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Up early this morning...not exactly happy about it because had the day off and wanted to sleep in.  But, since I was up:


Washed a load of laundry

culled out some clothes that no longer fit (added them to the total for my post in 2012/2012)

Put away some already folded clothes


This evening I have:


made a banana cake for tomorrow

made easy, no-bake peanut butter bars

running the dish washer


This morning we went shopping for a new sectional sofa.  Having trouble finding what I want.  We live in an old house, with a small living room in which EVERY wall has either a window or a door or both.  So frustrating.  


Got new carpet yesterday, so last night we had to put the living room back together.  I do love my new carpet!joy.gif

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Hello. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. I cooked and cleaned, and cooked and cleaned. It was a good time spent with family. Today I did nothing but wash a bunch of towels, take out the trash, rinse the dishes, and relax. I also went for a nice walk. thumb.gif
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Good Morning.
Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-took DD to piano lesson
-picked up some beautiful new Japanese bowls
-made lunch
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-took out the trash
-made the bed
-started wash.gif load #1

I hope to:
-finish this reading.gif so I can return it to the library. It's overdue.
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Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-made the bed
-went to Sunday Service heartbeat.gif
-made a quick run to the store
-made lunch and did cleanup
-rested sleeping.gif and read the NYTimes
-am making dinner
-plan to start load #1 wash.gif
-watched the Amazing Race smile.gif
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This evening I have:


wash.gif  2 loads


dishes.gif 1 load in the dishwasher


cleaned sink in the bathroom

made supper

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today i

- cleaned the toilet, the washbasin and the inside of the bath

- cleaned up breakfast, cooked lunch for two and cleaned that up

- accompanied DH to medical appointment, stopped at the frozen food place, came back on foot for exercise

- had a nap before lunch

- one load is in the washing machine

- caught up with e-mails & spent a little too much time at the computer

= not sure i still have time to nip at the swimming pool for a few laps ...

dinner is frozen lazagnes so that would work ....

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Hello IsaFrench, swimming sound nice. smile.gif
So far today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-made the bed
-went to an appointment
-picked up some Christmas gifts
-cleaned the litter box
-cleaned the back bathroom and hung a pretty picture smile.gif
-made dinner and did cleanup
-walked jog.gif

I hope to:
-declutter my crazy catch all clothes basket yikes.gif
-wash 2 loads wash.gif
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yes, i managed the swiming Bejeweled, and it was a very nice "break-time"

(to be able to go by myself & not to have ... people talking to me LOL !!!!)


swim yesterday afternoon was followed by a one hour session with a "free" (for the moment) local psychologist

so that i can talk through some of the issues that are bothering me now

DD2 is going to be able to have a session in a few days too,

she's been anxious about our health issues lately so i think i "should do something about it" except i'm not quite sure what ...


this morning started well, i managed to

- clear up breakfast, shine the sink

- sanitize toilet

- one load done and up on the drying rack (pitty it's been raining since yesterday and rain forecast for another 2 days ..... hopefully it will finish drying inside duringthe night ...  am still putting it outside on the balcony so that it doesn't feel too crowded in the dining-room cum lounge !!!)

- talk to a few people i had to talk to at kindergarten when dropping DD2

- pick up new checkbook from bank

- send a few e-mails and arranged for the play date to switch from park to library for tomorrow

- made a slightly hotter lentil curry this time and didn't quite transform the rice in glue

(pity i indulged in TWO large bowls instead of small bowl BEFORE danse class,

note to self = eat less next Tuesday morning before danse class, too uncomfortable during class ...)

- prepare dance class by watching the little snippets i filmed last time .... thaught i knew it all

... but then got depressed during class when i couldn't make sense of the bit we were learning today

AND realised that i didn't quite learn properly the beginning of the routine from what i filmed last time ...


maybe it's just the rain and the grey sky & by next week-end i'll feel fine again ...


i forgot to mention something that did me good yesterday

on the way to the pool i dropped some cookies (in 20 little baggies) at DS school

(cookies i've made in 3 batches over the week-end)

one of the teacher is trying to fund transport for one of the outings the class will do later on by selling cakes and the like to some of the teachers during the day

so parents are requested to take turns on Tuesdays to send something they have made that teachers might want to buy and eat when they grab a coffee during the day => i put some in foil with a nice string and label for the lady manning the door (a 900 students school, it's a hard job !) ... whom i got to know a little via a mutual aquaintance last year & she didn't expect it and seemed really pleased with attention


=> i need to re-focus my brain away from the rain, grey sky, feeling of failure at the dance class

and re-focus my thoughts towards the "feel-good" i produced then ....

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Good Morning.
I'm fighting off a cold/virus that's running around my family. I'm gonna take it easy.
So far I:
-gargled with a salt water/hot water concoction
-made breakfast and coffee
-looked into the substitute teaching info. I'm hoping to start soon.
-got DD off to school
-rinsed the dishes and cleaned the counters
-put out the trash
-made the bed

I hope to:
-read reading.gif and relax
-wash a bunch of wash.gif Just started load #2.
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Good morning everyone!! Been up since 530 and I feel productive today :)


So Far I've...


  • Made myself coffee and DD breakfast. 
  • Cleaned up after breakfast, dishes, counters, stove..
  • Swept and mopped kitchen floor. 
  • Scrubbed down the bathroom. 
  • Switched the laundry, have a load washing. 
  • Done one article for work (I'm a freelance writer :)
  • Read about 6 books to DD..
  • Posted a promotional book tour on my book blog. 


I hope to..

