so happy 

-put a load of towels in the dryer , got to check that dryer though , it took 3 hours to dry them 

-made dinner


Now I still have to


-feed my oldest son

-put him in the bath tub

-change his bed sheets

-run the dishwasher one more time

-fold and put away a load of clothes


take apart my dryer , I hope it´s only full of lint and hair , not broken , I don´t know , what I would do without a dryer 

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Its been a LONG week and a few days since Bella was born. The washer decided to break yet again (its only 6 months old too! ughs!), my husband ended up in the ER with an asthma attack (we had no clue he had asthma) and my older two have decided it would be a great idea to act like little terrors.. The van's check engine light came on just as we were pulling out to take DH to the hospital.. Deep breathe, eventually this will all work out..


So, the house is a disaster and no one has clean clothing. Tomorrow I have to work on those two things..


List of things I should get done:

School with the older two

finish planning school activities till December

pick up around the house and vacuum

hand wash a few loads of laundry


Im going to bed but first thing tomorrow morning Ill start in the kitchen. Im limiting myself to 15 minutes on my feet per hour though since Im still pretty beat and I don't want to over do it.

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First session I need to nurse the baby, change diapers, feed the toddler (the older two have already eaten) and clean the girls room/my room. If I have time after that I need to make my bed.

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So the cleaning didn't get done, I got to play referee for a sibling fight.. The baby is up to nurse again (I don't know if she is growing or what but she wants to nurse constantly) so I'm going to go change her diaper, nurse then work on my room and the girls room.


ETA- Got the bedrooms done.. The baby wants to nurse again and probably needs a new diaper. Then I'm going to help the girls clean their playroom. After the playroom I'm going to tidy the hall bath and hall...


2nd- got the playroom done, fed the kids lunch and put my son down for a nap.. Going to go do some school with the girls while we don't have a toddler climbing all over us.


3rd- Just finished doing school things with the girls. Now they are going to make Frankensteins to decorate the house and I'm going to nurse the baby/relax some.


Its getting late and I don't know what Im serving for dinner yet, time to go figure that out and do dishes. Then wipe down the sink and pick up around the living room (which is pretty much clean already)

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Hello, Oki, you're handling it all like a champ. smile.gif
Today I:
*made breakfast and nice coffee
*got DD off to school
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*cleaned the litter box
*put out the trash
*watered the plants. Our jalapeno plant and lemon tree are producing. smile.gif
*towel mopped the floors with vinegar and hot water thumb.gif
*vacuumed the whole place
*changed the bed sheets on 2 beds
*made dinner and watched the debate thumb.gif

I hope to:
*work on job search stuff
*take DD to horse riding
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oki, i was ashamed to admit it ... but when child number 3 was born, ... i think i only managed to wash her once a week for the first three weeks of her life ...

it was really really very very basic minimalist survival routines for a while ....


basically, nursing her & feeding the other two kids were my top two priorities

i just tried to manage the rest as i could (=very very reduced "services")


am back from 3 nights in Paris, kid-less with another kid-less mom

it was GREAT (we had only planned a half day in a specific museum, the rest of the time, we decided as we went along ...)


i was lucky to find someone take care of the kids at short notice (DH being still in hospital)

the kids had a good time but didn't keep up with the chores i had asked them to complete

+ was in hospital for the last of my treatments for phase two of my treatments today (= am rather tired now, & procrastinating at the computer a little)


SO the flat is a tip, am just doing my third load of laundry (second one is not up yet !!!)

still need to clean the bath tub, give baths, cook dinner and clean up (kitchen floor is sticky in places ....)

wish i could curl up in bed with a good book ....


hope to wake up in good shape tomorrow and to spend 2 hours tidying and cleaning up

before packing lunch for a playdate in a park ....

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Good morning everybody !


not sure about picnic, it might rain (we could do "plan B" and head to the library instead !))


so far

- one load of laundry done, need to fold one of 3 so as to "free" the drying rack and put up that last one to dry

- another one is in the machine right now

- un-screwed the toilet seat, washed it in the bathtub, it's drying


washed the toilet bowl (have decided i'll have a specific yoga pant & old top from a hook at the back on a door

for when i clean up the toilet;

have just noticed a minuscule bright pink stain on my new & favorite navy blue "dress" pants

i just DON' T understand, i NEVER get any bleach stain from when i clean the toilet bowl on my other not so favorite pairs of trousers

it's not fair !!!!


i don't like the concept of having not so nice/not so new clothing for when staying home & changing clothing to get out

but have decided i'm going to do that now ....


- un-picked the hemed elastic finishing from former tack suit bottoms of mine, which i rarely wore

because DD1 's PE pants from last year seemed definitely too small

=> all last minute but she left on time for school in the end


- poped to the market before DD2 woke up

i need to support our local growers who don't use pesticides & are converting to organic

i realise i'm lucky to have an apple and pears seller

and another guy who sells vegetables he grows


need to get off the computer and wash the salad i baught & cook some of the veggies

so that tonight's meal will be easier going !!!!


+ a little more cleaning before we are off to the park

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Im trying to keep a sense of humor with everything.. Its nothing that can't be fixed, even hubby's health issues we are blessed with great health insurance so we don't have to worry about how we will get it taken care of..


Getting a late start, I woke up with a migrane that doesn't want to go away. Im thinking Im not drinking enough water so Im going to make sure to drink more today..

My hopefully to do list:

finish cleaning the kitchen since it didn't get done yesterday

defrost something for dinner tonight

school with the girls

do some laundry

find the staple gun so I can fix the curtains (yes, I stapled curtains up in the bedroom since I was to lazy to find the right size curtain rod)

organize the girls school books yet again.


