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Hi Everyone.
I've been cleaning as I go, and I'm pretty happy with the state of everything. It's reasonably clean and somewhat straightened. lol.gif
Today I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*made the bed
*did crafts with DD
*read the paper
*gathered all the trash and took it out
*cleaned the front bathroom
*washed 2 loads of laundry
*picked up dinner and watched the Amazing Race

I gotta get back on my walking routine. Have a good night. sleepytime.gif
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Good morning all!!


Bejeweled- you know a woman walks like 10000 steps within the walls of her own home each day.. so, you can count that as your daily walk orngbiggrin.gif


Didn't get everything done this weekend that I wanted to but I did get a ton done that I hadn't planned on so it all evens out. Hopefully today I can get some cleaning done. My kids are super fussy already though so no guarantees..


To Dos:

Quick Clean house

put things in attic (really this time, Im procrastinating big time and hubby is as well)

steam clean the girls bedroom

steam clean my mattress (if I can convince everyone to stay off of it eyesroll.gif)

work on laundry

do school things with the girls

make hubby take back the library books

finish the dress Im making for the baby (its 3/4ths of the way done)

talk to DH and figure out phone plans

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Oki, this just made my morning. coolshine.gif
Originally Posted by OkiMom View Post

Good morning all!!

Bejeweled- you know a woman walks like 10000 steps within the walls of her own home each day.. so, you can count that as your daily walk orngbiggrin.gif
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Good Morning.
Today I:
*made breakfast and coffee
*got DD off to school
*walked jog.gif
*took out the trash
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
*applied for a job thumb.gif
*went to an appointment
*went to the bookstore and picked up lunch
*made the bed
I hope to:
*veg awhile
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took me a good 40 minutes but i got the bathroom throughly cleaned tonight , yeah !


am thinking of tackling the restroom tomorrow (am suspicious that the walls are getting some projections, somehow,  because "just" cleaning the toilet bowl and the floor is not enough to get rid of a lingering smell in there - no window ...)


also managed to cook an easy dinner, serve it and clean the sink by 8:00 pm ....


two kids in bed, one still up with late homework ...

not sure i'm going to tackle some sewing or go to bed myself soon ...

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was out an about most of the day yesterday so hardly any cleaning done

managed two loads of laundry though ...

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Hi IsaFrench. smile.gif
Today I:
*made breakfast and hot teapot2.GIF
*got DD off to school
*rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters w/peppermint soap
*took out the trash
*walked jog.gif
*rested sleeping.gif
*made the bed

I have a job interview today and hope to vote. Hope you're having a nice day.
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Yesterday I woke up late and with a migrane (I think I need to wash the carpet or actually wash the mattress like Ive been meaning to, I think Im allergic to something in my bedroom) and then had an appointment in the afternoon so nothing got done.


This morning so far I have:

slept in hide.gif

made breakfast

cleaned up my bedroom, vacuumed and made my bed

fixed the curtains in my room

helped the girls clean and vacuum their room

pull out the 3-6 mo clothing for the baby

school things with the girls

organize the school books


Im thinking of:

helping the girls clean  playroom

clean the living room and kitchen so at least they don't look like disasters

finish putting things in the attic

finish the red dress Im making for the baby

help DD1 finish some of the doll clothing shes making

help DD2 finish the doll she is making.

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good afternoon !

how was the job interview Bejeweled ?


today i was out most of the day (a swim + a Tai chi class + packed lunch, + appointment with a mental health professional )

am going to go for a nap now


have just started a load of laundry

tonight dinner will be polenta (semi liquid, with grated cheese in it) but i don't know yet what protein nor what veggies to serve it with ....


but yesterday, i finally managed to

- spend 35 minutes sorting out a huge amount of hand outs for DS // go and deliver half of it to another family with a boy

i had been meaning to do that for more than 4 weeks but my life got turned so tupsy turvy lately that i kept putting it off

- spend 40 minutes finally tackling the walls of the restroom, the dusty pipes & the very back of the toilet seat

(removed all books on shelf & the pictures that are hung there)

i used a lemon scented cleaning product .... i still feel that it smells in there

am going to unscrew the toilet flap again and clean it in the bath & underneath it


tonight i'm going to try to thorougly clean some second hand plastic baskets i was given yesterday

will come in handy to sort out and put away toys so that we don't step on them and hurt our feet ....

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hello everyone ....


yesterday was a so-so day, i slept a lot ... but wasn't feeling so good

(hoping not to come down with DH's cold, he's been caughing in my face for more than 24 hours by now)


so managed

- cleaning the toilet lid in the bathtub

- a load of laundry & folding and putting away the load from the day before (since i needed the dining room table to spread out contents of boxes to declutter)

- going to the market (not so many fruit and veg sellers since it was a muslim holiday, instead found a shoe seller with slip on shoes for 10 euros each, very comfortable too, so got myself a pair in .... RED .... have never had a pair of red shoes ...)

- spent too much time on the computer (to avoid tackling the boxes)

- finally got round to opening a few boxes and sorting out, this is REAL hard to do for me

(there's not much i want to discart for one thing & and then .... i don't know how and where to store what i know i want to keep !)