  • Finish the book I'm reading. 
  • Do 3 loads of laundry (it barely got done over the holiday!)
  • Fold laundry while watching A Baby Story :)
  • Paint with DD. 
  • Schedule tomorrow's blog post. 
  • Vacuum. 
  • Take the dog for a walk. 
  • Pick up my new Harry Potter boxed set from the post office!
  • Send clients invoices. 

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Hi Crunchyteen wave.gif
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am already back on this thread though not much yet to post (= too much time at the computer early morning LOL !!!)

- had breakfast, prepared packed lunch for DD1,reminded her to take her umbrella as she was leaving for school

- ordered DD1 and I some "kind to the back" bags from a foreign website, hoping to have them by Christmas

(have been mulling over my choice for at least 3 weeks by now ...)

- washed one load, have not yet put it up to dry, it's still sitting in the basket ...)


still to do

- run bath, get washed & dressed

- satinize toilet

- perpare picnic

- depart in one hour

= better get away from the computer NOW !!!!!!

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Good Morning.
So far today I:
-am nursing my cold
-made breakfast and coffee and hot teapot2.GIF
-made the bed
-took DD to get craft paper and got her to school
-rinsed the dishes
-had lunch and did cleanup
-wiped down the bathroom
-put out the trash
-got my hair cut
-made a quick run to the store
-made dinner and did cleanup
-watched Survivor

I hope to:
-read reading.gif and relax
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I think my children are catching every bug going around! My 2 yo caught a nasty stomach bug and has been sick since Thanksgiving. Today was the first day I didn't have to stay with him to get him to eat and drink. Hes lost a ton of weight as well so not a good thing. Thankfully though it didn't spread to any of the other children.

Tomorrow DH has duty so I get 36+hours with just me and the kids.. Im doing one big to do list for this time so I don't have to sit down and make another one Friday morning..

I need to:
clean both bathrooms
catch up on the dishes
wipe down the table and sink
wipe down the washer/dryer
do ALOT of laundry, I swear it multiples itself!
rake the front and back yards
sweep the driveway and porch
bag up the large amount of leaves that accumulates on our driveway
move book case into DDs room and set up the CD player
Get some ideas together for Christmas activities next month
Start figuring out school plans for after the holidays
move shoes to the girls room
clean out my closet
clean out my dresser
dinner: pizza (Thursday) tacos (Friday)
meal plan
shopping list
make muffins
make 3 loaves bread

Things to do for self:
workout (Thursday, Friday)
Shower (Thursday, Friday)
Read scriptures (Thursday, Friday)
figure out what winter clothing I have a put together a list of things I need to get

Work on Christmas presents:
3 rag dolls
3 doll outfits
stuffed spaceship
spaceship bag
2 knitted aliens
stuffed cat

Things with the children:
reading lessons (Thursday, Friday)
math lessons (Thursday, Friday)
paint Christmas sun catchers
do another art project
eye patch with DD2 (Thursday, Friday)
park time (Thursday or Friday, the other day we will be doing yard work instead)

That should keep me busy for the next couple days plus orngbiggrin.gif
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Got up early this morning and helped DH get his uniform ready for the day.. then read scriptures, workout and showered. After that I cleaned out my dresser, folded 2 loads of laundry and started up a new load.
Now Im going to go change the baby and nurse her then clean out the closet.
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Woke up early this morning:


Cleaned off kitchen table (it quickly becomes just a flat surface catch-all)


Made my coffee and ate b-fast

Let dogs out

Got DS up and moving for school

Got my bag ready for work (one of these days I'll learn not to carry so much around with me) blush.gif


Tonight I have to:


Make sure grandmother eats supper

Would like to get started decorating my Christmas tree

Would like to get some clothes folded

Read reading.gif

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Good Morning.
Today I:
-made breakfast and coffee
-got DD off to school
-routed out time between schools for when I start working winky.gif
-cleaned the litter box
-put out the trash from all the cans
-opened the windows and turned on the fans
-made the bed
-put up the litte Elf on the Shelf tree love.gif
-made lunch and did cleanup
-revised DH's resume thumb.gif
-folded mounds of clean clothes w/DH and DD and put them away! smile.gif
-went out to dinner. Nice.
-read reading.gif
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good morning .... what type of work Bejeweled ?


today i

-  dropped DD2 at school

- dragged DH to the place with the warm pool so that we could swim together

- got the message about my dentist being off work & walked to the dentist place to re-schedule an appointment

(since i was supposed to have the second part of some work done on one tooth ....before next Tuesday- not going to happen,t'will be a longer wait)

- prepared a healthy salad ( but sliced a bit of a my thumb in the process - yesterday i pinched - to bleeding point- part of my index in the new food processor hinge ....) for lunch

- took DD2 to her psychologist appointment

- came back for a one hours NAP (too stressed out to sleep well last night-hoping for a very early night today !!!)

- just had a snack whilst catching up on e-mails

- about to bake some cookies for a fundraiser on Saturday (not sure yet with whom i'll drop the cookies tomorrow since i have some other commitments on Saturday mornings .... am the like who likes to KNOW in advance, silly but it upsets me that i was told i'll get told "nearer the time" ....)


need to

- get away from the computer now .....

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So I'm feeling lazy today and all I've done is slept in and made breakfast. Here's what I still need to do..


  • 6 short articles for work
  • Clean up DD's toys and books
  • Laundry
  • Read a bit
  • Put the dog out
  • Dishes
  • Scrub down kitchen and bathroom
  • Start on my weekly book haul post for Saturday. 
  • Make a grocery list for tomorrow
  • Clean out the fridge. 

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Hey IsaFrench, I'm hoping to substitute teach for a while. I'm looking for a postdoctoral position in my field, and haven't yet had any luck finding one. So I'm looking forward to bringing in some much needed income through subbing smile.gif.
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