First up though, I need to nurse the baby and get the girls dressed for the day. Probably going to need to change DSs and DDs diapers as well.


Got the baby fed, changed and dressed. Got the older ones dressed and teeth brushed. Now the baby wants to nurse and then Im going to tidy the living room and bedrooms so they don't end up a mess again (honestly, spending 2 15 minute sessions a day tidying up saves me from hours of work the next day). Ill pull out dinner at the same time.


Nursed the baby again, helped the girls clean up their room and the playroom then picked up my room. I also separated the laundry. Im going to go do the dishes since the baby is taking a nap (Im not a fan of babywearing and washing dishes at the same time, I always end up giving the baby an accidental bath!) and then I think I need to do some school things with the girls.


Just finished doing school with the girls and nursing the baby. Saw the time and realized that dinner needs to be made so Im going to go make dinner then finish the load of laundry I was doing.

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Hello. Today I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*got DD off to school
*went to the DMV for hours
*picked up a new tablecloth
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*made lunch and did cleanup
*took out the trash
*made the bed
*vegged awhile sleeping.gif
*went to a parent/teacher conference
*went to the grocery store
*made dinner and did cleanup
*watched Survivor

I hope to:
*walk tomorrow
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Got a lot done today. The baby's clothing got washed and so did some of DSs. The house is almost clean (not trying for spotless, just don't want to kill myself walking through the front room!) and I made dinner..


Tomorrow I need to:
Make something for breakfast other than granola bars

organize the school books and get them off the ground

fix the curtain

clean the bathrooms

work on laundry

do school with the girls

finish the meal plan and write up a shopping list for it

If I have the energy there are a bunch of things that need to be moved into the attic that I have been asking DH to do for a while.. That is, also, if I want to brave the attic. I have this irrational fear of attics and basements.

Dinner tomorrow night: chicken pot pie and biscuits

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Good Morning.
Today I:
*am waiting for the repairman to look at our computer. It's acting up.
*made breakfast and good coffee
*got DD off to school
*exchanged some recalled cereal and picked up toilet paper
*put out the trash and opened the windows
*straightened up and cleaned the table
*cleaned the front bathroom

I hope to:
*job search
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I'm going to type up a to do list for today and this weekend.. Hubby is off this weekend so hes going to be doing a bunch of it..Blues are the ones that hubby is definitely do it, he just doesn't know it yet!


To dos.

Finish the laundry (almost done)

organize the school books

finish planning school until December

school with the girls Friday Reading lessons Saturday and Sunday (DH gave my oldest the challenge of learning to read before the New Year, if she does he is sending her to horse camp this summer.. she is extra motivated to learn)

clean up the house, still need to finish the kitchen

put the things into the attic that's needed to be done

meal plan and shopping list

food shopping

return library books (they are VERY late)

mow front and back yard

go through and declutter toys/stuffed animals

need to redo the schedule to tweek it and add in the baby (wasn't planning on it but DDs are upset the baby isn't on it)

redo chore chart since DS got ahold of all the magnets

steam clean my mattress and DD2's mattress

steam clean Master Bedroom and girls room carpet

work on Christmas gifts if I get a chance


Projects to finish (hopefully): Baby dress that was suppose to be the coming home dress, help DD1 with the doll clothing she is making, help DD2 with her doll she is making, help the girls finish the blanket they are making for the baby, replace broken clips on carrier

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Hello everyone. smile.gif

I've have got out of my good cleaning habits, so going to try harder.

Got a lot of cleaning done today as we needed to move a desk into DS's room, out of my oldest daughter's room because she is getting a double bed. Times they are a changing!


Off to do a decluttering session now in my room.

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hello everyone !

am getting envious of those of you who manage to declutter and clean ....

have only managed to clean the toilet yesterday and put two loads in the washing machine (not even put them up to dry)


i had a nap instead of cleaning

.... then i "stole time" to go and get my feet done (including dark nail varnish, so that i'll be happy seeing my feet at my next dance class)

since i had to stay so that it would dry, on impulse i decided to get some semi-permanent (two weeks) nail varnish on my hands ... don't think i'll manage more than a month or two with the up-keep that it needs every other week .... but since some of my nails are still damaged from the chemo, i am hoping it will be a good boost ... AND that i'll be more happy cleaning and decluttering when i see my nice new nails .... or maybe that was just some more procrastinating ?????


am hoping to have a couple of hours this pm to work on the flat (the bathroom tiles and surfaces are in dire need of attention

i only manage the inside of the washbasin and of the bath with regularity ....

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2 days later ... the bathroom still hasn't been cleaned ... (maybe tonight after kids bedtime ?)

ended up being a  VERY minimalist cleaning person yesterday (but got to go to the cinema & got myself some new swimming goggles)


spent a good two hours cleaning this morning

- toilet (including mopping the floor)

- kitchen (including legs of table, all chairs, door, all surfaces & tiles and floor .... - but NOT top of furniture)

- vaccumed part of the flat

- thorougly cleaned a plastic box given to us, it's going to house DD2 "school" items (so that she feel happy to be treated like DD1 and DS)

- one load of laundry drying up on balcony

- second load of laundry nearly finished


what annoys me about cleaning right now is that i'm so much behind with the weekly and monthly lists that even 2 hours one day ... doesn't make me feel that i've progressed much ...


am going to try get a start on sorting out boxes

there's a storm so i'd better get off the computer too i suppose ....

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