- made myself a very decent healthy lunch (left overs) and a salad later on in the afternoon


- prepared and served a decent dinner in a time frame that i thought would work best for us(

= finishing cleaning dishes and shining the sink before 8:00 pm


which gave us the time to play cards (the children and i) for 35 minutes

this is for fun .... but also to practice .... loosing without blowing a fit & handing out cards to siblings or mom without throwing them out to someone's face ;;;;

=> the social center had a families' meeting a while ago, asking members what type of activities we would like to take part in

i suggested a games evening

AND they have come up with an afternoon playing board games  during the school holidays

this is great & we are going to attend (and polish our manners in the meantime !)


so far this am

- got up, got breakfast

- replied to a few e-mails

- ran a bath but not yet washed

- tood out roller blading kit for DS and I & we are leaving in 15min so i must STOP relaxing at the computer


have a nice week-end !

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We have been so busy the last couple of weeks , that my house looks like a desaster area, so today we have to  


-Sort and put away a ton of laundry 

-Clean the living room 

-Sweep and mop all the floors upstairs and downstairs 

-Clean the dog poop in the yard 

-Straighten up the upstairs hallway

-Fix the wallpaper border my lovely little angel pulled down after I spent 2 hours fixing it up

-Make dinner 

-Feed the dogs



And I really need to get started , so getting off the computer might help orngbiggrin.gif

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Hello All. smile.gif IsaFrench, the interview went okay. But i haven't heard anything yet...
So far today I:
-made breakfast and good coffee
-took DD to piano and voice
-went to Michael's to get some craft supplies
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-opened the windows and am simmering cinnamon and cloves
-cooked lunch
-changed the sheets on 2 beds
-had others fold ALL the clean laundry thumb.gif
-veg and read reading.gif
-made dinner and did cleanup

I hope you're having a nice day.
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So DH got the flu shot last week (mandatory, they aren't given a choice) so we all had the flu since Friday.. Happens every year, last year he wasn't home when he got the shot and none of us got sick. I swear vaccines cause more illnesses than help over here..


The house looks horrible and our yard is a disaster from the storm that came through this weekend.. Tomorrow should be a busy day, I might declare a school "holiday" so I can get some work done outside (if its sunny/not raining) and get the house cleaned up..


I need to:

rake the front and back yard

clean up the debris from the front and back yard

sweep the patio and driveway, clear the branches that broke off the tree

pick up around the house and vacuum

look for a used washing machine on craigslist (ughs, the one we have is less than 6 months old and isn't repairable)

e-mail/call family in NJ/NY and check in on how they are doing

make bread and sandwich rolls

make meal plan and shopping lists.

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Hello. Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-read the paper
-cleaned the living room. It was crazeee!
-helped DD with a craft sale smile.gif
-washed 2 loads of laundry
-cleaned the litter box
-took DD and her friend to an awesome rockin' Halloween party. smile.gif
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Got some workers coming to look at things that need fixing. The appliance repair person just left after looking at the dishwasher (whos offically D.O.A.. its computer board thing has died) and then someone is coming this afternoon to fix a door (or most likely replace it, this split almost in half!).. Ive already finish school with the girls as well.


Things I still need to get done:

pull out workout DVDs

put remaining DVDs away

work on laundry

wash diapers

pull out the kids costumes and figure out what they will wear under (its suppose to be cold tomorrow!)

work on the girls scarves


Im sure there is more that needs to get done but Im starting small orngbiggrin.gif The day is almost half over already and nights are family time so nothing gets done after dinner

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Hello. Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-completed an impt job application thumb.gif
-talked to a prospective employer
-am about to veg awhile
-had lunch and did cleanup
-cleaned both bathrooms thumb.gif
-made the bed
-went grocery shopping
-put dinner together
-washed my hair

I hope to:
-walk for sure tomorrow jog.gif
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school holidays = routines out of the window + have some pains (delayed side effects from treatment 2 weeks ago)

plus some foggy brains at times

& still having to keep the children busy


have only shined the sink today,

two loads of laundry (both waited to be put up to dry)

scrambled to cook dinner

scrubed the inside of the washbasin & of the bath, 2 kids out of 3 are washed and in bed

walked DS to some extra sport session & am about to walkout  to fetch him back


have been out and about with the children during the day, the flat si NOT tidy at all now ....

- socialising in an indoor playground (too bad that the food is not so good & we are not allowed to bring our own)

- had a session with a physiotherapist whilst DS read some of his homework for the holiday

- drop by a supermarket on the way back but they had run out of most things for Halloween & we cannot find the vampire teeth we had last year ...


the forecast for tomorrow is getting worse by the hour, with rain AND a cold spell ...

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Today I have 


- scrubbed the laundry room top to bottom

- Did some laundry

- cleaned the kitchen

- made full lunch and dinner , since it´s a school holiday and all the kids are home ( oh golly dizzy.gif)

- picked up the dog poop in the yard

- went to my Mother´s house , who is on vacation ( lucky her ) , to check on her heater 

- shoveled some snow outside

- fed the dogs

- helped my son clean his parrot´s stand 

- got in a fight with my stupid ex , who came over to " help " which in his case meant , sit in front of my computer



Now I need a break , just waiting for my baby to wake up , so I can give her her late night bottle   

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Hello all ...

managed to get up, wash up the rest in the sink from last night

start a load of laundry

scrub the toilet

take DS to eye reeducation session

drop by market on the way back

need to put up  laundry to dry


would like to plant three indoor plants i baught yesterday

(it's been nearly 10 years that i had a ban on indoor plants, tired of picking up soil after the children would knock them down ....)

but we need to leave soon-ish so ... definitely need to leave the computer soon LOL

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Hi Everyone. wave.gif
Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash and opened the windows

I hope to:
-start a load of wash.gif
-go to the bank and get gas
-color my hair
-apply for more jobs
-take DD trick or treating smile.gif
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